September 30, 2012

Mr. Ban Ki Moon! Challenge the president of Iran, publicly!

 Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi has written some letters to United Nation secretary general on the occasion of the sixty-seventh UN General Assembly in New York. He asked Mr. Ban Ki Moon to publicly charge the president of Iran to account for some troubles in Iran in order for the world to learn of and impeded the dangers posed by this deceitful regime. He explained all that the founder of revolution in Iran promised is not actualized after 33 years, therefore the regime has absolutely lost its legitimacy and a free referendum in Iran is necessary.

During an open letter to the world Great leaders attending the General Assembly, he described the people troubles and said:”regretfully after 33 years we see just lying, wile, oppression, discrimination and violence in this regime”.

The Boroujerdi’s open letter has been receipt by “Human Right and Democracy Activists in Iran” and had been read already in ancillary meetings during the session period.