November 30, 2009

Based on the statement of the leader of Iran’s revolution, Mr. Boroujedi’s condemnation period has ended

Based on extant documents such as the news published in newspaper “Yas-e-No” on Dec 3, 2003;

the present leader of Iran government who had been detained in solitary confinement for a few days before the revolution and had described that situation as follows: “those days were my worst days in prison”, said an important word in reply to a question on this matter: “one day in solitary confinement must be counted as 10 days in general sections.” So, according to this definite statement of Mr. Khamenei; Mr. Boroujerdi’s condemnation (11 years imprisonment), came to end on Nov 21, 2009. Therefore the continuance of Mr. Boroujerdi’s detention, notwithstanding his grave physical condition, is contrary to the view of the highest rank of Iran and this political and ideological prisoner must be released immediately.

November 26, 2009

Legal expert of VOA:Mr. Boroujerdi is counted as a hostage of Iran regime now, because his condemnation has finished

News talk program in VOA (Voice of America), Monday November 23, 2009:
Mrs. Elaheh Hix (international Human Rights activist and expert in Human Rights matters in New York) in reply to a question about "the reason of not releasing Ayatollah Boroujerdi in spite of finishing his condemnation" said: “This matter that Iran’s procedural law and regulations are not enforced by high ranked authorities of Iran and a prisoner is kept in prison without presentation of charge reason is routine and not unusual. This is against the procedural law that a prisoner be kept in prison more than the time of his condemnation. This action is real hostage taking of political activists, opponents, and critics of Iran’s authorities that are living as hostage in country or prisons.

November 25, 2009

The end of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's condemnation period (imprisonment for 11 years)

Mr. Boroujerdi has spent more than 820 days in general sections and 320 days in solitary confinements of Evin prison and Yazd central prison since Oct 8, 2006 until Nov 2009. As one day in solitary confinement is equal to 10 days in general section, this clergy who is opposite to religious government, has totally spent 4020 days in prison that is equal to 11 years imprisonment.
Therefore his period of condemnation has finished now and Iran judicial system must release this political and ideological immediately.

November 19, 2009

A report on the latest condition of Mr. Boroujerdi in Special section for clergy in Evin prison

According to the statement of eyewitnesses, Mr. Boroujerdi lost his physical balance once again and fell down seriously on Nov 17, when he was going down the stairs. He was in coma for some second because of that. Moreover he has fallen down several times because of sudden vertigo and hurt during last two months for example on Oct 10, Oct 12.

Other cases:
- Mr. Boroujerdi is spending difficult days in one of the cells of Special section for clergy in Evin prison.
- There are a lot of problems in the thermal system of special section for clergy as this matter has intensified the pressures on prisoners in that cold weather of the north of Tehran, but relevant authorities have announced the shortage of fuel as the reason of such this condition in reply to the following up of the prisoners.
- Spreading contagious diseases and the lack of drug and specialists is another danger that threatens the prisoners.
- Increase in the number of detainees after presidential election has made most of sections of Evin such as special section for clergy crowded and this matter has intensified Mr. Boroujerdi’s respiratory problem and also made some restrictions in his phone communications too.
- Distributing food with so low quality even expired one among the prisoners has brought a really difficult condition for them.
- According to the report of the most experts and former prisoners; keeping prisoners in very bad condition and depriving them of medical services is used as a means for torturing and putting them under pressure as some of prisoners in Iran have died due to these tortures.

November 11, 2009

global warming

An answer to the invitation of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon the UN General Secretary, under the name “interference of the world’s religious leaders in solving the global warming crisis”
A selection of two messages of Ayatollah Boroujerdi in the years 2005-2006 A.D:
In this sensitive and important era that human’s world has been full of unknown and incurable diseases and has confronted with nature’s disfavour and anger and has been affected by disasters whip, let’s think of a remedy and ask the only omnipotent who runs the cosmos excellently to forgive our sins, let’s satisfy great Lord by having mercy on our subordinates and helping poor and miserable people in order to these difficult days be finished as soon as possible and mankind achieve peace and calm.
Let’s call our kind creature our friend and prevent from future threats, by real and practical thanking.
Hasn’t the hole in Ozone layer increased the statistics of skin cancer enormously?
Hasn’t the global warming disturbed the order of the North and the South Pole and made waters over flowing as many coasts are under the water?
Haven’t wars and adventurisms killed the international peace and security?
Hasn’t terror, violence and suicide exposed the life of blameless and innocent people to annihilation?
Hasn’t the deficiency of the plans and solutions of international intelligentsia about removing security, human and natural dangers and their failure in establishing international peace been proved and cleared?
Aren’t all these matters the result of human’s rebel against that Lord who has ordered to justice and recommended quality and acting according to conscience?
O’you who have clear thoughts, aware conscience and pure soul; shouldn’t you think about these worries?
O’you, the owners of church, please put the eternal love for God in people’s heart. O’clergies, please be away from government and politics, speak about the greatness, mercy and forgiveness of God and act to what you say in order to people become much nearer and closer to him.
O’ governors; government is not the end of progress, but is the outset of an endless way that helping all people is its long stairs.
In such this situation every principle and every school gives glad tidings and every leader presents a resolution, but unfortunately days and nights are spending in worry and regret, time is wasting and the rays of hope are extinguished.
O’you who are concern about this situation; O’ you, the great men of nations;
Isn’t it the time to resort and entreat to God?
Promoter of the culture of God’s messengers, Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi