May 30, 2009

The letter of the Secretary-General of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran to the office of the high commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi has passed harassing and intolerable days in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran for along time. The Constitutionalist Party of Iran has informed public opinions bout the condition of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and other political and ideological prisoners several times. Now despite of serious health condition of Ayatollah, he is being denied access to medical and treatment facilities. Ayatollah Boroujerdi has gone to hunger strike in protest to existing limitations for 23 days as it has led to deterioration of his physical condition. According to the report of Amnesty International on May 19, 2009; expanded Human Rights violation in Iran is being continued not only on Ayatollah Boroujerdi, but on other political and ideological prisoners.

I would like to ask the United Nations to according to the international covenants of Human rights send a representative of Human Rights on behalf of The Constitutionalist Party of Iran to visit Ayatollah Boroujerdi in order to become informed on and be entirely in contact with his condition, and then take the necessary actions. Also pay a way to transfer him to an equipped hospital and accessing to necessary medical facilities. Since Ayatollah Boroujerdi is being denied contact with his lawyers, we ask for his continuous access to them too.

With the best wishes
Dr. Nader Zahedi

May 29, 2009

Amnesty International Report 2009

Iran :
In March and May, seven Baha’i community leaders were arrested by Ministry of Intelligence officials. In August they were charged with vaguely worded national security offences. All were prisoners of conscience. Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, a cleric opposed to the government, remained in prison in poor health serving an 11-year prison term imposed after an unfair trial by the Special Court for the Clergy (SCC) in August 2007. The sentence included internal exile and in November he was moved from Tehran to Yazd.
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May 27, 2009

A human's life is in danger

May 27, 2009: Update on Ayatollah Borujerdi. Sources close to dissident ayatollah Borujerdi tell FDI this morning from Iran that the jailed cleric, who went on a hunger strike several weeks ago to protest his imprisonment, was taken to the prison hospital a week ago and has been held incommunicado since then. "We have had no news from him whatsoever for the past week," a source close to the family told FDI. Borujerdi supporters also expressed frustration that letters they have sent to Javier Solana, the European Union's top diplomat, and to Human Rights Watch, have gone without response. "They never answered us. Only you and Amnesty International have paid any attention to Ayatollah Borujerdi's case," they said.

May 25, 2009

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the violation of religious freedom in Iran


The European Union expresses its deep concern about the increasing violation of religious freedom in Iran.
In particular, the European Union condemns the continuing persecution by the Iranian authorities of legitimate expressions of Christian belief. According to available reports, the Iranian nationals Hamik Khachikian, Jamal Qalishourani and Nadereh Jamali, arrested in January 2009, continue to be detained without charges, as are Marzieh Amirizadeh and Maryam Rustampoor, arrested in March 2009. In March 2009, Seyed Allaedin Hussein, Homayoon Shokouhi and Seyed Amir Hussein Bob-Annari received a commuted sentence of eight months in prison. Available evidence suggests that the aim of this persecution is to suppress the free choice and expression of religious belief.
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The protest of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers against continuation of repression and violation of Bahia’s rights in Iran

Along with the intensification of the process of arrest, detention and also threat to execution about another group of Bahia compatriots during last days, Mr. Boroujerdi’s followers ask international society to pay more attention to continued violation of primary rights of Bahia people in Iran. Mr.Boroujerdi’s followers believe that unfortunately Human Rights matter is always fallen a victim to transient and political interests within secret relations of governments; so Opposition group should take the responsibility of this matter and be as the reflex of extinguished voices of the tired society of Iran against religious despotism .

Since the beginning of Ahmadinejad administration the repression of civil movement, dissidents and the followers of other religions has accelerated as among all these, repression of Bahia compatriots is more serious and severer.
Bahia students’ deprival of the right to education, lack of enjoying the least civil rights, continued violation of citizen rights in a cover of legal actions!... and even issuing rough sentences and vain and unreal charges such as bombing and terroristic actions, that are issued in an unclear atmosphere without a fair trial, have written a dark future for Bahia people in Iran.

Mr. Boroujerdi’s followers in addition to insisting on freedom of belief and the right to free worship for the followers of other religions and also sympathizing with Bahia society, ask for carrying out and observing the World Human Rights Charter and their rights in Iran perfectly .

ACTION CALL: Letter to Ayatollah Shahrudi about Delara Darabi

judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi asking him to bring those responsible for Delara's illegal execution to justice.
To prevent repeat of such injustices we must strongly demand accountability for such inhumane actions.

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May 21, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's health is deteriorating in prison

Human Rights Activists In Iran
The condition of Ayatollah Boroujerdi is grave in seventeenth day of hunger strike.

According to a of report of a physician in Yazd central prison : the retina of Ayatollah Boroujerdi ideological prisoner has seriously damaged and now he suffers from deadly heart failure and must be quickly hospitalized in an equipped hospital. According to this report, his wounds caused by tortures have become infectious, due to the lack of necessary medical care. This liberal man suffered from many different diseases in advance of hunger strike and now he is severely weakened.
It is noticeable to mention that Ayatollah Boroujerdi's family and his lawyers' efforts to visit or have a phone call with him have had no result as yet.

May 20, 2009

Amnesty International: Ayatollah Boroujerdi's life is in danger

Document - Iran: Further Information on Arbitrary arrest/ fear for safety/ possible prisoner of conscience/ medical concern/torture and ill-treatment: Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi (m)

PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 13/047/2009
19 May 2009

Further Information on UA 262/06 (MDE 13/114/2006, 29 September 2006) and follow-up (MDE 13/120/2006, 13 October 2006; MDE 134/2006, 11 December 2006; MDE 13/140/2007, 30 March 2007; MDE 074/2007, 15 June 2007; MDE 13/103/2007, 10 August 2007; MDE 13/135/2008, 11 September 2008 and MDE 13/045/2009, 14 May 2009) - Arbitrary arrest/ fear for safety/ possible prisoner of conscience/ medical concern/torture and ill-treatment

IRAN Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi (m), aged 50, Shi'a cleric

Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi was hospitalized in the medical facility of Yazd Prison on 17 May 2009. This was after he began a hunger strike on 5 May to protest against the suspension of his rights to make telephone calls to his family and lawyer and to receive visits from them. Amnesty International fears that the prison clinic may not provide all the medical attention he needs.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi is being held in solitary confinement. He was beaten in prison by officials following a letter he wrote on 1 May 2009 to United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, requesting that international observers be sent to Iran in order to pave the way for, and to assist, in allowing the Iranian people to have an open referendum on the system of government.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been repeatedly denied adequate treatment outside prison for his medical concerns including Parkinson's disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

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May 17, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi is hospitalized in the clinic of prison

Human Rights Activists
This morning the officials of Yazd central prison informed Mr. Boroujerdi’s family that he has been hospitalized in the clinic of this prison.

Mr. Boroujerdi has gone on hunger strike since 5 May 2009 in protest against the condition which he is in. during this time he was beaten and transferred to solitary confinement. This dissident clergyman has been deprived of his legal rights such as family visit and call or even communication with his lawyer since his hunger strike.

Mr. Boroujerdi’s heart and kidney problems also his hunger strike have intensified concerns on his condition.

Iran: Ensure free presidential election

15 May 2009
Amnesty International has today called on the Iranian authorities to ensure that the forthcoming presidential election to be held on 12 June 2009 are free of discrimination – particularly against women - and that candidates and voters are guaranteed effective exercise of their rights to freedom of expression and assembly during the election campaign. The organization’s appeal was made in a letter addressed to Ayatollah Jannati, the Chair of the Council of Guardians1, following the recent closure of registration of candidates for the presidential election.

The Council of Guardians screens all candidates for election to “ensure their suitability for the Presidency”. Article 115 of the Constitution stipulates that candidates must be from amongst “religious and political personalities” [Persian: rejal] and possess: “Iranian origin; Iranian nationality; administrative capacity and resourcefulness; a good past record; trustworthiness and piety; convinced belief in the fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the official religion of the country.” In previous elections, the majority of candidates registered were disqualified under these criteria, including all women. The exclusion of women appears to have been on an interpretation of the word rejal as meaning “men”...

Recent cases of concern to Amnesty International include:

Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, who advocates the removal of religion from the political basis of the state, is serving an 11-year prison sentence imposed on 13 August 2007 after his initial death sentence for “enmity against God” was commuted. On 5 May 2009 he was allegedly beaten while held in solitary confinement in Yazd prison, where he is held in internal exile, after he sent an open letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, requesting that international observers be sent to Iran in order to assist the Iranian people in an open referendum on the system of government in Iran. Since then he has not been allowed to contact family members, who have said that prison officials told them he was being punished for his statement concerning the referendum.

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May 14, 2009

Document - Iran: Further Information on Arbitrary arrest/ fear for safety/ possible prisoner of conscience/ medical concern/torture and ill-treatment:

PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 13/045/2009
14 May 2009
Further Information on 262/06 (MDE 13/114/2006, 29 September 2006) and follow-up (MDE 13/120/2006, 13 October 2006; MDE 134/2006, 11 December 2006; MDE 13/140/2007, 30 March 2007; MDE 074/2007, 15 June 2007;MDE 13/103/2007, 10 August 2007 and MDE 13/135/2008, 11 September 2008) - Arbitrary arrest/ fear for safety/ possible prisoner of conscience/ medical concern/torture and ill-treatment

IRAN Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi (m), aged 50, Shi'a cleric
Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi was subjected to beatings on 5 May 2009 in Yazd Central Prison, central Iran, where he was transferred in the latter part of 2008. He has been held in solitary confinement since 27 January 2009. He may be a prisoner of conscience, held only because of his religious beliefs.

On 1 May, Ayatollah SayedHossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi wrote a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, requesting that international observers be sent to Iran in order to pave the way and to assist Iranian people in an open referendum on the system of government (see letter at

Following this letter, Ayatollah Boroujerdi was beaten in prison on 5 May and in protest he began a hunger strike. The prison authorities reportedly told the Ayatollah’s family that his telephone privileges of calling his family and lawyer were being suspended and that he was being punished for his latest statements about a referendum. There is no information available to Amnesty International as to his present condition with regard to his hunger strike.

May 13, 2009

The first part of Mr. Boroujerdi’s unpublished interview in the prison

Date: May, 2009

1- When have you become aware of the decadence and deviation of political Islam?

I have become aware since they had started to fight against Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. My father who was one of the greatest apolitical Ulema of the Capital city of country and was familiar with the founder of this government at the time of his education in Qom, quoted from one of his teachers, Ayatollah Agha Sheikh Abdonnabi Iraqi-Najafi who was one of the religious authorities in that time and advised my father to avoid the company of him (Mr. Khomeini), “ He is a visionary philosopher that has imagined an Utopia in his mind and his activities are related to this thoughts and is along to get to this goal too.” He also said about Ayatollah Haj Agha Seyed Hosein Boroujerdi, the popular religious and social leader of Shiites in 50 years ago, that he forbade all learned people and students of his school to associate and sympathy with the founder of the Islamic Revolution. Moreover, I was strongly prevented from political Islam by one of my teachers, Ayatollah Seyed Kazem Shariatmadary who was the religious leader of all Iranian Muslims. Although, he was tormented and annoyed in the beginning of the revolutionaries’ movement, he avoided rising against them because of keeping peace in the country and saving nation’s life. Finally, he was murdered by the agents of the regime that claims to be religious and republic.

2- When have you started your fights against political Religion and how has this movement been formed?

Since eighteen years ago, it has been started in the shape of forming cultural classes in order to use divine, religious and spiritual texts that were made accessible to the society as cassettes and booklets.

