December 29, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s life is in danger, help him out please

On Monday Dec 21, at 6Am, Mr. Boroujerdi lost his balance coming down his bed, fell down the ground and his hand and foot hurt as his foot has swollen and become black.

It is about 40 months that Mr. Boroujerdi has been kept in an intolerable and inhuman situation and now he is suffering from various diseases and chronic pain in his foot because of that, in spite of this the prison authorities have made him use the upper floor of bed. They have explicitly said in reply to his protests that the reason of such these decisions is putting him in much more pressures!

It is necessary to say that his acts and relationships with other prisoners and also the phone conversations of this political and ideological prisoner in Special section for clergy in Evin prison are under constant control.

December 20, 2009

Union of Persian Students and Human Rights Activists in Exile

In the name of freedom

To: Human Rights Watch
Subject: the grave condition of prisoner of conscience in Iran, Mr. Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

Honourable authorities of Human Rights Watch

We would like to inform you that Mr. Boroujerdi has been detained since Oct 8, 2006 for more than three years. He is suffering from heart, eye, tooth, respiratory, bone, kidney problems and Parkinson’s disease. These diseases that are because of deprival of access to necessary medical facilities and unsuitable condition of health and food in prison, have caused his weakness and losing weight as he has not balance in standing and walking. He has recently fallen down and hurt several times, for example on Oct 10, Oct 12, Nov 17 and was in coma for minutes.

December 17, 2009

The important statement of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Each day in solitary confinement must be counted equal to 10 days in general section at least

Mr. Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic, has announced in reply to the chairmen of his office about some judicial matters, that trial judges must pay special and more attention to solitary confinement and they must count each day in solitary confinement as 10 days in general section at least.

December 14, 2009

Attempt up on Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s life in Evin prison

On Dec 13, 2009, at 3 PM when Mr. Boroujerdi went to the telephone cabin in the yard of the prison to phone his family, suddenly a big cement block of the high wall of the region fell down and shattered beside his feet. This event was so unusual and strange that all prisoners in special section for clergy came out and gathered in the region and even the prison authorities came out in surprise. In reply to the prisoners’ protest, the authorities only sufficed to call that as an unexpected event.

December 10, 2009

Dec 10, 2009 is maybe a prologue to save Human Rights!

Human Rights world anniversary is a pretext for hearing and saying about an ideal world and a clear future!
And I wish it would be a pretext for thinking of human’s world a little. There is no doubt that the world around us is full of violence and cruelty, but what should we do? This is the question that each aware mind and each pure conscience should answer.

December 08, 2009

The critical condition of Ayatollah Boroujerdi in prison

Dec 8,2009
According to the news received, Mr. Boroujerdi is spending very difficult condition in a very small cell with dimensions 1x2 in the special section for clergy in Evin prison. Although the condemnation period of this prisoner hostage has recently come to end, but he has neither been released nor permitted to have sick leave.
It is necessary to say; the section mentioned is composed of tens of small, dark and damp cells under the ground that each cell is counted as a solitary confinement and only one person must be detained in, but because of the increase in prisoners’ number, there are two or three people in each one!
Moreover there is only one telephone in the small yard of this section as the prisoners have to use it only in some defined and limited hours in the too cool weather of Evin to make call with their concerned family.

November 30, 2009

Based on the statement of the leader of Iran’s revolution, Mr. Boroujedi’s condemnation period has ended

Based on extant documents such as the news published in newspaper “Yas-e-No” on Dec 3, 2003;

the present leader of Iran government who had been detained in solitary confinement for a few days before the revolution and had described that situation as follows: “those days were my worst days in prison”, said an important word in reply to a question on this matter: “one day in solitary confinement must be counted as 10 days in general sections.” So, according to this definite statement of Mr. Khamenei; Mr. Boroujerdi’s condemnation (11 years imprisonment), came to end on Nov 21, 2009. Therefore the continuance of Mr. Boroujerdi’s detention, notwithstanding his grave physical condition, is contrary to the view of the highest rank of Iran and this political and ideological prisoner must be released immediately.

November 26, 2009

Legal expert of VOA:Mr. Boroujerdi is counted as a hostage of Iran regime now, because his condemnation has finished

News talk program in VOA (Voice of America), Monday November 23, 2009:
Mrs. Elaheh Hix (international Human Rights activist and expert in Human Rights matters in New York) in reply to a question about "the reason of not releasing Ayatollah Boroujerdi in spite of finishing his condemnation" said: “This matter that Iran’s procedural law and regulations are not enforced by high ranked authorities of Iran and a prisoner is kept in prison without presentation of charge reason is routine and not unusual. This is against the procedural law that a prisoner be kept in prison more than the time of his condemnation. This action is real hostage taking of political activists, opponents, and critics of Iran’s authorities that are living as hostage in country or prisons.

November 25, 2009

The end of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's condemnation period (imprisonment for 11 years)

Mr. Boroujerdi has spent more than 820 days in general sections and 320 days in solitary confinements of Evin prison and Yazd central prison since Oct 8, 2006 until Nov 2009. As one day in solitary confinement is equal to 10 days in general section, this clergy who is opposite to religious government, has totally spent 4020 days in prison that is equal to 11 years imprisonment.
Therefore his period of condemnation has finished now and Iran judicial system must release this political and ideological immediately.

November 19, 2009

A report on the latest condition of Mr. Boroujerdi in Special section for clergy in Evin prison

According to the statement of eyewitnesses, Mr. Boroujerdi lost his physical balance once again and fell down seriously on Nov 17, when he was going down the stairs. He was in coma for some second because of that. Moreover he has fallen down several times because of sudden vertigo and hurt during last two months for example on Oct 10, Oct 12.

Other cases:
- Mr. Boroujerdi is spending difficult days in one of the cells of Special section for clergy in Evin prison.
- There are a lot of problems in the thermal system of special section for clergy as this matter has intensified the pressures on prisoners in that cold weather of the north of Tehran, but relevant authorities have announced the shortage of fuel as the reason of such this condition in reply to the following up of the prisoners.
- Spreading contagious diseases and the lack of drug and specialists is another danger that threatens the prisoners.
- Increase in the number of detainees after presidential election has made most of sections of Evin such as special section for clergy crowded and this matter has intensified Mr. Boroujerdi’s respiratory problem and also made some restrictions in his phone communications too.
- Distributing food with so low quality even expired one among the prisoners has brought a really difficult condition for them.
- According to the report of the most experts and former prisoners; keeping prisoners in very bad condition and depriving them of medical services is used as a means for torturing and putting them under pressure as some of prisoners in Iran have died due to these tortures.

November 11, 2009

global warming

An answer to the invitation of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon the UN General Secretary, under the name “interference of the world’s religious leaders in solving the global warming crisis”
A selection of two messages of Ayatollah Boroujerdi in the years 2005-2006 A.D:
In this sensitive and important era that human’s world has been full of unknown and incurable diseases and has confronted with nature’s disfavour and anger and has been affected by disasters whip, let’s think of a remedy and ask the only omnipotent who runs the cosmos excellently to forgive our sins, let’s satisfy great Lord by having mercy on our subordinates and helping poor and miserable people in order to these difficult days be finished as soon as possible and mankind achieve peace and calm.
Let’s call our kind creature our friend and prevent from future threats, by real and practical thanking.
Hasn’t the hole in Ozone layer increased the statistics of skin cancer enormously?
Hasn’t the global warming disturbed the order of the North and the South Pole and made waters over flowing as many coasts are under the water?
Haven’t wars and adventurisms killed the international peace and security?
Hasn’t terror, violence and suicide exposed the life of blameless and innocent people to annihilation?
Hasn’t the deficiency of the plans and solutions of international intelligentsia about removing security, human and natural dangers and their failure in establishing international peace been proved and cleared?
Aren’t all these matters the result of human’s rebel against that Lord who has ordered to justice and recommended quality and acting according to conscience?
O’you who have clear thoughts, aware conscience and pure soul; shouldn’t you think about these worries?
O’you, the owners of church, please put the eternal love for God in people’s heart. O’clergies, please be away from government and politics, speak about the greatness, mercy and forgiveness of God and act to what you say in order to people become much nearer and closer to him.
O’ governors; government is not the end of progress, but is the outset of an endless way that helping all people is its long stairs.
In such this situation every principle and every school gives glad tidings and every leader presents a resolution, but unfortunately days and nights are spending in worry and regret, time is wasting and the rays of hope are extinguished.
O’you who are concern about this situation; O’ you, the great men of nations;
Isn’t it the time to resort and entreat to God?
Promoter of the culture of God’s messengers, Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

October 25, 2009

The following presents a request of Ayatollah Seyed Hussein Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s followers to President Barack Hussein Obama, the winner of the 2009

