April 16, 2010

Another dangerous happening in the special ward for clergy

According to the report received, Tuesday afternoon April 13, a man who had a strong body and had an acute mental disease, was trying to ignite the ward by making a quarrel and opening gas pipe. During this event that was defeated because of the prison’s officials and prisoners’ intervening, some of the prisoners were injured. This mental patient had beaten some prisoners and threatened them to death during last week.
The prison’s guards in addition to expressing their wonder about the sudden presence of this man in the special ward for clergy, said: “this matter (the man’s presence) has been happened under the order of the prosecutor of the special court for clergy.”
The available evidences state that the man is probably an official and has been transferred to this ward for some sinister schemes. According to the valid news received, unfortunately, the government is using some dastardly actions to ruin Mr. Boroujerdi and in the case of the failure of these machinations, very probably they will transfer this dissident prisoner to another section to gain their goals easily, as debarring him from visiting his family for two months is a part of these anti human Rights projects.


shayan said...

we have to protest about this stupidly act.

Hadi said...

down with special court for clergy.

Ali said...

I am agree with Shayan