3- Have your experiences strengthened your thoughts and opinions to avoid religious government?

Yes. Now that I observe the economical, credit, belief, social and international reports of the governments pretending to be religious during these 30 years, I bow and revere for the late religious leaders of this country because they were aware of the damaging results and interference of religion in politics and were familiar with the base and origin of this revolution that is the cause of annihilation of Islam and destroying Iran. Also, they rightfully prevented and kept us away from depending on it.

4- Aren’t you tired of having not used the privileges of political religion and benefits of the revolution and of being under tortures and torments of the military, Information and security agents?

No! When I see the misery and pain of my compatriots that the regime has annihilated their world under the name of God and prophet’s tradition, and their lives have been made bitter with the unreal slogans of the expert and fraudulent persons, I become more determined to stand up in hidden, appalling and destroying prisons of Iran.

5- According to the existing pictures and films, you have a great popular supports, why do you not ask your followers to demonstrate?

During the years of this government, the intensity of suffocation has been in such level that any gathering with even in a few numbers has been forbidden. Every kind of protest will severely be repressed and every shout and voice will be extinguished by the regime. Its best sign is the numerous prisons have been built by the regime that is not comparable with the last Empire government. Although building prisons and imprisoning people is not lawful in Shiite jurisprudences, the defamatory and oppressor judicial system always moves in the pathway of building prisons and houses of detention. I am aware of the malice, cruelty and rascality of the harsh government of Iran and I know that in spite of Shah’s policy that rejected massacre, they kill millions of people because of any strike or protest, so when I remember the unforgettable fate of people during the past unforgivable and deplorable years that what criminals committed and how many people were killed, I avoid public call. I believe that humanitarian organizations and international legal and human societies should pave the way for administration of Iranian nation’s rights by persuading the present government to hold a free and independent referendum under the United Nation observation and give the right to life to the people are captive in the grasps of the despotism of Vilayat-e-Faqih in this way. Certainly, the life conditions of this nation are more unpleasant than that of Palestinian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Afghan people.

6- What do you expect the world’s nations to do?

I expect all liberals of our age to follow up my news more exactly and ask their governments to revise their relations with Iran and moreover, ask the world high ranking positions to save us from these inhuman conditions and demand the United Nations Security Council to deter Iran from these criminals by issuing some laws and add them to its conviction.

Respectfully yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

May 11, 2009

Prominent Lawyers Speak on Behalf of Ayatollah Boroujerdi

Kayhan (London)
10th May 2009
Reports from Iran indicate that Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi was transferred to and is now being held incommunicado in solitary confinement in the province of Yazd.

The latest news was received today from Dr. Guitty Pourfazel, prominent Iranian lawyer and Dr. Abdolfattah Soltani, a member of the High Oversight Council of the Defenders of Human Rights who along with Dr. Shirin Ebadi represented the slain Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi and Akbar Ganji, now represents Roxana Saberi. The two have been selected by the Boroujerdi family to represent Ayatollah Boroujerdi.

Dr. Pourafazal stated that Ayatollah Boroujerdi since starting a hunger strike has been banned from having contact with any members of his family.
According to Dr. Pourfazel, the Special Court of Clergy has refused to allow her take up the Ayatollah’s defense. This was denied on grounds that only clerics appointed by the Judiciary can make representations on the Ayatollah’s behalf. She stated that it is questionable whether any clerical lawyer appointed by Judiciary could fittingly defend Mr. Boroujerdi.

Dr. Pourfazel urged international human rights organisations and NGOs to pay attention to this important case and take immediate measure to ensure Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s safety and security. She said, “I am deeply concerned that 30 years after the revolution, we still have Revolutionary and Special Courts operating in Iran. This is undermining the Iranian justice system.”

According to Dr. Abdolfattah Soltani, solitary confinement is illegal according to the Islamic Republic Constitution. “Every prisoner, whether clerical or not, has the right of access to independent legal representation, family visits, books, newspapers, radio and television. Ayatollah Boroujerdi is being denied of all these.”

Dr. Soltani continued, “I believe these are problems shared by all political prisoners of conscience.” In particular he named the Baha’i community and the Gonabadi Dervishes. He blamed Mr. Ahmadinejad’s government for the worsening of the human rights situation.
Dr. Pourfazel represents Ayatollah Boroujerdi in legal matters and in media affairs. Along with Dr. Soltani, she represents Ayatollah Boroujerdi vis a vis international media and human rights organisations.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi has condemned Islamic fundamentalism, radicalism and terror. He blames violence in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan on the “Iranian dictatorship.” Rejecting anti-Semitism and advocating religious freedom, he led benediction ceremonies in the presence of Shiites and Sunnis, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and Baha’is. He has called for abolishment of capital punishment, and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment such as torture, stoning and whipping.
Nazenin Ansari

Mr.Boroujerdi's letter to honorable members of United States Commission on International Religious

To: Honorable members of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

Greetings from an exhausted man who is free from materialism
My Greetings to liberty which constitutes the spirit of human beings and lack of it causes a slow and painful spiritual death.
Ladies and gentlemen, please accept my regards from the torture chamber of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The more important and painful subject than my tortures in prison is that I am spending my time in an inhuman condition in a country that in the name of religion has destroyed the faith of people in a peaceful ancestral religion. By wrongdoings of this regime people are discouraged and disheartened from any spiritual interest and practice.

To which court shall I plea my case about this national, religious and social disasters? The results of the efforts of true believers, and honorable men have been ruined and the heartfelt acceptance of the metaphysical beliefs has been dissipated because of selfishness, dictatorship, unlawful and irrational behaviors of this regime.

I protest from my prison cell to the almighty God and hope to shed light on the evil and criminal actions of the clerics. I am willing to be a martyr for the most important cause of humanity which is freedom from tyranny. If by my death in this contemporary time the dirty hidden secrets of the supreme leader of Islamic country (Velayat-e Faqih) are exposed to the world so be it.