Dear President Obama,
We congratulate you for winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
Being the leader of a powerful country whose principles rest on Democracy, you do not necessitate such credits in order to advance your goals of peace. Perhaps the advancement of peace in the world would have been expedited if such a prize was given to a person fighting for the establishment of peace and freedom within a dictatorship. In this respect, we would like to inform you of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, a fellow candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, who for many years has worked extensively in Iran towards separation of religion from state along the establishment of an open referendum under the supervision of the international community. As a liberal leader Ayatollah Boroujerdi believes in the following principles:

1. The establishment of worldwide peace is not possible without local reforms.
2. The interference of religion in the state represents a danger for the maintenance of international peace.

As Ayatollah Boroujerdi's efforts in defending the poor received widespread public attention, Iran’s regime became alarmed and frightened. As a consequence, in October 2006 he and hundreds of his followers were arrested via a violent attack by the government.
For more than three years he has endured various physical, mental and drug induced methods of torture in different sections of prisons. He currently suffers from dangerous diseases.

By publishing different statements, high rank organizations defending Human Rights in the world have asked Iran’s regime to release Ayatollah Boroujerdi and to provide him with urgent and suitable medical care. They have also asked to establish an open trial, have access to all documents, and visit independent lawyers and representatives of the media, but unfortunately nothing has been done yet.

Mr. President, Iran’s regime continues to suppress not only Ayatollah Boroujerdi for his opposition to the Velayate-Faqih, but also other outstanding and liberal advocates and regular people protesting. Documents substantiate that this regime cannot be taken as a real representative for the majority of the Iranian people. We thus kindly request that you reconsider and revise your stance with respect to the nuclear issue, and ask that as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize you consider Human Rights in Iran your first priority until human rights violations are solved in their totality.

In this regards, there are various petitions such as the following that approximately five hundred thousands people have signed, asking you and other high ranking authorities for your help with such matters.

Lastly, from prison Mr. Boroujerdi has sent you his congratulations for being elected president of the United States of America, as can be seen on the following website:

October 12, 2009

The physical condition of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi is deteriorating in Evin prison day to day

The condition of the famous ideological prisoner, Seyyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, in general section for clergies in Evin prison has been reported very grave and critical.
According to the statements of eyewitnesses; on Monday Oct 12, 2009 Mr. Boroujerdi fell down again because of lose of his balance and he was in coma for some minutes, it is necessary to say that he has fallen down several times during last week too. He is suffering from various diseases right now and there is fear of his affecting with brain tumor or stroke because of appearing some new symptoms such as continuous vertigoes and the lack of physical balance. By all unfortunately no measure has been taken to hospitalize and access to necessary medical examinations for him yet.
We would like hereby to ask Human Rights Watch of the UN, all Human Rights Defender organizations and international personalities too to intervene to release Mr. Boroujerdi and prevent from killing this well-known opponent of political religion in prison immediately and before that the opportunities be lost.

The relevant news on:
Mr. Boroujerdi hurt in prison again

October 10, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi hurt in prison again

This morning, Saturday Oct 10, Mr. Boroujerdi fell down for the second time because of intensifying the gravity of his physical condition and lost of balance. According to eye-witnesses his nose hurt seriously.
This clergy, who is critic of Velayat-e-Faghih, must immediately be treated because of heart, kidney, serious respiration problems, Parkinson’s disease, poor vision, spinal injury and severe bone and joint pains, but unfortunately the prison authorities have refused to give necessary medical facilities to this ideological prisoner as yet.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists in Iran, Mr. Boroujerdi lost his consciences last Saturday too because of an uncommon and sudden vertigo which hurt in his head and right hand.
It is necessary to say that Mr. Boroujerdi, who asks for separation of religion from government, was one of the candidates for Noble peace prize 2009 that was given to the president of the Unites States, Barak Obama, last few days.

Ruminating Mr. Boroujerdi’s thoughts in Tafsir-e-khabar (news interpretation) program on the satellite channel VOA - Oct 8, 2009

In this program, Mr. Chalangi, the presenter of the program said: Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a Shiite cleric who is spending third year of his jail in prison; why? This cleric expressed his opinion in a message that his believes in separation of religion from government; and he was detained and imprisoned because of this. He is being detained in prison as yet after three years.
Listen to a part of his words in his arrest day please,

Mr. Boroujerdi: this nation is poor and has problem, I gather the people are involved and have problem. I sooth and help them because of love to my homeland. If you are Iranian, if you are Muslim, why do you hit us instead of rewarding?! Don’t you say “we are here to protect Islam and Iran? You want protect by killing the youth of country and Islam?
O’ my lord; I swear you on your truth and holiness please save Iran and Iranians from oppression, crime, terror and tyranny. O’ God; grant Iran and Iranians freedom, independence, wealth and health please.

