November 03, 2022

And the Lord said, “You are free to speak, but only what I am wishing and willing.”


Boroujerdi and his family are seized officially as hostages of Allah's government, and his voices for freedom have been forced into Silence.

According to the recent report from Tehran, as the result of the continuation of the process of prolonged cruelty, pressure, and threats on Boroujerdi, he and his family are being held hostage by the Iranian government, which clearly indicates that taking hostages has become a tool of statecraft. Through the previous reports, we have repeatedly informed the public that Boroujerdi has strictly been prohibited from advocating, releasing any statements, and sympathizing with the brave Iranian movement. Besides that, he has the least amount of freedom due to the maximum security and threats that are applied on him. Today, October 30th, the Special Clerical Court agent had contacted Boroujerdi and had threatened and insulted him with scornful abuse to stop his teaching and researching, otherwise he would be killed.  Overall, they have even banned him from teaching in virtual space.

After enduring tough conditions in prison for eleven years, and imposing intolerable conditions under house arrest for six years, Boroujerdi concluded that “separating religion from politics” was not working, and it cannot perform its role in human society effectively. Furthermore, he did not perform any certain political activities, and he has only researched religious documents and held virtual classes via phone calls or dispatch audio files among his students, followers, and people who are interested in his teaching.

Today at the end of his teaching in virtual classes, Boroujerdi was forced to announce that his teaching and communicating with his students would be discontinued. Indeed, he was prohibited to teach because his teachings led to the revelation of the unreal nature of the God in religion. Also, his poetry is in support and advocacy of oppressed Iranian protesters, to bring awareness to their plight.

In the most difficult conditions from inside the prison, he had bravely sent numerous strong statements and letters to condemn the oppression and tyranny caused by religious rule to the attention of international organizations and authorities of different countries, which is accessible to the public on the Bamazadi website. Boroujerdi's current conditions under house arrest are even worse than the period that he was in prison; in other words, he does not have any right to perform any activities. In fact, Boroujerdi and his family are the hostages of Allah's government these days. It is worth mentioning that during these months, they have been threatening Boroujerdi through phone calls, and they have been interrupting or disconnecting his phone calls as well. 

Please find the full text below about his recent message regarding being banned from teaching.

Boroujerdi states: 

“I have struggled with intense pain many times from the actions of this ‘god. He destroyed my youth during the eleven years of imprisonment where I had no access to any medical treatment, lawyer, or furlough. I feel like ‘god’ is just wasting my life! He keeps hurting me even though I am under house arrest in the worst conditions now. He has harassed me with disrupting the communication of my phone calls many times, while my mobile phone is the only main mode of communication with others. Furthermore, ‘god’ held a grudge toward me and forced me to stop teaching and expressing poetry. He says that I express the poems in vindication of the oppressed, which refers to me as an oppressor. He says that the purpose of my teaching is to express the inconsistency and incompatibility in religions, and he questioned the existence of me in reality (‘god’)! I would like to draw your attention to my current condition, that my teaching and discussions will be closed until ‘god’ allows.”

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