Dear Chief, Honorable member of Commission on International Religious Freedom, my expectation from all human Rights defenders and peace activists is to help innocent people who are under religious tyranny and to inform international societies about the long term goals of religious colonizers in order to end the deceitful tricks of Iran’s governors. In this country, freedom of expression, religion, press, and thought have been destroyed. Anyone with ideas thoughts, and beliefs that is different from governing authorities, is kidnapped and imprisoned in an undisclosed locations only known to Security Service and Sepah organization.

Dear audience! If relationship with God is censored by material desires of religious dictatorship, there will be no salvation for humanity. Inquisition by (Velayat-e Faqih) causes religious isolation and the present political Islam gives rise to destruction of true religious believers. The next generations of this bloody soil and country are on the path of complete isolation from spiritual and holly concepts. In this regards, I shall ask all scientists, specialists and learned people in different subjects such as law, theology, humanity, sociology, and morality to use their full power to help the compassionate God since the number of atheists is rising due to damaging and harmful actions of religious leaders.

In this way, I shall ask all participants who have sympathy for religion and love God to help victims of Islamic dictatorship in Iran so that all world nations are saved from the conflicts and conspiracy.
Thank You,
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Iran, Yazd Central Prison, 4 May 2009

Mr.Boroujerdi's family calls on Human Rights Organization to support him, in the seventh day of his hunger strike

Mr.Boroujerdi's family calls on Human Rights Organization to support him, in the seventh day of his hunger strike
After dissemination of Mr.Boroujerdi's audio messages and revelations from Yazd central prison, this anti-despotism clergy was beaten and reviled on May 5, 2009 and deprived of phone communication and visit his family, and since that time he has gone on hunger strike. The followings up of his family and Human Rights Activists in and out of Iran have had no result up to now too.
Mr.Boroujerdi’s family and relatives ask the whole international authorities, judicial centers and news agencies to help and disseminate the news about him immediately.
Respectfully yours,

Mr. Boroujerdi’s invitation to public unity against religious despotism

Note: this audio message was sent before Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s hunger strike, his beatings and deprival of phone call in the beginnings of May.

Now that the authorities of this government eradicate belief independence and the right of choosing a religion and restrict gentle and honorable Iranians in their carnal desires under the name of spirituality and holy beings and take the national, religious, natural and thought trusteeship of noble and aware society of Iran by abusing of divine Vilayat, it is necessary that all aware nationalists, independence religionists, liberal intelligentsia, anti-dictator politicians and anti-despotism scientists have a multilateral and expanded unity without personal, party and opinion prejudices and positions, because the sole way to save republic, religion, country and great nation is in continued and unconditional unity.

As a religious leader who is opposed to governmental Islam, I call all reformists, justice seekers and liberals in or out of country and introduce myself as a willing to serve every one who loves Iran, moreover I remind the importance of the present time as I believe every delay and hesitation in joining this nation savior circle is equal to cooperating and participating in killing people and defending and continuing the restrictions of the preachers and defenders of kindness and glory and continuing the misery, disgrace and humiliation of this country because at this history crisis, a historical and tragic disaster takes place every second.

With the hope of strengthening unity and friendship among all men and women of Iran against oppressors, terrorists and criminals.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

May 08, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi has gone on hunger strike in Yazd prison

Human Rights Activists in Iran
According to the last reports received, Ayatollah Boroujerdi has gone on hunger strike since May 5, 2009 and the continuous efforts of his family in order to visit or have phone call with him have had no result.
Also after continued disseminations of his matters from prison, this opinion prisoner was transferred from general section of Yazd central prison to a confined cell moreover the governor and authorities of the Yazd central prison received notifications from judicial authorities and the prosecutor of the special court for clergy.
The relatives of this imprisoned clergy say that the reason of the authoritiess’ reaction is dissemination of his messages about public participation of the people in future elections, because protesting messages of Ayatollah Boroujerdi were immediately stopped after reflex of his audio message about presidential elections and dissemination of protesting letter to the Chairman of the Experts Assembly of the regime.

May 07, 2009

why this silence?

7th May, 2009
By: Nazenin Ansari

Various international human rights organisations and Iranian international personalities have rightly highlighted the cases of abuses of human rights and dignity on the world stage…most recently Roxana Saberi and Delara Darabi.
But one case, a very crucial and important one, has not received the support and attention it deserves. This is the case of the jailed Iranian Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Borujerdi.

In addition to being one of the most vocal Iranian Ayatollahs who rejects the doctrine of absolute clerical rule enshrined in the Islamic Republic’s constitution, he is an ardent supporter of the many of the positions advocated by the international community.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi has condemned Islamic fundamentalism, radicalism and terror and blamed violence in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan on the “Iranian dictatorship.” Rejecting anti-Semitism and advocating religious freedom, he led benediction ceremonies in the presence of Shiites and Sunnis, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and Baha’is. He has called for abolishment of capital punishment, and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment such as torture, stoning and whipping.

In the last of couple of days Mr. Boroujerdi has issued a statement urging the United Nations Security Council to oversee a referendum in Iran, a position widely and ardently advocated by secular Iranian intellectuals and political activists.

According to reports from his supporters in Iran, on 5th May, the director of Yazd prison, where he is being held, told his family that his telephone privileges were being suspended and that he had been tortured in jail as punishment for his latest statements about a referendum.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi was arrested on 8 October 2006 by security forces in Tehran after a month long siege for advocating views and beliefs contrary to those held by the state in Iran. He stood trial behind the closed doors of the Special Court of Clergy without access to legal representation. In addition to being defrocked, he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Tehran and 10 years exile in a prison located in the province of Yazd, hundreds of kilometres away from his family. His house and all of his belongings were confiscated.

He has been in prison since, and is currently suffering from ill health and without access to proper medical care. On several occasions, the Ayatollah was approached by state officials asking him to recant. He refused . Reports of ill treatment, torture and denial of access to a significant number of his rights continue to flow out of Iran.