Ms Parisa Bahrololumi, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers had a phone communication in the continuation of the program as follow:

Mr.Chalangi: Ms Parisa Bahrololumi, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers is with us on phone line. Hello to you from Tehran.
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: hello to you Mr.Chalangi and to your guests too.

Mr.Chalangi: Ms Bahrololumi; please tell me and our viewers briefly, what’s Mr. Boroujerdi’s say? What’s his main word and why is it interesting for you as an Iranian youth as caused you support him?
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: he asks for separation of religion from politics, an open referendum under international control and peace between the followers of all religions in all over the world. He condemns all rough sentences like: death, stoning and flogging. So it is about 8 months that a petition with about 5hundred thousand signatures has been provided to present this prisoner clergy to the Committee for Noble Peace Prize 2009 in order to fulfill the effective efforts of Mr. Boroujerdi for his philanthropic ideals. We ask for absolute immunity for this liberal man. As an Iranian youth who live in Iran, I support him because he says: pray God in the way you like, be just and observe justice.

Mr. Chalangi: is this the more interesting and attractive point he says? And as a youth do you support him?
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: yes

Mr. Chalangi: thank you Ms Parisa Bahrololumi,

Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: Mr. Chalangi; although his physical condition is so critical and he has been transferred from Yazd prison to Evin prison for about one month, but no measures has been taken yet to treat or hospitalize him even he has been deprived of access to drug. In addition a few days ago he fell down for vertigo and his brain, head and right part of his body hurt seriously, we are so worry about his health.

Mr.Chalangi: does he have access to lawyer?
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: no, he has no permit to have an independent lawyer. The Special Court for Clergy has said his lawyer must be a clergy therefore they had taken a counsel briefed by the court, his name is Mr. Barzegar. Also he has a lawyer called Ms Giti Pourfazel who has chosen by his family. She has referred to Special Court for clergy many times, but she has been given no answer so she couldn’t do any thing.

Mr. Chalangi: thank you Ms Parisa Bahrololumi from Tehran. Thank you very much.
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: your welcome and thanks for your time.

In continue, Mr. Chalangi ask Mr.Haghighi the guest and political analyzer of the program, as follow:
Mr. Haghighi; a Shiite cleric asks for separation of religion from government, but you see his destiny and condition as Ms Bahrololumi explained. What solution do you propose for coming out of that condition you name it crisis and also Mr. Rafsanjani too?
Mr.Haghighi (political analyzer): Mr.Kazemeini Boroujerdi who I talked about him last programs, had some indexes in his social movement anyway and he showed that as yet religion is the most powerful motive for social movements in Iran or for those women protected Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi and didn’t let him be arrested during those 15 days. It is one of the rare phenomena in political history of Iran and in my opinion it showed his influence on his followers.

October 07, 2009

Renewed request for awarding Nobel peace prize to Mr. Boroujerdi

At the fourth anniversary of Mr.Boroujeri’s detention on 8 October At the fourth anniversary of Mr.Boroujeri’s detention on 8 October 2006, his supporters sent an open letter entitled “Awarding the Noble Peace Prize for 2009” to the office of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. A petition for the release of Mr. Boroujerdi has received more than four hundred and seventy thousands signatures in the last 8 months and represents an important document.
This petition entitled “Support Boroujerdi” marks one of the few top petitions with its number of signers on the
In this petition, all high rank authorities, governments, parliaments and organizations, active in Peace, Democracy and Human rights worldwide, specially the Nobel Peace Foundation have been asked to support Mr. Boroujerdi, a leader who advocates the separation of religion from Iran’s state.

The content of the petition is as follows:
We, the signers of this petition, know Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, the Iranian liberal leader, who has suffered different kinds of torture, attacks, and slandering. He deserves immunity and the support of the international community for his efforts towards the realization of humanitarian ideals:
1) Separation of religion from the state and the rejection of political leadership at the hands of the clergy (Velayat-e Faqih).
2) The establishment of complete Democracy (freedom of religion, beliefs, press, speech and removal of gender and racial discrimination).
3) The practice of unity and friendship among the followers of different religions and the establishment of peace in the Middle East.
4) Removal of torture and rough penal punishments such as execution, stoning, whipping and imprisonment.
5) The establishment of a free referendum under international supervision.
Also there is another petition entitled “Free Ayatollah Boroujerdi” with more than four hundred and fifty thousands signatures.

