August 30, 2022

Targeted Assassinations Against Boroujerdi Increased Dramatically

 According to the recent report from Tehran, the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the IRGC's intelligence have repeatedly sent death threats against Boroujerdi via text message and suspicious telephone calls. Boroujerdi’s family believes that their personal safety is on the line because these harassing text messages and calls from anonymous numbers have been increasing.

Furthermore, due to a deterioration of his health and a high-grade fever, Boroujerdi was taken to a hospital last week. Boroujerdi had been injected with an unknown substance, soon after physical examination, by wicked and unscrupulous agents who disguised themselves as doctors. The effects of suspicious injections were revealed in the form of frequent loss of consciousness and stroke, and it also caused him near fatal falls from the stairs at his house. The falls have resulted in serious injuries, including kidney, brain, pulmonary, and cardiovascular dysfunction.