He has written to prison authorities asking for medical treatment I understand that he suffers from mitral valve tightness, kidney stones, early signs of Parkinsons, asthma, high blood sugar, vision distortion, depression and insomnia. He has asked prison authorities for reading glasses, cane, cotton and alcohol, moisturizer, aspirin (to prevent heart attack), medicine for brittle bones, and western toilet.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been subjected to the following types of torture:

Beating and physical abuse in ward 209 of Evin prison during the months of May and June 2007, in order to force him to take part in TV interviews to recant.

Further physical abuse by placement in a solitary cell in ward 209 of Evin during the winter of 2007-2008, which resulted in the intensification of his medical conditions and eventual admission to Jam and Milad hospitals outside the prison perimeters. This transfer took place soon after his efforts to publicize his case among international agencies and authorities. The doctor in charge of his case reported to his family that he needed a full medical check up, but that the Ministry of Intelligence would not issue the permission to carry out the necessary tests.

Denial of the right to an open and fair trial.

Denial of the right to legal representation.

Mental and emotional abuse.

a. Death threats in response to his refusal to take part in a televised recantation session, or threats to distribute fabricated and insulting films about the Ayatollah and his wife and daughters as well as a nudity film the authorities took of him on 16 August 2004 during an earlier period of incarceration.
b. Publication of defamatory statements about the Ayatollah in newspapers in Iran.

Yet world authorities and global prominent organizations have to date failed to reply to Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s pleas for help. They are:

1. President Barack Obama, December, 2008.
2. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, 2006.
3. EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana, 2006.
4. Mr. Kofi Annan Former United Nations Secretary-General, 2006.
5. The Nobel Peace Committee, 2007, 2008.
6. Former President of USA, George W. Bush, 2007.
7. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, 2007.
8. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, 2007.
9. The Senior Iraqi Shiite Cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, 2007.

At a time when the international community is desperately looking for allies in the Moslem world, why this silence?
With all my best,
Nazenin Ansari

Dissident Cleric Allegedly Tortured in Iran

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

A dissident Iranian cleric who was arrested with hundreds of his followers in 2006 was tortured in prison Tuesday after issuing a statement urging the United Nations to oversee a referendum in Iran, his supporters tell Newsmax.
Jailed cleric Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Borujerdi contends the referendum is needed to allow “young and old generations to choose their government independently.”
A national movement in favor of an internationally supervised referendum won widespread popular support following the election of a clerical “reformer,” Mohammad Khatami, as president in 1997. But Khatami himself violently suppressed the movement after a student uprising two years later.
Borujerdi's open letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the regime jailed him because he “objected to the joining of religion with politics” by the Iranian regime. He is one of several senior clerics a Special Court for the Clergy has convicted because they reject the doctrine of absolute clerical rule enshrined in the Islamic Republic’s constitution.
Until recently, Borujerdi has been able to make brief telephone calls to members of his family.
Some of these exchanges have been taped and sent via the Internet to the Persian language service of Voice of America and Radio Israel.
In one recent call, Borujerdi asked his family to tell his followers that they should boycott the presidential election, because the regime is selecting all the candidates.
On Tuesday, the director of Yazd prison, where Borujerdi is being held, told his family that his telephone privileges were being suspended and that he had been tortured in jail as punishment for his latest statements about a referendum.
“We have no information about him, whether he is okay or not after his torture,” a supporter in touch with the family told Newsmax.
In a separate letter, sent to Newsmax on Tuesday, Borujerdi called on the U.N. Security Council to help the Iranian people “establish a democratic government in Iran” and blamed violence in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan on the “Iranian dictatorship.”
“All of this turmoil is the result of not having an open referendum in Iran,” he said.
Anti-riot police stormed Borujerdi’s family compound in October 2006, using water cannons to overpower demonstrators who had gathered in his defense.
[Editor's Note: Read “Jailed Iranian Cleric Appeals to Pope.”]
He subsequently was sentenced to 10 years in prison and jailed in Yazd, hundreds of miles from his home in Tehran.

May 06, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi was beaten in prison

Human Rights Activists in Iran
Yesterday afternoon, May 5, 2009, Ayatollah Boroujerdi was beaten and reviled in the special section of the Yazd central prison.
The prison authorities have expressed that the reason of using these harshness and humiliations is massive disseminations of his recent messages specially the issuance of a statement about presidential elections.
This dissident clergy has asked for paving a way for an open referendum with the presence of international observers in Iran, during his recent messages, letters and declarations.
It's necessary to say that there is no exact information about the fate of this opinion prisoner because he has been deprived of phone conversation by the prosecutor of the special court for clergy and also today when his family referred to the mentioned prison in order to visit him they weren’t permitted.

Declaration of Mr. Boroujerdi prior to election of presidency

Now that we are at the time of tenth election of presidency in Iran, the plea of people of Iran is at its height. The reason being in last thirty years we have had such election but those conceited who have supported Supreme Leader (Velayat-e-Faqih) was confirmed by The Guardian Council of the Constitution and came to power. Hence, the people of Iran have been suffering from the lack of a president who is conscientious and sympathetic who works for well of society.
The question is can people have an open referendum in a country where the owners of the land have to follow the leader that they do not trust.
To the contrary of scissor of censorship and oppression is there a liberal freedom fighter that will rise from the ashes of tyranny and to put an end to the cries of the innocent people of Iran.
I ask is there any importance given to the opinion of the humble and courageous people in this election. This dictatorial regime does not have any mercy even for its close devotees. For instance, in the last election one of the candidates of the presidency who had been a confidant to the leader of the revolution of 1357 (1979) had reported: “while I was sleep for an hour they have replaced my votes to another candidate.”
How can we count on and trust a president who is a puppet of the Velayat-e-Faqih and a group of people whose actions are hidden from society is at the head of governing the country.
Anyone who is the candidate of the presidency should know that any inattention to the rightful needs of oppressed people will result in divine rage.
I pray to the almighty God to have mercy on our land and to free us from the bondage of the enemy of humanity.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

May 05, 2009

The Letter from Iranian Imprisoned Cleric to UN Security Council

Subject: To have an open referendum in Iran to establish peace in the Middle East

To Respectful Members of the United Nation Security Council
Greetings to you all,

Establishing peace in the Middle East is one of the most important issues of the world, as this region has strategically a great impact on all the regions around the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to inform you that the people of this region are victims of acts of terrorism and especially the Iranian government has been one of the main causes of violence and terrorism.
As you are very well aware, the internal turmoil in Lebanon, Palestine, suicide and roadside bombings in Iraq, and also unstable and atrocious condition in Afghanistan and that the Middle East is the time bomb are related to the Iranian dictatorship. All these turmoil are the result of not having an open referendum in Iran.
To end the game of weaponry and destructive power that will result in the world war III we need to establish a democratic government in Iran.
Sincerely yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi-Yazd prison

Ayatollah Boroujerdi impeaches and complaines against iran religious government

Greeting to patriotic, theist and humanitarian lawyers who make efforts to expand freedom, to protect justice, to spread peace and to consolidate democracy and sacrifice their life in cause of this aim too.
there were 34 ancient and handwritten manuscripts of Holy Quran in my private library before the attack of military forces under the supervision of Mr. Talaei and his subgroups, security forces and the secret police of Ministry of Information to my house and then killing, plundering, beating and battery my family, relatives, and the traditional religion followers, who had gathered in my house, and the surrounding streets. These manuscripts were rare and valuable as according to the statements of the experts and bibliographers they cost about 60 billion rials ( 6 million dollars ) as well as there were 47 original manuscripts from previous centuries writers that had not been published and had been accounted as the only copy of the books a their costs were estimated about 80 billion rials ( 8million dollars ) a few years ago too. Moreover there were my educational documents I had received them from about 40 persons of the nobles and the grand Ulema of seminaries of Boroujerd,Qom,Tehran and also from religious authorities of that time since I had entered the seminaries in 1972, also there were the great scientific treasure and educational documents of mine, along with my final thesis in different courses of religious learning, monotheism education that were the result of my long technical ,religious and learning researches has been taken by the Islamic republic of Iran as the mentioned house has been confiscated as yet after passing three years of savage and inhuman attacks of the repressive regime and I have no news about the mentioned documents and belongings.
So, I ask all my defenders inside and outside of Iran to follow up this important and inevitable subject in different institutions of the United Nations and to make some formal complaints on this subject and submit to the UN court for Human Rights.Respectfully yours
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerd

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s letter to the Ulema and teachers of Al-Azhar University

To the Islamic Ulema and authorities of theological school

To the chancellor of Al-Azhar university and the teachers and students of Islamic science

As a religious prisoner leader who is one of the descendents of the holy prophet, Mohammad, I would like to inform you that I have been imprisoned for years by the government which claims to be spiritual and republic and I have become old and decrepit due to tortures in the various, hidden and appalling sections of the dictatorship of Iran. My sin is only defending God against the imperialists pretending to be clergy who the result of their government is only massive apostasy of people. I have spent my life in cause of attracting society to the Islam which is without politics and people’s attention and favour to this matter has made the authorities of governmental Islam anger.
I ask all Muslim scientists who want to elevate and promote monotheism, all experts in Islamic matters who are desirous of world reverence for this heaven religion and all defenders of the holly book of God and the practice of Prophet Mohammad to accept and respond to my call for separating the religion from the state and to demand the complete and extensive separation of Islam from every kind of material and worldly defilements and contaminations in order to clear Muslims of terroristic accusations and to clear the world distrust and negative propagations on the entity of this Hanif religion.
The 30-year-old history of Islamic Republic of Iran showed that the presence of religious authorities and Muftis in executive, official and credit cadre of government annihilates the worth and credit of divine and sacred beings and leads to distrust all God’s orders. The gloomy experiences of the current history of Iran indicate that people are avoiding the integrity of religion and theism massively and multilaterally due to the acts of this religious government. And the reason of my conflict with Shiite governors is my protests against their unlimited and excessive domination as they believe in Vilayat-e-Faqih, it means their vilayat is along and equal to the Vilayat of God. This belief will finally bring misery and poverty of people, plunder of the treasury of country, and increase in cruelty, crimes and harshness which are the cause of people’s distaste for traditional religion. Since they do what they want under the name of prophet and Islam, people are disgusted with divine and spiritual things and nobody follows prophet’s thought and culture anymore.
I hereby ask all reformists, liberals and justice seekers in all over the world to consider the bad results of interference of religion in politics according to real numbers and statistics existing in Iran and to announce the dangers of material and carnal abuses of certain religious principles and to save the involved Muslims in conflict and war from existing dangers.
Let it not remain unsaid that most of the great Shiite clergies in Iran are under the torments of military, Security and Information systems due to their religious independence and non-cooperation with government.
With the hope of removing the desecration of Islam and appearance of Islamic unity with fulfillment of the sacred slogan “the Islam without the politics”
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi-Yazd prison

May 04, 2009

The new threats against Mr.Boroujerdi’s family

The family of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, the imprisoned clergy, has been threatened with phone conversations by unknown persons during last days.
Mr.Boroujerdi’s family has expressed that the broadcasted voices by unknown persons during phone calls are often Mr.Boroujerdi’s whining due to the tortures in section 209 of Evin prison.
This family states that, the cell phone number of Mr.Boroujerdi’s wife is appeared on phone ID caller at the time of call.
This family believes that such these actions are done in order to make this imprisoned clergy silence.

