March 29, 2009

the letter of complaint of Dr. Manouchehr Ghanji to Secretary General of the United Nations , Ban Ki-Moon

The Honorable Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary-General of the Unite Nations
and the honorable Mrs. Navi Pillay the
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
18 March 2009
As a former Officer of the UN Division of Human Rights, the former UN Special Rapporteur on Apartheid and Racial Discrimination in southern Africa ( for 3 years) , the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Realization of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in all UN Member States( for 4years)
,and also as the former Member of the Sub-Committee on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities( for 6 years) and the Committee on Human Rights( for 3 years), it is with a great deal of pain and deep emotion that I wish to call your urgent attention to the ever deteriorating condition of gross and systematic violations of human rights in my country Iran .

As your Excellencies are well aware, Iran is a party to both UN Covenants on Human Rights and yet with impunity,for the past 30 years, it has been grossly and systematically violating it's ,international obligations under the terms of those legally binding instruments, as well as it's universal obligations under the human rights provisions of the Charter of the United Nations ,inter alia, involving the international rule of non-discrimination against women and minorities.

As you can easily surmise Excellencies, I spent some 8-9 of the best years of my life without salary,with only a minimum per diem, traveling to far away places, in over 70 of the poorest countries of the world , in the service of International Protection of Human Rights. With all humility ,I think today those of you who are in charge of the progress of international protection of human rights , owe it to people like me , to do something more effective, to stop the ever increasing march of gross and systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in countries like my home country Iran , and to make sure people hear of what you have done. Otherwise you would not be encouraging those who must follow the footsteps of people like me.

As an example of all sorts of violations and atrocities being committed in Iran today , and particularly in it's dungeons , day and night, please take a brief look at the attached:
In the hope of hearing from you, please accept Sir , and dear Madame the assurances of my highest considerations.
&n bsp;
Respectfully Your's
Professor Manouchehr Ganji

Address: 4032 Chancery Ct. NW
Washington,D.C. ,20007

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