July 06, 2010

The combination of State and Islam, a carnal idea Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi- June 2010

The greetings of the tormented captive in Evin prison to the Creator who created nothing, but beauty, grace and kindness.
Greetings to the messengers who have no mission, but broadcasting love, kindness and friendship.
With respect for dear Iran that is suffering under the most severe forms of discriminations, oppressions and criminality. Iran’s current history registers all disgraces and scandals inflicted upon the holy presence of God by barbaric religious authorities.
Indeed, monotheistic religions are free from the possession, control, and distortions of worldly irreligious men. You will never witness any pressures, threats and physical and psychological tortures committed by leaders of these religions. Under these religions, even the sentence of eternal hell is transformed into heaven by the grace and intercession of God. We see the kindness and tenderness of our Lord in the stories of the prophets as He caresses His people in His great and kind embrace.
When religion and politics are combined, opportunities for deceit, ruse and, crime will appear. The Lord of purity, goodness and happiness will change to the ghoul of torture, torment and violence. This principle is in accordance with this verse of holy Quran which says: (“و یخرجون الناس من دین الله افواجا” means the people leave Allah’s religion in crowds) will become certain. I wish I were dead and I had never seen such these deplorable and lamentable days.
The religion whose Prophet maintained friendship and honesty with the followers of other religions, as he went to visit his Jewish neighbor who was sick! The Prophet who forgave the murderer of His uncle who was His supporter and the leader of his army. At the time of the capture of Mecca, His slogan was “today is the day of mercy”. While the residents of Mecca had repeatedly killed many of His family and followers in war, He treated them in a friendly and kindly way. In His mercy, He even turned the house of the leader of the pagan community of the Hejaz into an embassy building. He also gave Abu-Sofyan (the pagan leader) the freedom and independence to continue his plots and sabotage against the Muslims!
The religion whose Leader asked people at pulpit to forgive Him and punish Him if he had oppressed anyone inadvertently! Now how do we accept that this Islam has become an executioner which torments its followers severely and strangles the whole society by horrifically punishing everyone who protests against even the lowest level of governmental agents even the low grade one, will be punished horribly?!!
I have asked the leaders and the theoreticians of state-controlled religion to present their arguments in a live debate on TV and let me present my clear arguments and decisive reasons too. This debate would allow the world to judge better the validity of the concept of state-controlled religion. Our merciful God would be cleared of this accusation that is result of the actions of this regime during thirty one years.
Yes, mixing governance and Islam has always been a carnal idea. This worldly approach to Islam has always led to numerous forms of sin and degenerations. As we see in the history of Bani-Umaya and Bani-Abbas, huge group of Muslims left Islam and became heretics or joined other religions. Today if the pressures and suppression of religious despotism were removed from this country, you will see that the result of combining religion and politics has been nothing, but depriving all the people of monotheism and spirituality.

Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi


Anonymous said...

As a devout but rebellous Catholic, I am so inspired by the sacrifices that Ayatollah Boroujerdi has made on behalf of the Iranian people. His direct plea to Pope Benedict was ignored and outright shunned. Shame on you Pope Benedict, for being on the side of the Islamofacists. Ayatollah Boroujerdi, you respect Jesus's teachings more than our Pope and many catholics do. May God's blessings and protection be upon you.
We in America support you and the brave Iranian people.

God bless You Ayatollah Boroujerdi
and God Bless the brave people of Iran

Frederick John "Freddie" Katz III

Your loyal American Catholic supporter!

Anonymous said...

We as devout but rebellous Catholics,

I believe Ayatollah Boroujerdi respects Jesus Christ more than many of our fellow catholics do. We in America are in awe of the Ayatollah and for that matter of all the Iranian people in their struggle for the same rights and liberties that we have taken for granted in our country. And we are ASHAMED and DISGUSTED at our POPE BENEDICT for ignoring Ayatollah Boroujerdi's direct plea for help (on behalf of the Iranian people). Shame on YOU, Pope Benedict for your business and political dealings with the Islamofacist Republic of Iran. And Shame on you Benedict for turning your back on the great Iranian people. Justice will prevail, it is GOD's WILL, and there is nothing you, Benedict, or the Islamofacists can do to stop prevent it.

We Stand With the People of Iran

American Catholics united with Iran

Shayan said...

He is best.

Anonymous said...

god bless kazemini boroujerdi.he is the greatest holly man in our time.shame to those who can see and hear the truth but choosed to ignore .soon we all shall see the light.