Human Rights Activists in Iran

May 03, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi’s message on 3rd of May, World press freedom day

Happy World press freedom day

The press of every country is its vital and important source. Whenever a disorder appears in media system of a nation, that country will spontaneously be fallen. Every kind of interference and influence in news agencies will cause thought disasters in society. It is so obvious that mass media are the keepers and watches of nations’ rights, so news inquiring will lead to extensive credit and security damages. Common censorships by Fascist governments will bring violation of the rights of society and increase and spread governmental tyranny and oppression. A journalist is like a night guard that has a light in his hand in darkness’ and guards the peace and security of people. If a government disavows the journalist of this responsibility, the light will be taken from the society as nobody will have comfort and peace of mind anymore even in his home.
I congratulate all liberals in all over the world on this great day and I ask all world reformists to make effort to disclose the secrets and hidden plans of dictators by all their soul and heart, moreover I invite democracy watches and defenders to pay more attention to the hidden and secret news of Iran and I specially ask them to make the condition of opinion and political prisoners transparent.
I have always been bombard with false and negative propagations, news and media programs by violators of peace, freedom and democracy and Iran authorities who claim to be religious and republic have tried to assassinate my character as a leader of religion freedom by making and showing false and unjust films. So I have always expected world society to defend me truthfully and justly and make effort to disseminate right news in the world. Now while I’m in a grave physical condition in an appalling cell, I request for revealing the identity of dictators pretending to be religious persons and for disseminating my national, religious, credit and international shouts.
Sincerely yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi-Yazd prison

May 02, 2009

Religious freedom in Iran worsened – US Commission

Updated: Friday, May 01, 2009

Washington, 1 May (WashingtonTV)—Religious freedom conditions in Iran have “worsened” during the past year, Dr. Richard Land, a commissioner with the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom [USCIRF], said on Friday during a press conference announcing the release of that commission’s annual report.
“In Iran, government rhetoric and actions worsened conditions for nearly all non-Shi’a religious groups, most notably for the Baha’is, as well as Sufi Muslims, evangelical Christians, and members of the Jewish community. The Commission has decided to designate Iran as a country of particular concern again because the situation has worsened,” said Land.
He added that the Iranian Parliament has been considering a law since September 2008, which includes a bill enshrining the death penalty for apostasy. “This proposed penal code should be rescinded,” said Land.
“The Commission urges the US government to call for the release of Muslim minorities and dissidents, including those Sufi Muslims in prison, as well as Ayatollah Boroujerdi, a senior Shi’a cleric who advocates the separation of religion and state,” he continued.
“The government of Iran continues to engage in systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom, including prolonged detention, torture, and executions based on primarily or entirely upon the religion of the accused,” USCIRF’s 2009 report concluded.
The Commission recommended designating 13 nations on the list of “countries of particular concern” [CPC], including Iran, Burma, China, Eritrea, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.
Iran has been designated as a CPC by the US State Department since 1999.
USCIRF is a bipartisan federal commission, whose commissioners are appointed by the President of the United States and the US Congress.
The USCIRF provides recommendations to President Barack Obama’s administration, the US State Department, and members of Congress regarding ways in which US policy can promote human rights and religious freedom in nations the Commission identifies as the world’s most severe religious rights abusers.
The report recommends that the US government should “at the highest levels” speak out about the deteriorating conditions of religious freedom in Iran, as well as during discussions with representatives of the Iranian government.
After the conclusion of the press conference, Land told WashingtonTV that the issue of religious freedom in Iran “has to be on the table,” during any talks between the United States and Iran, in the same way that human rights was on the table in US negotiations with the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.
“Secretary of State George Schultz always talked about human rights and the right of the [Soviet] refuseniks. And we’ve also made the same kind of stipulation with North Korea, that when it comes to talks with North Korea, that human rights and religious freedom, being one of those human rights, needs to be part of the total package. And that the United States of America and its government should not separate human rights discussions and religious freedom discussions from the other policy concerns,” Land said.
Source: WashingtonTV correspondent in Washington
© WashingtonTV 2009. All rights reserved.

Mr. Boroujerdi’s message to the next conference on the relations between Iran and arab world

As a religious prisoner leader who is spending regrettable and disastrous condition in captivity of those who claim to be religious and republican, I send a historical and fundamental message to all world’s liberal and reformists through your conference:

Countries in the Middle East don’t know that what the facts are behind the deceitful and delusive propagations of the oppressive governors of our country. They have deceived our poor and oppressed people under the name of elevating monotheism and Islam for 30 years .they abused the highest popularity of clergy and the most beautiful divine slogans to overthrow Shah’s regime.
Three decades of the revolution have been passed and not only there is no result of that Utopia promised by its founder, but in comparison with last Imperial Government our flourishing, liberal and unique country has been ruined and now there is no vestige of sound economy and traditional beliefs of people. Thirty years ago Iran was one of the Islamic centers of the world, but today if the pressures and oppressions of these dictators on society are removed , you will unfortunately observed that no interest, no obligation and no propensity for religion has remained and public distaste for spiritual and holly beings has been expanded.
O’kind and philanthropist neighbors;
If you want to know what this regime has done about its poor and miserable nation, it suffice to pay attention to the real poverty and injustice statistics ,moreover imprisoning me as a clergy who advocate separating the religion from politics, is the indicative of baseless and futile claims of religious regime of Iran.
How can it be possible that the solid majority of people of a country that is the owner of the biggest natural and subterranean resources of the world are in the grip of poverty? Isn’t there any just and fair trial to save and plea for the rights of this poor nation?
O’ dear Arab brothers;
Do you still withhold from supporting the opponents of the authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran who call themselves Guardian of Muslims under the name of Velayat-e-Faqih and want to master and assume ownership all Islamic countries? They give themselves right to interfere in the affairs of other countries and to give the possessions and wealth of these poor people to their protégés because of such these imperialistic purposes.
Are you satisfied that people in this country abandon God and His religion and you as the real owners of that (Islam) be stand by and watch thought, cultural and practical transformation of this territory of original Islam?
Islam was risen from your region Jazira-Al-Arab at first, then why don’t you help your religion that is being annihilated?
I wish that this distaste for Islam, the memorial of Holly Mohammad would be found only in Iran, but they are the cause of distrust of other nations toward Islam too by abuse of Islam.
Do you encounter with Salman Roshdi or a Danish caricaturist for the reason of insulting Islam, but you have a friendly relationship with a government that spread terrorism, harshness and crime under the name of Islam?
Don’t they increase the interior conflict among oppressed Palestinians by supporting Hamas?
Don’t they devastate the unity of Lebanon nation by providing multilateral and ceaseless supports for Seyed Hassan Nasrollah?
Don’t you pay attention to the hidden and furtive role of Iran authorities in Iraq as they want to grasp Iraq government and it information and security forces by military and security actions and aimed and specified helps to some of the authorities of that?
Respectfully yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

A letter of Mr.Boroujerdi to Mr.Karroubi

Dear Fellow-State
Mr. Haj Sheikh Mahdi Karroubi

Greetings to Lorestan and to its reformists and Justice Seekers

I’m very surprised and sorry to see you have entered in election battlefield again, though I admire your courage to your presence in an arena that is full of thorn, shot, machination and threat and is the place of quivers of dictators! Because entering in an arena which is under unconditional dominance of oppressive and harsh people is a hard action and not everybody can do that, but that conscientious people who have understood the pain of the oppressed country and are known with the afflictions of poor people and have perceived this word “people are running away from the religion of Allah in multitude number” by all their heart and soul, but my sorrow is because of your inattention to this word” one who experience what has been experienced before, will be repented” and have exposed your national credits, religious points and popular glories to the destroying windstorms of Velayat-e-Faqih that alters the ballot-boxes like scissors by its two illogical and sharp blades “Guardians Council” and “Ministry of the Interior”, and you cooperate with religious despotism and take the poor nation to the mirage republicanism and futile religion in this way.
Are the specified actions and selections on the Executive power of country by those imposed Persons who prevent from a suitable and proper selection and those imposed appointing persons who are the factors of hypocrisy, oppression and money, agreeable to God and acceptable to the aware society of Iran?!
Have they fulfilled the important and undeniable promises of the founder of this Islamic government during the past 3o years of the Revolution?!
Didn’t they give great and fundamental economic, social, political, credit and belief promises to the current calendar of this sacred country in the presence of the world historians? And weren’t clear and obvious breaches of them observed in the history of Islamic Republic of Iran?!
Is the result of the delusive slogans “Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic” this situation we watch today? Is that all?
Is the commitment of this old clergy to improving the society and reform the spiritual matters of the simple and noble people of country, this very regrettable and disgraceful situation we see?!
My Lor brother; what beautiful and pleasing view of being nominated, do you have? And what’s your motive for calling others to this referendum that its result has been specified before?!
I hope you have newer slogans for deceiving the society!
Respectfully yours
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujedi

May 01, 2009

The visitation of the students of Yazd law College with Ayatollah Boroujerdi in central prison of Yazd

Some groups of the students of the college of law in Yazd survey general sections of Yazd central prison several times in every month for research and training. They insistently succeeded to enter the special section for clergy on March 23, 2009 for first time.
Some discussions on law field, its importance and relevant jobs were brought up during that survey as were faced the keen interest and favor of the students, but this matter made governmental agents worried, so they prevented from continuing it by use of force.

Thus, the students became acquainted with a small part of the violent acts bout political prisoners like Ayatollah Boroujerdi.

Mr.Boroujerdi addressed the students and said:
Indeed; observing condition of prisoners and listening to and acquainting with their problems is the best experience for the students of college of law throughout country.
If an interrogator is informed on elegant and tender God-given feeling, he’ll never use torturing means for interrogation. How can an inspector who knows the consequences of imprisoning a poor man, stands up against the tears of a bleak and defenseless human? If a judge who is proud of his knowledge and relies on and pronounces judgment according to it, were informed on the negative and destroying results of breaking families’ nuclear on the soul and spirituality of society in short and long time, he would never pronounce a judgment based on prejudice, political matters and his opinions.
He asked one of the students:
What do you know about prison? You see the high walls that are decorated with barbed wires and the watch-towers which are built every where and an armed person is put on every one in order to aim a man or even every beings and kill him in the case of disturbance, but are you acquainted with that persons who are tormented among the iron fences like the beings in the cage? Can the right to freedom be violated by the laws and frameworks of universities and theological schools? Isn’t depriving humans of freedom one of the mortal sins that makes God anger? Can freedom be wrested from the best creation of God only by creating judicial cases and files? Are all the interrogations obtained by Intelligence department, Ministry of Information and Information of armed forces that are the basis of the judicial power’s procedure and act toward its accused , fair and equitable? Are they based on mere truth? Do the judiciary officials think that they act according to these words of God “ be just because justice is near to piety” and “ people should act justly” by relying on that interrogations only? Are all the present documents of judicial power based on God’s words and don’t need any explanation and consideration and are parallel and according to the present matters of society? Is increase in and multiplicity of judicial cases during these 30 years, the indicator of reform and improvement of society? And does it confirm the first slogan of the architect of the Revolution who called prisons as university?
Moreover he stated in the presence of the student:
Whatever I saw during my detention in the various sections of the prisons of the Islamic government, was only crime, cruelty, hatred, vengeance, transformation of human identity, mass annihilation of credit, belief, morals and spirituality, farewell to religion and conscience forever, hatred toward religion and avoiding sacred beings and traditional learnings.
The system of expanding prisons will have no result but increasing cemeteries and mental hospitals, raising the numbers of divorces and enhancing prostitution and disasters and the prosecutors who are wallowed in darkness and concupiscence can’t deny these matters and they can’t cover them up by holding conference of prosecutors of Islamic countries.