October 30, 2008

The warning of religious and anti-oppression, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, to Mrs.Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel peace prize winner

Dear lady. Shirin Ebadi :
I respect to kind and merciful God and to liberal and just personalities and honor to dear and oppressed country and under torture nation of Iran.
Now that we are in the most sensitive time and history of our country and current human, credit and belief calendar shows the great times and the libertarianism shout of people under pressures of religious dictatorship calls all consciences on itself and ask every right nature to help, every kind of thought conflict and selective contrast (contrast base on your benefit not public) by peacemakers and reformist is a regrettable and unforgivable sin.
Person who calls himself responsible for definite and God-given rights of human must not just think on himself and not be dependent on any parties, you who are proud of world medals and prizes have hard and great responsibility and should be the reflex of national, cultural and religious protests of Iranian people, the expectation of aware and alert society of this country from you is cooperation and sympathizing with mind, body, press and speech of reformists and oppression deifiers of this country, now , as you have got immunity factors from organizations which are depended on United Nations and you are able to provide security and protect jailed lovers of Iran ,every kinds of omission and hesitation will not be accepted.
Today, Boroujerdi is not a person and is not just himself but is the symbol of resistance against religious dictatorship, I who am a clergy with 35 years of service in public, affection, mind and religious service of people, have been put in the severest and hardest tortures and pressures by political Islam and governmental religion and have spent heavy expenditures for combating against religious claimers that murder of my father and my mother , annihilation of my family and my youth and health are some results of religious despotism of governors .
Every kind of help and assistance to me, is same honor to freedom law and opposition to opinion siege and combat against belief inquiring and press censorships because I as a religious independent leader, ask for absolute freedom of press, speech, opinion and thoughts.
So, I as a public prosecutor and the lawyer of tens of millions of Iranian people in opposition to religious despotism, expect you to consider and follow up my file in the highest world court of Human Rights by presenting my complaint as soon as possible .
The best regard
Seyyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi –Evin prison – Oct 2008

The execution of exile sentence for another follower of Ayatollah Boroujerdi

Human Rights Activists in Iran
yesterday morning, 29 Oct 2008, Majid Alasti was transferred to special court of clergy from Evin prison and then was transferred to prison in Zanjan city at 4 p.m.above-named has been detained in 209, 240 and general sections of Evin prison more than one year during lasy years and has been tortured physically and psychologically during first months of detention .Befor this although he is an engineer and has high academic documents from Sana'ti Sharif university ,like other accused of this file had been deprived of official jobs and health insurance.
Last week Masoud Samatiyan, AliReza Montazer-Saheb and Habib Qovati were exiled to prisons in Khoramabad, Kermanshah and Hamedan (three cities of Iran) too. It's necessary to say that Mr. Mehrdad Souri, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, Hasan Harischiyan. Continuously Ali Arbabi and Kambiz Hoseini are detained in Evin prison.

October 26, 2008

The present testament of Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

to his attorneys and representatives in all over the world
A testament to my attorneys and representatives in Iran and all over the world
In the name of God the beneficent the merciful
Greeting to peacemakers and liberals personalities
Please accept my greeting behind the long and deathful walls of Evin prison. My trial was held behind closed doors and without the jury and independent lawyer and historian reporters and it was held on the base of baseless reasoning and making faked files in security and appalling 209 section and I couldn't defend my demands and rights and there were no body to pay attention to my thought and my words, so I write some words and register the mysteries of present history in the immortal pages of present century by you, ladies and gentlemen. It's 30 years that I'm trying for open thought and the culture which is free of dictatorship and I have been sentenced to the severest inhuman punishments because of my resistance against the governmental religion and political Islam. According to the evidences and documents of ministry of Information, during last 14 years I have always been pursued and under psychological and physical tortures and pressures by the oppressor and illogical factors of regime and they made faked files for me and tormented my family. I devoted my father who was one of spreaders and preachers of traditional Islam and guided theist people in capital of country for 50 years by his speech, writing works and Imamate (religious leadership) and was martyred , in cause of freedom and liberality and also my mother who had been hurt by microbial and chemical weapons during the invasion of armed forces to my house and died while suffered from disease for along time due to the effects of these weapons. I spent my youth period to old age in cause of belief independence of nation and I devoted my chastity and family and oppressors who have claim of religion, violated to my chastity and I think all these are the penalty of my attachment to the sacred triangle " God, people and country". I say belief inquiring is opposed to this word of God "there is no obligation in choosing religion" and suffocation is contrary to religion word containing" God wants ease for you in execution of religious orders" and imposing the hard laws is negating this God word that says " accepting of orders of religion, must be without pressures and torments on people", dictatorship is contrary to this Quran word" God gives human a duty according his ability", opinion suppression rejects the God word" The God isn't biased toward his messengers" , having prison is opposed to Imam Ali's way, I believe the peace of Imam Hasan Mojtaba rejected every kind of bellicosity, and capitulation of Imam Ali in Hakamiyiat event( a historical event in Imam Ali's age) showed the republic and his return from Sefein war ( a war in Imam Ali's age)expressed his respect to majority of votes and Shiite Imams' avoidance of governmental systems is a reason that clergyman must be away from political movements and the reason of agreement of Shiite references on avoidance of political places is that religion will be destroyed by politic . I call the result of governmental Islam on politic, economic, opinion and credit, the reason of people mistrust toward spiritual and theology affairs and obvious and public Human Rights violation in Iran the result of this slogan" our religion is exactly our politic" ,and tortures and torments on my family and my self and followers of religion freedom theory the effect of religious despotism, so I ask Human Rights authorities to pay attention to the regretful and grave situation of my family and mine and the situation of all followers of independence religion on government. the reason of invasion of security, information and military forces to my humble house was attending of huge population of opponents of political Islam in my unique meeting there for I ask the United Nations to ask Iran government to execute absolute freedom and independence of religion and (United Nation) condemn every kinds of pressure, fear, restriction, prison, siege and massacre for opposition to political Islam via Security council and ask for a basic referendum on freedom of opinion, press and religion without government interference in polling of all Iranian people and support and give me as a public prosecutor who ask for free worship and without restriction, an immunity till I can grant the human request of gentle, honorable and oppressed people of Iran and help followers of all theism religion reach to God .
At the end I ask all honorable persons who accept my attorney and representation, to inform all concerned countrymen about rough and grave situation of my family and mine and all prisoners who are tortured in medieval prisons because of their avoidance of Political Islam and governmental religion and to ask all civil and legal centers and formal and reliable societies in all over the world for our rights and to ask religious leaders of all religions and nations to try to purify theism manner from political intends and cooperate with this clergyman who is under pressure and oppression and to ask Iran government to stop oppression and torture on patriot theists .
Thank you
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujeri
Prison - Tehran - Iran

October 24, 2008

Unknowing of the state of three numbers of prisoners in exile

Human Rights Activists in Iran
According to the latest reports; after that Masoud Samavatiyan, Habib Quvati and AlirReza Montazer-Saheb, the three numbers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers, were transferred to out of Special court of clergy in order to execution of “imprisonment in exile” sentence at 3p.m and on 21, Oct, 2008, as yet, these people have not contacted their families. The families of these people have announced that if they don’t get reliable information on the situations of them until next Sunday, they will gather in front of the United Nations office in Tehran in addition to broadcasting this information.
According to received reports; AlirReza Montazer-Saheb has been transferred to prison in Kermanshah but, there is no information about the two other prisoners’ situation. Also it has been reported that Aliraza Montazer-Saheb has stricken against the very bad situations in prison but there is no further information on this matter.
These transmissions have probably been done in order to prevent from every protest and broadcasting the information of prisoners because it has been planed that a foreign group will come to consider the Evin prison situation during next week.

October 22, 2008

The execution of exile sentence for 3 number of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers

Masoud Samavatiyan, Ali Reza Montazer-Saheb, Habib Quvati, the 3 accused of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's file, were taken to Special Court of Clergy from Evin prison without previous warning on 21 Oct 2008 .the recalling has been done in order to execute the "imprisonment in exile" sentence about them.
According to the words of their families; at 2 p.m all these people were taken by governmental factors in order to transmission to airport from special court of clergy, but as yet, there is no information about their situation.These people have been affected by various physical and psychological complications during imprisonment and had asked for seek treatment for several times, but today they have faced to execution of exile sentence which this matter has made their families concerned and worried .

October 20, 2008

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's open letter to the leader of Iran government

In the name of God the beneficent the merciful and greeting to the honored and gentle nation and to the sacred and oppressed country of Iran
I am a prisoner under torture and from a famous family which its name has been mentioned in reliable religious books and I devoted more than 30 years of the best days of my life for dissemination of monotheistic thought, spiritual culture, divine ethic and religious literature and it's two and a half years that I have been under physical and psychological pressures and affected by various diseases in different sections of Evin on charge of rejection the political and governmental religion, during this period I have sent letters via related person to you and expressed the realities for several times but each time the result was increasing the tortures . Now that I'm in the point of death because of abundance of pains, I want to inform the world about some mysteries by writing some words because the world knows this public prosecutor who asks for belief freedom and thought independence completely and (world) records his words as the reliable documents.
Today, the majority of Iranian people have tried political Islam and have seen its result during the age of this revolution (Enghlab), they heard the important and effective promises in establishing the society in 30 years ago by the founder of this government and understood the results of those great predictions obviously, Now Iranian people are asking for removing the belief censorship, religious inquiring and also pressures and limitations in choosing life style.
The majority of people say; if the Shah regime was changed by the majority vote of people, now that majority is asking for removing the suffocation, oppression, despotism and suppression too. If the criterion of the present government is the votes of people, a referendum must be held in an open space, with no fear and no governmental choice and limitation , the election must be held under the direct attention of United Nations watch ,because according to available evidences Iranian authorities are criminal ,they have committed treason against Iran, Islam and the nation for several times and its effects are appeared in executions , ravages, imprisonments ,cemeteries and exile . How will the idea and ideals of 70million of Iranian people be fulfilled while the election is controlled by the Guardian council and the foreign ministry? How can claim that the elections are public and correct when Mr.Karoubi who is one of the government acting, confesses that he slept for a short time and when he waked up there were some basic and important changes in the results of election? The founder of this government said 30years ago; "if the legality of Mohammad Reza Shah regime was because of the assembly of his father, Reza khan, it doesn't concern him (Mohammad Reza shah must get legality again) " now I repeat his logic too; if 30 years ago Iranian people accepted such political regime though they were deceived and thought the basic of this regime is independence , freedom , republic and theism which gradually they saw the unreality of the regime ,now they are not disposed toward continuing this regime and in order to confirm this word , permit people to march in all over the country, if the population be more than march population on 22 Bahman Month(anniversary of Enghlab57) you must accept the demand and the desire of nation or at least accept the freedom of society , thought ,religion and worship and view independence . How can Iranian people forget the strange promises of your master in Behesht Zahra while he (Mr. Khomeini) promised a beautiful world and a society with good facilities which poverty, misery, suffering, disease, meanness, family disintegration, addiction, economical pressures and religious dishonor were its results? Today the merciful and gracious God is in charge place, because every crime is committed by the name of religion. my father who was one of the great clergies of the capital of country, was killed and his tomb was destroyed because he didn’t agree this theory" our religion is the same our politic" and my mother who was daughter-in- law of a religious authority and wife of a religious expert and mother of descendents of the prophet, was killed unjustly, and my 6-month-old grandchild was tortured in 209 section of Evin by regime factors to oblige me to confess to have cooperation with George Bosh !
The crime of this liberal clergyman, who is opposed to governmental religion, is only his popularity. Before the attack to my house, I held my latest pray meeting which was full of devotion to God, in the biggest covered stadium of country and gathered tens of thousands of oppressed and poor people, with out press support and in strict boycott to help and console them, this unique gathering made the ministry of Information angry so by a cooperation with special court attacked to my house and hurt every one there such that hundreds injured were its result and its films are available in world legal societies and the humanism centers archive. They used chemical and microbial gas in order to suppress the people who were asking for separation of religion and government and many people were affected by brain, lung, liver, chest and stomach cancer due to this gas and every month they die one after one. Now politicians, religious personalities and me who are not dependent on the government are tortured in Evin prison by your name and for continuance of Velayet-e-Faqih such I have grave physical state. The day when the Lebanese prisoner was released from Israel prisons, I watched him via a TV in prison, was in physical and psychological health, but look at my pictures before imprisonment and compare them with my body which is the result of these two and half years !
Now, I ask you who are the leader of this government, were Iranian people irreligious 30 years ago and then the founder of this regime made them Moslems? Were people of this country poor and this revolution got them rich? Are the rate of your tortures and torments as before? Is the number of prisons as same as before? Your master ( Mr. Khomeini ) in the beginning of arrival to cemetery of the capital of country said in front of reporters;"shah destroyed cites and built cemeteries", I ask you; is your 30-year-old result another thing? Aren't the general massacres in the beginning of this government and during the 8 years war inside cities and in borders and also annihilating the parties and your rival equal to the general massacres during 2500 years of imperial government? What have you done for these people that you are proud of it? The present of 57 Enghelab( Iran revolution) is motiveless of youth, unemployment, cutting off the electricity, gas and water and increasing the expensiveness and dearth , plunder the natural sources and national heritage and opinion chaos and many other cases.
With the renewed regard to liberal persons
Seyyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

October 13, 2008

The detention of another follower of Ayatollah Boroujerdi

Kambiz Hoseini, 27-year-old and one of the accused of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's file, had been detained in October 2006 and had been in 209 section of Evin prison . he had been released by giving security up to the time of issuing and execution of sentence . Above-named was called to special court of clergy on 12 October 2008 and after attending there, was transferred to Evin prison in order to execution of 2 years imprisonment on him .
As well as Mr. Hoseini, 8 other accused of the mentioned file have been detained and transferred to Evin prison too, during last months .the sentences of these people are different between 5years imprisonment in exile and 2 years imprisonment.
It's necessary to say that; all mentioned people have been ill-treated during the time of detention and have spent along times in isolation cells under inhumanity states . These people have been deprived of just trial .

October 10, 2008

An open letter to the chief of judicial branch of Iran

Mr.Hashemi Shahroodi
Greeting to persons who are in public service and devoted to God and country. The reason of sending this complaint publicly is that three years ago, when I came to your house in Qom for complaining of Special Court of Clergy, you answered I don't intervene in the affair that the Ministry of Information has intervened . Then I understood that efficiency of second power of government is less than the minister of Information! So I wanted to write my letter to the contemporary history till the news and secrets of political religion be recorded in the pages of contemporary calendar .
Mr. Hashemi; It's more than two years that I'm spending the time in the prison that is your subgroup and I have seen the figure of Human Rights defenders in your newspaper !indeed you play the role of libertarianism very well . But, today is the period of the vigilance of nations and such these tricks aren’t useful in the advanced world with media technology . What has been written on the heads of Hemayat newspaper with a large font is the confession of the first number of judicial branch that he calls prison as the place of torture, the seat of relentlessness, the center of anti- humanity and the reason of annihilating the family and society .
Mr. Hashemi; I had been witness to injustices and the obvious and multilateral violation of Human Rights, during my detention in Evin and I had perceived the uglinesses and villainy of here that prisoners will be gradually affected by them, with my nerves, feeling, mortality and situations . In the security sections tortures are raised and in public sections, negation of God, humanity degeneration and changing the human identity, madness and animal habits and tempers in sensual desires and these are the results of the thought that revolution establisher called it as university .
Mr. Hashemi; I have got old untimely and majority of my body members have become decrepit due to torments and annoys that you have done during more than two years on this son of prophet who his crime is lamentation for his honor grandfathers and lighting up the fire of love to them, and the Evin hospital is as a scarecrow to prevent from Human Rights advertisings and I have enough evidences to confirm this word . although my address is Special court of Clergy and I have heard from them that their power is more than yours, so I don't expect watch from you; but, the prisoner is delivered to the judicial branch and this center is responcible for him health and situations while its nutrition (of prison) is pathogen, its health is regrettable, behavior of its guardians is depressing and enduring its circumstance is not possible . As soon as poor prisoner protests, the protective Guard will transferred him to isolation cell and cut off his relation with family and sometimes they answer his his protest by suppression, hitting and broken .
Mr. Hashemi; I as a public prosecutor who ask for separating the religion from politic and the majority of Iranian people are in side of me, will soon sent my complaint against the government of Islamic Republic of Iran to legal courts of United Nations in order to the world knows the political Islam heritage that its 30-year-results are countable and also to the traditional religion of Iranian people be seriously defended by issuing a resolution in the security council of United Nation . I have notified the leader of regime of my critical physical and psychological state for several times but its reflex and result was only increasing the cruelties of special authorities and prison authorities . Now, I ask you as legal chief of judicial branch of country for my demands, although I know it wont be useful and effective .
At first; I ask for a revision of trial in attendance of without border reporters and the United Nations jurists because according to the words of the revolution followers and government relatives like Mousavi-KHouiniha and Abdullah Nouri; the Special Court of Clergy is not legal and lawful .
Second; I ask to be confined to bed in a private hospital with watching of the United Nations representatives and you are responcible for its charges . About expenses and charges; because the special authorities have seized all my belongs and about being under watching of United Nations; because special authorities have threaten to kill me, for several times .
Third; hundreds numbers of women, men, old and young were injured, wounded and imprisoned long with me, attend their complaints, some of these people such as my old mother were killed due to the intensity of officers attacks and the government denied permission to hold her funeral . I hope your actions be confirmed with your slogans .
Seyed Hosein Kazemeni Boroujerdi
Tehran, Evin prison, Oct 2008

October 06, 2008

The declaration of prisoner religious leader of Iran

In the name of God the merciful and the gracious and greeting to afflicted homeland by despotism and salutation to oppressed nation of Iran that is disfavored by Iran dictatorship.
It's the third year that I'm witness of the massacre of deprived and oppressed people, under the name of subversives, bullies, spies, riotous, false claimants and sellers of narcotic substances, in Evin.
I became aware of the deep of committing crime and making calamity of political Islam and closely saw the medieval tortures of the executioner and tricky claimants of Islam, during my detention in various sections of prison.
I'm not penitent for devoting my youth in the cause of combating against the traitor to God and swindler authorities of religion and I'm proud to sacrificed my father and my mother and my health and took my family and my followers to the altar of history in the cause of revealing the nature of governmental religion.
When I was hearing the wail of my one-year-grandchild in appalling 209section of Evin, while my eyes were closed and my hands were chained and my ankles were shackled by the religious fogyish, I told to my tears: joint to the river of calendar of contemporary Iran to its tomorrow pages be as a rainbow of liberal resistance and future generations smell the scent of releasing from the despotism of marauder governors better.
That day that the army of ruling head police was attacked in Enghelab square by the followers of traditional religion and the shout of freedom of thought and culture which are different with laws of Regime, narrowed the space for the oppressor government, I understood that country of braves, will not sustained opinion censorship and advertising pressures of the mammonish and irreligious Mullahs. And that midnight when the armed Velayat Faghih forces attacked the gathering of woman, man, old, young and child who were gathered around my house and were dissatisfied with the terrorist and bloody Islam I understood that It's the time of downfall of 30 years lying and swindle of the irreligious regime of Iran and it's the time of public movement of honor, gentle and patriot nation.
So, I announce to human society because of the name of all religions God and because of the love to country which is under the oppression of fierce government, and by truth on natural and public ability of countrymen, and with the decision to save honor country from essence of devilish clergymen, I have started to protest against the usurpers of sacred country and I'm sincerely ready to die to uproot the theory of " our religion is that very our politic" and to offer the opinion and religious freedom and thought independence to exemplary people.
So, according to this great national and humanity movement, I ask all civil societies, legal centers in the world and the authorities in the side of Human Rights and opinion freedom to defend of this peace, justice and freedom messenger with the all force, and take my emancipator message to security council of united nations and sentence the obvious and continued violation of Human Rights in religious, opinion and thought affairs, by issuing a salutation, and appoint me as an observer of united nations in religious and cultural affairs and also appoint me as its ( united nations ) representative in region countries till I can guard the ideal of worship according public demands by receiving the international security and immunity, and protect spirituality and sacred of nationals and peoples against every kinds of limitations and prohibitions .
At the end of my words ,I ask the clergymen of all religions to help me "as a person who is opposed to opinion inspection" and reflex my request to the related courts, also I ask the great Pope for serious and continuing advocate for my rightful demands and expect him to ask Christian governments and nations in the world to help me, also I ask authorities of Alazhar society, Mecca Darolfatva ( a place in Mecca for issuing religious statements ), and other issue centers of religious orders to remove the charges and ambiguity about real Islam with help this prisoner clergyman, and also I ask the presidents of Russia and china, that are supporters of Iran, to ask for my absolute and disputable release, by putting Tehran regime in pressure. I notify the members of uncommitted movement, of human duties in respect of oppressions of Iran government.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Tehran - Evin prison – Oct 2008

October 04, 2008

The declaration of followers of prisoner religious leader, Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, to protest about second anniversary of detention, suppression and torture about him and his followers

He shone like a stare in the suffocated sky of religious despotism, a stare that its shine made ten millions of people who were tired of political religion dominance happy and hopeful.
2 years ago, in 16 Mehr 1385( 8 Oct 2006) concurrent with days of ancient Mehregan festival, bloodthirsty Zahak once more again cut his chains with assistance of Tempter and began the oppression and torture under the name of religion to revenge the children of blacksmith Kave ( an Iranian hero )
It's many long years that villainous Devil of unreligious government in Iran, uses religion ruse in order to annihilate nationality and defame the God and moral values of this country.
The life of this liberal Iranian during last years has always been in turbulent.
30 years campaign and effort, 14 years suffering, threat, pressure, detention, two years imprisonment under physical and psychological tortures, suffering from various diseases, murder of his father and his mother and some of his followers by Iran regime, assassinating his character, confiscating all of his properties, distress and torment and annoy of his family and followers by regime and other crimes of this devil regime, have challenged this indefatigable champion . the reason of all of these tortures and calamities is just his belief in separation of religion from politic and his insisting on his demands to defend of freedom, liberality and human rights. it's two years that this religious leader has been detained in prison but with an incomparable firmness and bravery without putting up with government, he thus accordingly insists on his demands from inside of prison and doesn't leave comaign,as has made judiciary officials of government and authorities of his siege tired . he shouts freedom from his dark and narrow cell and ask for helping to can inform the world about the demands of millions of humans who are prisoner in huge prison of mullah dominance in this auspicious country.
The events which happened during two last years showed that in despite of the threat, deceit, blowing rumors and the intensity of censorship that regime has used in order to distort and boycott the news about him and his followers, the people of world are aware and informed and the aware consciences and the seekers of truth have figured out the real nature of these false claimants of religion had asked for investigating of this file in the public and international circles immediately, with their cooperation and sympathetic and sometimes with expressing their opinions .
Now, we are on the threshold of second anniversary of tragedy of raid of armed security forces and the special guard of suppression of religious despotism government to the house of Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi and detaining him and his followers and we notify you that they are prisoner just for opinion . and detention, torture, imprisonment for hundreds days in individual cells, continuing their detention , closed trial in an uncommon court without access to an independence lawyer, applying the trumped-up-charges to them without any evidences or documents, and finally producing programs and partial using of governmental media such as Broadcasting organization and governmental newspapers in order to violate this famous clergyman and assassinate his character without any opportunity to defend of himself and his opinions, are inconsistence with the articles of universal declaration of Human Rights and even with the constitution of country.
So, we ask all of international legal organizations and societies , Human Rights defenders, aware consciences and liberal personalities to in addiction to more attention to these matters, help him to bring a suit against Iran regime in an international and impartial court and prevent from violation of Human Rights in Iran by their efforts in order to granting life and legal immunity for the peaceful and apolitical activities of Ayatollah Boroujerdi.these demands are not just a prisoner's demands but are the demands of a religious public prosecutor who speaks in representing of millions of people who are opposed to political religion..
Finally, we ask judicial and governmental officials for releasing him immediately and treatment of his injuries and diseases that are the result of tortures during two years in prison, and restitution of his prestige and also releasing his prisoner followers and ending to threats and pressures on his followers.
We thus accordingly insist on his demands such as separation of religion and politic, freedom of speech, opinion and press, holding an open referendum in all over the country in order to reject the religious government and abolishing some sentences and laws including: execution, stoning and flogging and removing the national, religious and sexuality discriminations .
With the hope of having a world full of justice
The followers of Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdu in Iran and Europe
Oct 2008

Security forces attack to special section for clergy of Evin prison

By the name of freedom
According to received news, today morning, 23 Sep 2008, the Security forces and ministry of information factors, have attacked to 500 section, the special section for clergy .they in addition to use tear gas, stroked at prisoners and inspected and inquired them. Officers rent their clothes and make them naked and tried to find the letters of Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, which is said he had written them to political characters of the world .the intensity of inspection had been such that even the personal and sleeping things of prisoners were rent.
It's necessary to say; sent letters on behalf of him (Ayatollah) to political characters of the world and media, had been sent in order to international informing and justice.

Another machination for annihilating Ayatollah Boroujerdi
Execution of exile sentence for Ayatollah Boroujerdi and 8 numbers of his followers

22 Sep 2008
In spit of extensive efforts of Human Rights Institutes and organizations and issuing continuous declarations by Human Rights activists and international campaign of Human Rights and international Amnesty contain that Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his followers are opinion prisoners and must be released immediately, judicial officials of Republic Islamic of Iran have not attended to these declarations and have not done any actions about releasing them and have decided to exile them to other cities where their sentences must be performed, although these people had protested against their issued sentences but their protest had been accepted but relative officials had promised to keep them in Tehran and give them leave after spending a short time of conviction period. Unfortunately Iran judicial officials like last times broke promise .noting that rejection of cooperation with them from Ayatollah Boroujerdi, in performing of faked confessions scenario and also his insisting on his opinions and revealing of international agencies changed this interview to a trial against mullah regime and finally led to discrediting of velayat-faqih regime ,so there is the fear that government decides to kill Ayatollah and his followers during transferring to place of exile .the rumor containing killing the leader of anti political religion and his followers has been increased during last days by oral threats of judicial officials and officials of this file.
It must be said ; Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a liberal clergyman who expresses demands of ten million Iranian are opposed to religious regime , he is asking for stopping sentences including :stoning ,execution and amputation and also is asking for an open referendum with attendance of international representatives .
It is two years that he is in prison under severest tortures and now is sentenced to imprisonment in Yazd prison for 10 years, while Mr.Hesam Firoozi, his physician, reported that remaining in prison is so dangerous for him. Mullah regime of Iran follows project of quiet execution for him by transferring him to Yazd prison.
It is necessary to say; this shamelessly deed will be acted coincident with attendance of Iran president Mr. Ahmadinejad in common association of united nations organization in New York and coincident with the period that primary rights of human and also opinion freedom are violated in Iran.

The names of followers who are sentenced to imprisonment in exile and period of sentences:
1. Masoud Samavatiyan 47-year-old, 2nd accused, B.S in literature, married and has two children, sentenced to imprisonment in Khoramabad prison for 5 years.
2. Alireza Montazer-Saheb 37-year-old, 3rd accused, married and has one child, sentenced to imprisonment in Kermanshah imprisonment for 4 years.
3. Habin Quvati 30-year-old, 5th accused, accountant, married, sentenced to imprisonment in Hamedan for 4 years.
4. Majid Alasti 35-year-old, 7th accused, engineer, sentenced to imprisonment in Zanjan for 4 years.
5. Mehrdad Souri 36-year-old, 8th accused, electrical engineer, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years.
6. Mohammadreza Sadeghi 36-year-old, 9th accused, eliminated manager of a government office, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years.
7. Hasan Harischiyan 35-year-old, 10th accused, married and has one child, engineer, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years.
8. Ali Arbabi, 11th accused, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years
Two other accused of file that have been called but has not been taken to prison yet:
1. Ali Shahrabi-Farahani 33-year-old, 4th accused, married and has one child, sentenced to imprisonment in Qazvin for 4 years.
2. Ahmad Karimiyan 39-year-old, 6th accused, chemical injured in war period, eliminated teacher of university, sentenced to imprisonment in Semnan for 4 years.
We hope that Human Rights Institutes and organizations continue their effective supports from these opinion prisoners like before, in addition to condemn these illegal actions.

Imminence of exile for Ayatollah Boroujerdi and 4 numbers of his followers

Human Rights activists in Iran
In spite of concerns of Human Rights organizations on critical state of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and also emphasizing of his physician on his immediate need for treatment, Ministry of Information informed Ayatollah Boroujerdi that his exile sentence will be executed promptly.
Security forces among threat Ayatollah Boroujerdi to kill, has violated their words containing "stopping his exile sentence" and have informed Ayatollah Boroujerdi that he and 4 numbers of his followers will be exiled to specified places.
In the case of execution of exile sentence, Mr. Boroujerdi will be exile to Yazd for 10 years, Masoud Samavatiyan to Khoramabad prison for 5 years, Alireza Montazer-Saheb exile to Kermanshah prison for 4 years, Habib Quvati exile to Hamedan prison for 4 years, Majid Alasti exile to Zanjan prison for 4 years.
Noteworthy that security forces as reply to Ayatollah Boroujerdi's protest, have said the reason of executing of exile sentence ,contrary to prior promises , is his recent interview and also the his non-cooperation with them.
( 22 Sep, 2008 )

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's transfer to Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting by the security forces

On 15 Sep 2008 , without prior warning Ayatollah Boroujerdi was taken from Evin prison to Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting organization by information officials.
He was interviewed in attendance of information and special court of Clergy officials and a group of reporters of government newspapers like Jamejam newspaper, but this religious leader didn't accept to say dictated and ordered answers, on the contrary; he revealed some important facts about tortures on his followers and himself in appalling sections of Evin. Also he revealed the wrong policies of regime that are performing in coverage of religion, by insisting on his opinions containing: necessity of separation of religion from politic, cancellation of Islamic penalties including: execution, stoning, amputation and flogging, also holding an open referendum. This act made information officials angry and again took him to Evin prison.
It's necessary to remember that Ayatollah Boroujerdi with his family and a group of his followers were railed by security forces in twilight of middle of Ramadan and since that he has been tortured physically and psychologically in Evin prison.
It's must be said; 8 numbers of his followers under the names of : Masoud Samavatiyan, Mehrdad Souri, Hasan Harischiyan ,Mohammadreza Sadeghi, Ali Arbabi, Aliraza Montazer-Saheb, Majid Alasti and Habib Quvati are detained in Evin prison.
As a representative of oppressed people who are tired of Velayat-Faqih dominance, he has recently expressed his views about some important matters of Iran and the world, in an interview inside of prison by a political prisoner under the name of Ahmad Najafi-Mojtahedi.
Here, we ask international societies, Human Rights defenders, liberals and aware consciences to try to incite the world anger in respect of false claims of religion, clergy and spirituality.

An uncommon court for Ayatollah Boroujerdi

3 Sep 2008
Human Rights activists in Iran
A reliable source says; the court session of Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi, the famous and opposed to government clergyman, as last times was held in special court of clergy without informing, on Saturday 10 Mordad .some people with unknown identities who were called physician have attended in this session and have evidenced that Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a psychotic because of the words about inspirations that writes in his poetries or expresses in his speaking ,and must be treated by the using psychotropic drugs .these claimers have caused to incite Ayatollah Boroujerdi's protest.
It's necessary to say; these drugs that are exclusively for the use for who are ill in the mind have very bad effects on people who use while are safe and not psychotic. According to a report of an informed source; prison officials during last days have increased pressures on Ayatollah Boroujerdi to force him to have an interview against himself in newspapers and governmental media, in other word confirms Velayat-faqih and also leaves his last demands containing the opposition to governmental system, and also announces his repentance on his behavior.
Calling him repeatedly with no reason from prison to the court and intensification of bad circumstances of prison despite he is suffering from different diseases ,have intensified his disease, As yet, SCC has opposed to Ayatollah Boroujerdi's iterated demands containing seek treatment.

Asking all Human Rights societies and organizations in all over The world for immediate help

With the best regards
According to the news about Ayatollah seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, the protested and opposed to velayat-faqih clergyman,that has been released during last days on different sites such as the site of Human Rights activists in Iran; he has been transferred from prison to the special court of clergy without informing and has faced to some regime officials that called themselves physician . these people called him mad because of expression of his opinions such as:rejection sentences like execution, flogging, stoning and amputation,protest on violation of freedom of opinion and press and also opposition to faked Velayat-faqih and belief in separation of religion from politic .they have also evidenced in court judge present that he doesn't have mental health, that it shows another kind of common injustice of judicial system of Iran. It's unjust that an accused attends in a court lonely, even without attendance of his counsel briefed by the court, While according to a report on site of Human Rights activists in Iran ; Dr. Hesam Firouzi, the physician of some political prisoners, has announced that Ayatollah boroujerdi's state is critical and has asked Ayatollah Shahroudi ,the chief of Iran judicial , to permit him to have seek treatment and medical cares out of prison immediately .Also ,during above-mentioned court session ,he(Ayatollah) has been forced to interview with some governmental newspapers and express repentance on his last activities and on belief of separation of religion from politic, and ask the court and governmental authorities to excuse him ,other wise they will kill him and his followers.
As you know, recently we were witness of different of machinations of Iran regime with the aim of killing Ayatollah Boroujerdi(like releasing the rumor of his escaping from prison that was produced by authorities and was immediately rejected by the general director of prisons because of the lake of cooperation with themselves)and although he is suffering from different diseases such as asthma , heart and renal problems ,Parkinson's disease ,high blood pressure and … but he is forced to do hard labours in prison as torture.
Noting to the above-mentioned affairs, we believe that people who are inattentive on widespread violation of the right of one human don't have permission to call themselves defender of Human Rights. now Ayatollah Boroujerdi's file is exposed to danger because of his opinions ,so we ask all Human Rights organizations, institutes and activists in all over the world to consider this affair seriously and immediately and provide proper situations for his seek treatment and send an extraordinary representative of Human Rights assembly of the united nations to meet him ,before an unpleasant happening will be happened for him by the authorities and defenders of Velayat-faqih as the most important violators of Human Rights in Iran.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers in Iran and Europe – Sep 2008

Medical report on the most critical state of Ayatollah Boroujerdi

Human Rights activists in Iran
Dear Shahroudi
Honorable chief of judiciary
I have the honor to inform you that I am Dr.Hesam Firouzi, the doctor of some political prisoners, as yet I have sent to you different reports on medical state of some prisoners, now noting to the critical physical situation of Mr. Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi and the diseases that threat his life,I ask you to order to transfer him out of prison in order to treatment and having more cares in equipped hospitals.
I have written some problems of him as a medical report for you:
It's two years that Mr.Boroujerdi is jailed in Evin prison and around ten years he is suffering from asthma which has recently become so critical and intolerable also he is suffering from chest pain because of heart diseases that is such a dangerous alarm shows the obstruction of heart vessels and is counted among medical emergencies so that threats his life.
Also he is suffering from renal calculus that these critical renal pains increase the risk of heart failure much more.
Visional problems because of Cataract have led to lose 80 percent of his vision.
His severe physical weak has led to lose his balance repeatedly; also his hand shaking can be because of physical or psychological weak.
It's necessary to say that severe lose weight over than 40kg shows his critical state.
Bone pains and backaches increase his pains and such these pains need serious medical cares.
Dear Shahroudi
I as an independent and apolitical physician that don't have any aims except save humans life and reducing their grief and painfulness, ask you to issue a permission containing his treatment out of prison
Finally I think it's necessary to say to you:
Mr.Boroujerdi has severely become dispirited and has physical and psychological problems because of prison and these matters cause to he doesn't trust on any physicians inside of prison and doesn't cooperate with them.
Thank you
Dr.Hesam Firouzi . ( 31 August 2008 )

Concerns about state of Ayatollah Boroujerdi And his followers

Human Rights activists in Iran

Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, dissident and opposed to Velayat-faqih clergyman, who is opposed to intervention of religion in politic and is the inside of separation of religion from government and return to traditional religion has publicly expressed his demand .
Conflict of security system with above-named and his followers at last after an uproarious process during last years led to siege of his house in Tehran in Mehr,15, 1385(Oct,7,2006) in order to detain him.
This siege in attendance of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers who were there to protect and support their religious leader caused to a contact between security forces and Ayatollah's followers. Finally on Sunday midnight in Mehr,16, 85(8,Oct,2006) security forces succeeded to detained Mr.Boroujerdi and more than 700 number of his followers.
Military and paramilitary forces severely hurt prisoners in the time of detention and after that by beating them. More than 30 accused were transferred to 209 section of Evin and others were transferred to 240 section and the main prison.
The SCC that is civil responsible for consideration on above-mentioned file, provide the situation for hundreds of prisoners who women consist most of them, be temporary released, by issuing an order containing releasing the prisoners under security.and transferred people to 209 section of Evin such as Ayatollah Boroujerdi were tortured and ill-treated and prisoners were temporary released by security after a few months but Mr. Boroujerdi.
It's necessary to say that some of prisoners spent short times in medical center after releasing because of hurt.
Finally ,an unpublicized court was held in Khordad 1386 to investigate charges of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and other 11 accused of file (2nd -12th ).
Mr. Boroujerdi who was suffering from diseases and physically weak, was denied permission to have a lawyer because of the special situation of court and holding session in SCC.
When session was finished, the accused were orally sentenced to death that led to several protests but the final sentences were announced for accused:
Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi was sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for one year and 10 years in exile in Yazd prison and commandeer all of his properties and leave the court uniform and prestige ,
Masoud Samavatiyan:imprisonment and exile in Khorramabad prison for 5 years,Alireza Montazer-Saheb :imprisonment and exile to Kermanshah prison for 4 years, Ali Shahrabi-farhani:imprisonment and exile in Ghazvin prison for 4 years ,Habib Qovati : imprisonment and exile to Hamadan prison for 4years, Ahmad Karimiyn :imprisonment and exile for 4years, Majid Alasti : imprisonment and exile to Zanjan prison for 4 years , Mehrdad Souri :imprisonment for 2years, Mohammadreza Sadeghi :imprisonment for 2 years, Hasan harischiyan:imprisonment for 2 years,Ali Arbabi:imprisonment for 2 years.
Of course, above-named are the certain accused and hundreds of accused are waiting for the final vote of court about themselves.
All the above issued sentences had been stopped by effort of public opinion and Human Rights organizations, except for Mr.Boroujerdi.
What has concerned us as a group of Human Rights defenders is thay:
A) The physical state of Ayatollah Boroujerdi
According to the received reports Mr.Boroujerdi who is by now in the 500 section of Evin, is suffering from different kind of diseases like: heart failure, Parkinson's disease, kidney and lung problems.
He has been denied permission to have medical care despite of his critical situation. The most of his problems is the result of bad situation of prison and ill-treatment about him.
Lack of medical consideration on above-named may be causes his death. According to the Human Rights activists reports that received by relatives of above-named: releasing unreal matters by governmental news agencies and holding some sessions in attendance of security officials during last days as civil sessions that none of them and none of decisions have been said to lawyer, Ayatollah boroujerdi or even his relatives, have increased the concern of Human Rights activists in respect of security system decision on Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his followers.
B) Sentence execution for Ayatollah boroujerdi's followers
During this month 7numbers of main accused of Mr.boroujerdi's file were separately called to SCC, then were detained and transferred to prison for execution of sentence.
According to received reports the process of detention will be continued until covered other are waiting for final decision.
It's necessary to say that:
The court is calling accused separately and in certain times in order to prevent from exciting the public opinion and Human Rights activists on above-mentioned process.
Our demand:
Article eighteen of universal declaration on Human Rights explicitly expresses" Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.
Human Rights activists in Iran express" the conflict to this dissident clergyman and his followers because of their opinion that is different with government ideology is kind of explicit rejection of international obligatory treaty.
So, Human Rights activists in addiction to reject the conflict to these dissidents, express their deep concerns about Ayatollah Boroujerdi's state in prison who is denied permission to enjoy medical cares and ask judicial officials for providing the enough medical services for this conscience prisoner, also ask all believers in Humanities principle for attention to critical situation of this dissident clergyman.
Also we appeal Human Rights activists and media to attend and conflict to unpublicized process of arrest and detention of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers who are on the charge of having opinion different with opposition to freedom of opinion and speech
The secretariat of human Rights activists in Iran Tehran,

Mordad,30, 1387equel August,20, 2008

October 02, 2008

The complaint of prisoner leader

Salutation to great and honorable nations of the world, greeting to peaceful sirs and chiefs who ask for justice.
In despite of false extensive advertising of Iran government , the people of this part of the world are in financial and credit pressures although Iran is the owner of the biggest natural sources and has the most oil income, but its people are the most miserable and poor nation in this age. Today; depression, want, shelter less , distress and prostration are the problems of poor Iranians ,that it is 30 years these problems are administrated by the name of religious government.
In this country, despite of the slogan of its government, there is no independence, no individual freedoms, republicanism can't be found and no religion and no spirituality have remained. the government has tortured and oppressed to the society so much that spiritual bigotry and divinity zeal have been disappeared and violated .suffocation, terror, torture, kidnapping, confiscating, discrimination by the name of religion have caused that people be disappointed from God invitation and the people who 30 years ago fulfilled religious commitments, now have become indifferent and unconcerned in respect of theism affairs.
So, via this open rostrum, I express the complaint of the oppressed people who are deprived from their rights, to you , the honorable authorities of countries in the world,
Human Rights defenders, help us
President of Russia, how do you support religious government of Iran while its authorities oppress and kill these poor and innocent people?
It is obvious for every one that extensive Russia and china supports on Iran have caused to increase interior dictatorship of Iran.
President of china, you must reply to contemporary history because of these assistances and taking these unjust positions that lead to increase rudeness of Islamic regime of Iran and its pressures on poor people.
Sirs, who attend in meeting of irresponsible officials in Tehran, do you know that you hold the anti-human laws of Iran government in respect with your action and make them bolder to annihilate the people of this country?
Chief of security assembly of United Nations, help us for human conscience, I ask you from an appalling prison, what's the crime of the nation that doesn't want to accept a murderous and manslayer religion?
As a religious prisoner leader who has been under tortured chains of unreligious government of Iran for along time, I ask all liberals in all over the world to send representatives till be informed from interior affairs of Iran society.
Human Rights defenders, I sweat by your nature that we are human but we are behaved even downer than animal.
Missionaries in the world, here, God is being defamed by distorting the monotheism
Great Pope, help us to guard divining credits and spiritual sacred
Scientists of Jews, reflex our complaint because we are sharing in worship of God with all of religions
Religious centers of Islam , authorities of Alazhar society , authorities of Darolfatva( a place where religious statements are issued )of Saudi Arabia , lets help Islam because political Islam has annihilated the fact of Quran and its prophet .
Governments, who are in side of religious regime of Iran, be informed that all of you are sharing in massacre of our poor people. I have expressed ultimatum while I'm sick and near to death.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 25 sep 2008