October 06, 2009

Gravity of Mr. Boroujerdi’s physical condition

Saturday Oct 3rd Mr. Boroujerdi who is detained in general section for clergy in Evin prison and is suffering from various diseases, was affected by a sudden vertigo because of unknown reasons and fell down and his head and right hand hurt seriously as a result of this event.
Mr. Boroujerdi is so vulnerable because of many years detention in solitary confinement and general sections in different prisons of Iran and now he is suffering from heart, eye, tooth, kidney, bone and respiration problems and Parkinson’s disease too.
It is necessary to say that Mr. Boroujerdi was transferred from solitary confinement in Yazd central prison to Evin prison on Aug 19th because of the gravity of his physical and psychological condition, but he wasn’t not only hospitalized but was refused access to the heart drugs were prescribed before.
In the case of not hospitalizing Mr. Boroujerdi in a good and appropriate hospital and not access to appropriate medical care and facilities, the responsible for all probable events is the authorities of special Court for clergy and of Evin prison.

October 05, 2009

Attack on Ayatollah Boroujerdi for advocating Secularism and Separation of Religion from State

On the wake of the third anniversary of the violent attacks and the unlawful detention of Mr. Boroujerdi, along with hundreds of his followers, Iran’s state-run Media started new efforts in assassinating Mr. Boroujerdi’s scholarly and humanitarian characters. For instance, on October 1st the Keyhan Newspaper published its unfounded criticism of Mr. Boroujerdi’s widespread activities for the establishment of secularism and the separation of religion from Iran’s state.
Despite the support and backing of well-know and highly respected individuals and organizations, such attacks have taken place against Mr. Boroujerdi, a liberal, opposed to dictatorship. Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujedi had even been invited to make a presentation at the 5th annual conference on Peace and Religion, held on March 27th, 2009 at Kennesaw State University.
Mr. Boroujerdi’s invitation letter was sent to his lawyers by Professor Susan S. Raines, Chair of the Peace Conference Committee.

(To see the invitation letter, please click here)

His lecture notes investigated methods for Democratization and Secularization in Iran. The executive committee that introduced Mr. Boroujerdi on the basis of the statements made by Amnesty International wrote: Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, a 50-year-old Shiite’s cleric, is currently imprisoned in Evin Prison in Tehran for his peaceful religious opinions. Amnesty International considers him to be a prisoner of conscience. The committee also mentioned efforts taken for his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

(To visit, please click here)

However, even though the abstract of his lecture, entitled “Secularism,” was sent to the conference, as a result of Mr. Boroujerdi’s imprisonment, he was unfortunately not allowed to participate in the conference.
In this paper, Mr. Boroujerdi claims that turning to secularism is Iran's only salvation for physical and spiritual regression. He writes: “At present, the time of accepting rudeness under the name of "Qur’an’s verses" has come to an end. People are tired of unjustified and illogical does and don'ts.”

(To see the complete text, please click here)

October 03, 2009

Human Rights and Freedom go hand in hand for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Nazanin Afshin-Jam

On Sunday September 27th 2009, I had the opportunity to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Summit put on by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. I spoke to him about the plight of the Iranian people suffering grave human rights abuses under the stranglehold of the current regime and the urgency for the international community to take action, especially in light of the violence, deaths, detainments, disappearances and systematic rape since the fraudulent presidential elections in June.

I asked His Holiness if he would stand in solidarity with the Iranian people by holding a sign that says “Freedom for Iran” and “Human Rights for Iran”. When the Dalai Lama agreed without hesitation, I hugged and thanked him. I was so elated because I knew what an important symbol it would be for the people inside Iran. I want the Iranian people to know that they have not been forgotten and that the international community stands beside them.

The Dalai Lama had said over a decade ago when he received the Nobel Peace Prize:
“Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free”.
May Iranians live in peace at last!

September 19, 2009

The happy message of Ayatollah Boroujerdi followers on the occasion of Jewish New year

The commencement of Jews’ religious festivals, Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (atonement), is a pretext for the world’s monotheists to sanctify the unique Lord along with the followers of Judaism.

