August 30, 2022

Targeted Assassinations Against Boroujerdi Increased Dramatically

 According to the recent report from Tehran, the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the IRGC's intelligence have repeatedly sent death threats against Boroujerdi via text message and suspicious telephone calls. Boroujerdi’s family believes that their personal safety is on the line because these harassing text messages and calls from anonymous numbers have been increasing.

Furthermore, due to a deterioration of his health and a high-grade fever, Boroujerdi was taken to a hospital last week. Boroujerdi had been injected with an unknown substance, soon after physical examination, by wicked and unscrupulous agents who disguised themselves as doctors. The effects of suspicious injections were revealed in the form of frequent loss of consciousness and stroke, and it also caused him near fatal falls from the stairs at his house. The falls have resulted in serious injuries, including kidney, brain, pulmonary, and cardiovascular dysfunction.

June 11, 2022

Statement of Boroujerdi's Representative Office concerning harassment of cultural activists of this organization inside Iran


According to the news received from inside Iran, following the security threat of a number of scientific-cultural activists and defenders of Boroujerdi's ideas, all activities held so far on the Clubhouse platform will be stopped until further notice. This decision is according to the discretion made by Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism Without Borders. 

April 23, 2022

The message (2) of Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism Without Borders to the Virtual Conference of the Parliament of World’s Religions, 2021


What does religion mean for you? The general definition of religion is a set of organized beliefs and practices that leads us to God. What is your understanding of sharia law? The Sharia literally means the path, course, or route followed by people. What is your understanding of religious people? A religious person is a person who strives to fulfill God's commandments in all aspects of their life. A religious person is someone who is committed to ethics and beliefs of a religious ideology, school of thought, or intellectual tradition that clarifies their obligation and the role of their lives. In spite of everything, you are all educated in your religion.

November 27, 2021

The message of Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism Without Borders to the Virtual Conference of the Parliament of World’s Religions, 2021

 Greetings to all the founders of the parliamentary of religion, the world’s religious leaders, panelists, and symposium organizers,

Peace be upon all the prophets,

You have gathered at this conference to advocate your religion. Each of you belongs to a particular religion, faith, or spiritual belief. Many of your beliefs are not chosen; the majority of you were born to parents who live within a particular country and so your religion is something that you were born into and brought up with, and eventually, you will die in that religion. Then, you will find the great promise and hope that religions have offered related to the afterlife.

 I wish you would consider attending under the title of “No Religion” in the 8th Parliament of the World’s Religions gathering. From where I’m standing, according to the historical documents and primary sources in religions, "No religion is a religion.” In other words, rejection of religious beliefs systems is a religion.

August 14, 2021

Recent situation of Mr. Boroujerdi


To the individuals and organizations that follow Mr. Boroujerdi's situation:

Unfortunately, the websites related to Mr. Boroujerdi is facing many problems, which are in fact cyber-attacks similar to those mentioned in our October 12, 2020 statement. This time, the English section of the blog ran into another problem and our efforts for restoring it to its previous address were unsuccessful.

We would like to inform you about the change of the address of “Bame Azadi” English blog, and from now on you can follow the English content of “Bame Azadi” blog through the following link:

Also, with regards to the latest update of his condition, in addition to the cases mentioned in the statements dated April 23, 2017 and October 12, 2020 (the links below), the following items are mentioned.


We hereby announce that Mr. Boroujerdi's physical condition is deteriorating day by day instead of actually improving. He continues to suffer from the past aches and pains that he endured during his eleven years of imprisonment because of undergoing tortures - such as back pain and knee pain, in a way that he is unable to have a restful night due to his pains. Both of his knees are affected by ankylosis or joint stiffness and are swollen. Recently, the tightness and stretching of the tendons and arteries behind his knee have been added to his former complications, which, according to him, are so severe that he cannot move at all. His respiratory problems have also become aggravated, which, of course, worsened due to living in a polluted area of ​​the city in the center of Tehran, and it is necessary for him to be transferred to another area or city with pollution-free air. Both of his hands are shaking severely.

April 10, 2021

Boroujerdi’s message on the occasion of International day of atheism (March 23)


The subject of atheism is a fact that can be found in the minds of all those who are disappointed and disillusioned with earthborn religions and denominations. All religions and denominations talk about a God who is pleased with the creations; the obligations that God has said and carried out and taken responsibility for, have not been fulfilled; if we look at God's promise in the scriptures, it has two aspects – one pertains to this world, and the other to the world beyond!

October 12, 2020

Phone Disconnection and Cyber Attacks against Mr. Boroujerdi by the Iranian Government


According to recent News from Tehran, the agents of the Iranian regime have disconnected the phone lines belonging to Boroujerdi, the founder of Monotheism without Borders, today 12 October 2020. Although his family members have appealed the regime’s telecommunication to reconnect, but this request has been denied and is referred to required permission from higher level authorities.

October 04, 2020

Boroujerdi’s Message on Teacher's day

Greeting to all Dearest Teachers

The job of teaching is one of the most difficult in the world, since transferring of science and knowledge to the audiences who are not familiar with the literacy of science transmission is not so easy. Therefore, special teachers are required in each branch of science and technology.

September 09, 2020

Religion: A Global plight

 The problematic situation of the earth residents has been initiated since the intellectual, political, belief, moral and social powers attempted to control and manage the human society. However, since all human beings have wisdom and most of the people have some levels of knowledge and education, so many people refused to follow their rule. Thus, those power-seekers had to resort to supernatural forces and come up with an invisible being called God, so that they could rule over the rest of the people of their time or making a basement for ruling on the future generations.

August 09, 2020

Statement 3: Accusations still continue!

To all Human Rights Activists and Organizations, Reporters and Freedom and Justice Campaigners

As it was publicized in previous statements by Boroujerdi’s representatives, many of his followers and supporters in cities of Zanjan, Karaj and Tehran in Iran, have been arrested and forced to confess against themselves and Boroujerdi after being tortured.

July 26, 2020

Statement 2: Tricks of the Mullahs’ Think Tank to Force Broujerdi to Turnabout

From Representatives of Boroujerdi to Public

Following the increased pressures on Boroujerdi, the former Iranian prisoner of conscience, the Islamic state of Iran continues to persecute, arrest and torture his followers and supporters. Since the majority of the Iranian nation have become tired of religious rule, and Boroujerdi’s research, ratiocination and studies based on both religious contexts and wisdom is demonstrating that the religion substantially has not any rational foundation, the intelligence agents of the regime and its think tanks have planned to force him to turnabout by using new political tricks.

July 22, 2020

Arrest and Torture of Boroujerdi's Supporters

We hereby inform all the media, that a number of Mr. Boroujerdi's students and supporters have recently been persecuted, summoned and targeted by the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence. This new wave of hostility launched by the regime is because he has presented new solid evidence showing the lack of identity and inefficiency of the religions that rule the world. During the years that Mr. Boroujerdi was under house arrest, he has always proved the lack of foundation and bases of such religious thoughts by providing extensive religious, scientific and intellectual research.