July 30, 2023

The Grave Dilemma of Boroujerdi's Life!

 Mr. Boroujerdi's representatives voiced their deep concern about Boroujerdi's severe health and security in Iran. The prolonged period of house arrest and the pressures caused by the house arrest concern us greatly. He has endured such pain. Therefore, we inform the public that his condition is becoming more and more critical and violent.

Boroujerdi’s physical well-being has significantly deteriorated due to lack of access to proper medical care and essential resources during the eleven years of his imprisonment, continuation of excruciating torture in prison, and oppressive conditions of his six-year house arrest have worsened his existing health issues, so that he does not have the strength to walk and is practically paralyzed. His family is profoundly disturbed by his declining state.

With Tehran experiencing a volatile environment characterized by political unrest and civil dissatisfaction, incidents like threatening phone calls and text messages can have severe consequences for individuals targeted. Boroujerdi has become a victim of numerous threatening phone calls and text messages that explicitly convey malicious intent, as it appears that both opposition figures and the government authorities are intensifying their efforts to harass and intimidate Boroujerdi.

The aftermath of massive suppression of protests and critical voices has led to the Iranian government that is increasingly determined to stifle dissent and eradicate any perceived threats to its regime. The regime's fear of potential challenges to its authority in the future has driven its iron fist approach towards both individuals and groups that it deems to be undermining its control. Therefore, the government is on a quest to eliminate potential threats of people like Boroujerdi. It is really evident that the Iranian government's attempt is to implement plans in silence to murder Boroujerdi, who is their opponent and a well-known public figure. Arranged scenarios that portray Boroujerdi as a threat, due to his involvement in political discourse or his affiliation with political opposition groups, can cause him to endure further torture, re-imprisonment, or be secretly killed while putting the blame of his murder on the opponents of the regime.

In addition to the government officials, there are a number of self-interested politicians who are usually quite motivated to protect and build their power, who are looking to take advantage of well-known opponents as a powerful tool to influence their positions to achieve their goals. For this reason, they constantly forced Boroujerdi to collaborate with them. After he rejected their requests, they put their efforts to harass and intimidate him by making threatening calls and text messages, and even threatened to kill him. They told him that “we easily attribute your death to the government.” By insinuating that “you are in a fragile and isolated state, either cooperate with us or we will kill you, and your death will be good propaganda for our purposes in order to raise our voices.” With these threatening calls, they try to get Boroujerdi in trouble, leaving no choice except cooperation with them. Indeed, the alarming reports of threatening phone calls and text messages targeting him highlight the importance of protecting and saving Boroujerdi’s life because he is targeted by both adversaries of the regime and the government agents.

It should be mentioned that Mr. Boroujerdi has a strong background of about forty years of continuous and tireless experience in his campaigns against oppression, injustice, and discrimination in Iran. As a popular leader, he has had continuous fights with fundamentalism, religious prejudices, and superstitions, and he has paid any expenses incurred including being imprisoned several times and enduring excruciating tortures. He conducts his civil campaigns by using his own methods that are appropriate to both capability of the people and capacity of the society in order to engage the public’s awareness.

Boroujerdi started extensive research in religious documents and historical texts in prison where he came to new thoughts about the gross contradictions in religious documents. Through phone calls from inside the prison, he used to teach his research outcomes to his students and train them. Soon after, these educators had begun to enlighten people's thoughts toward awareness, reasonableness, critical thinking, and to stay away from superstition throughout the communities around the country. The results of the efforts of people like Boroujerdi, and the international activities of his students, are admirable. They have played significant roles, which are visible in the recent movement, in intellectual development, capacities for critical thinking, and libertarian ideas among young and old generations in Iran.

Boroujerdi, who is a popular figure and one of the victims of human rights violations, has always defended human rights even from inside the prison. As a brave human right defender, he put his life on the line to defend people's rights unconditionally. During his eleven-year imprisonment, he has revealed gross human rights violations by sending numerous letters to draw attention to human right activists, country’s authorities, UN officials, and religious leaders around the world to support the Iranian's civic rights and fundamental freedoms (these letters are available on the Bamazadi website).

In the prison, Boroujerdi announced his cooperation with all political parties and human rights defenders who fight for justice and freedom by sending messages to them regularly, but instead, these activists ignored his letters and sabotaged his efforts, making it impossible for him to make progress. In 2017, Boroujerdi, disappointed and dissatisfied with his observation of the terrible political performance, announced that he is disgusted with political parties: the ones who unscrupulously use people as a tool for their own purposes, and manipulate the death of people unfairly for their own benefit. Furthermore, the attempts of these self-promoting politicians create deep internal divisions in parties to achieve their sinister goals.

It is truly disheartening to witness such profound injustice and the denial of basic human rights. Boroujerdi is a victim of a system that disregards compassion, fairness, and dignity. His agony serves as a reminder of the urgent need for increased global advocacy on human rights matters. Therefore, the representatives of Boroujerdi implore the international community to pay attention to Boroujerdi’s plight and take a stand against these blatant human rights violations in Iran. It is essential for the Iranian government to promptly address his health concerns and guarantee his safety and well-being. The world must unite in putting an end to this unjust house arrest, allowing Boroujerdi to live a life free from oppression and suffering.



In January 2017, despite the end of his eleven years of unjust imprisonment and enduring various tortures, Boroujerdi has been effectively placed under house arrest without a judicial order, after his release from prison on temporary medical leave, and has been subject to intense pressure from the authorities. In addition to suffering from the excruciating conditions of house arrest, his family and he have been faced with strict security conditions; his home is under 24-hour surveillance, and disguised agents are roaming all around. Furthermore, successive threats, and enduring economic pressures on his family members, including being deprived of education in public universities, and/or having any position related to a government organization job, has led them to the worst economic conditions.

It has caused a lack of success in his adult children’s lives, and they are back living in their parents’ house. Currently, he has to live with eight people in a small two-bedroom apartment, which has made it difficult for him to live (in addition to Boroujerdi and his wife who live in this small apartment, their two sons, two daughters, and two grandchildren also live with them).

The obvious consequence of the lack of access to adequate medicine and treatment, consecutive intolerable tortures, solitary confinement, punishment wards, or quarantine sections has led him to incurable diseases and physical destruction since 2006, and he continues to deteriorate. Due to existing threats and frequent assassination attempts, he is not even able to follow up with any treatment in the hospital or private doctor’s offices.  His life is constantly shaped by unimaginable pain and deprivation, and we only witness his daily life constantly declining.

Intimidation and threats against Boroujerdi have increased by the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Iran's Special Clerical Court. In addition, incoming calls get disconnected after around 30 seconds, and his phone keeps dropping calls automatically during the conversation.

The consequences of 11 years of imprisonment and six years of house arrest have caused him musculoskeletal pain; swelling in his bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles; and the distortion of the bone from its normal shape and size have caused him extreme difficulty when trying to walk so that even with assistance, he can only go short distances. Currently, the physical deterioration of this public figure is more evident than ever before. 

 25 July 2023

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