November 26, 2015

A Message from Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi Concerning Terror Attacks Worldwide

To all those in the world who are in quest of God 
To see a human being hurt and harmed in the name of religion is very regretful.  All humans with a conscience will be distressed when humanity is harmed under the banner of a religion. God has created mankind for representing him and his own caliphate, and even though at times of hardship he puts him into test, yet he will not be satisfied or pleased to see him oppressed. 

November 17, 2015

Unity of religions under the banner of sanctified magnificence of the Almighty

Religion, leads us to the source of existence. Faith is a ladder between humans and their creator, impregnating their conscience by spirituality. A religious person turns to enlightenment which leads the world towards evolution, and enriches the creatures in the path of God Almighty. Religions have a great responsibility in the revitalization of spirituality which will bring virtue and veracity to people. The existence of different divine religions - given the manifold tastes, creeds and interests, can be in view of transcendence of divine promises to the world. However, sometimes the contradictions and incoherence between these divine doctrines results in the creation of tensions and conflicts rather than unity between the world theists.

Stop Killings and Violence

The violence shows itself in many different ways in the world. There are people in every corner of the world, who have tasted the bitterness of confronting terror, terrorists and insecurity. Terrorist attacks in Paris and also in other countries such as Lebanon once again reminds people of the world of this fact that if they do not try to achieve lasting peace in all countries to panic and soon black shadow spread terrorism all over the world, soon the black shadow of terror will spread over all the world and comfort and security of all of us will fade away. Now, one of the main causes of violence in the world, especially the Middle East, is political Islam and religious rule, which makes it essential to draw the public attention to this problem.