As the nations and people in all over the world are all the slaves of the great God, revering and honoring the festivals of other religions causes honoring the one God and will bring peace and brotherhood for mankind.

In these important moments of history, the proximity of Ramadan to the commencement of Jewish New Year is an opportunity to intensify the similarities between Abraham religions means Muslims and Jews.

The pacifist prisoner Mr. Boroujerdi believes that human has naturally been created Godship, has tendency to Him and all varieties and differences between the sort of worshiping are all because of gradual perfection of this access way. Human’s viewpoint on others will be more respectfully and noble by nearing to God.

There is the hope that the commencement of this New Year be the commencement of a year with success and removal of every kind of restrictions and pressures on the God-seeking way of the world’s Jews.

With the wish of a world without violence and of intensification of understanding and friendship between all followers of God’s religion

The followers of the liberal prisoner clergy, Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

September 10, 2009

The third anniversary of the savage attack of the regime claims to religion, to Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s house in the middle of Ramadan 142 (lunar year)

That day in the morning the security forces and governmental people (not in uniform) attacked to the residence of this religious leader savagely and by using all kinds of weapons, firearms and chemical gas and beat those Moslem people who were fasting and gathered there to prevent from arresting this liberal clergy. Until the sunrise in the middle of Ramadan tens of people were hit by bullet and transferred to the hospitals where were controlled by the Ministry of Information. More than 450 people were seriously injured during this savage attack and were taken to Evin prison. It is necessary to say that all family members of Mr. Boroujerdi such as his 6-month-old grandchild and his old mother were among the detainees.
At the present Mr. Boroujerdi who has unfrocked himself in the protest against illegitimation of this anti-religion regime, is asking for holding an open referendum and establishing a democratic and secular regime in Iran.
Also he believes in freedom of opinion and religion. Although Mr. Boroujerdi is suffering from lung, kidney and heart problems, but at the moment he is being detained in a very bad and critical condition without access to the least medical facilities.

August 21, 2009

Suspicious transfer of Ayatollah Boroujerdi to Evin Prison

On August 19, 2009, Mr. Boroujerdi was suddenly transferred from Yazd central prison to Evin prison in Tehran after spending 9 months of his 10 years jailing sentence in exile. according to eyewitnesses, this transferring was done under high and severe security considerations and controls.

This dissident clergy who has been detained in prison for three years is suffering from various physical and mental diseases. informed sources say that high pollution of drinking water in Yazd prison, his kidney and heart diseases and the lack of necessary care and medical equipments in addition to continued following up of his family can be the probable reasons of this transferring.

It is necessary to say that since 5th of May, 2009, after publishing the open letter of this ideological cleric to the UN Secretary-General containing calling present Iranian regime illegal and requesting international help to have an open referendum, he was transferred to solitary confinement in Yazd prison under different physical and psychological tortures. He has been on hunger strike for about one month to show his protest against this condition and he was hospitalized in the public health of prison, several times.

August 18, 2009

On the occasion of 27th of Mordad( 17 Aug ) The Seventh martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Ali Kazemeini Boroujerdi

The murder of religious leader who was opposed to the thesis "our religion is that very our politics" in seven years ago, was an alarm for history that said tyranny has reached its peak and if it be removed, it would not lead to the problems and suffocation following the election, and today, the critical events will inflict oppressed nation if Islamic dictatorship not removed. Killing a religious leader was opposed to the Government claims to Republicanism and Islam, is a slur stay in Iran’s calendar that, will be removed with no excuse and delusion to reveal the inhuman nature of the ruling system comprehensively and completely.

August 02, 2009

A short Biography of Ayatollah Boroujerdi at the beginning of 52th years of his life, 1 August 2009

1- Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s birth day: 10th of Mordad 1337 in solar year, Moharram 1378 in lunar year, August 1958 A.D.

2- In 1979: the beginning of his religious activities and services after becoming a clergy man.

3- Since 1995, he has had several times detention, imprisonment, has been under continued and different kind of tortures and threatens, and character assassination.

4- Since 8 October 2006, has been detained in an inhuman condition, with out access to leave and diprived of all his human and legal rights for about two years and 10 months in another world 34 months, more than 147 weeks and 1030 days.

5- About 300 days in solitary confinement, which is equivalent to 3000 days imprisonment (that according to the law, every day in solitary confinement is equivalent to 10 days) and totally it includes more than 3700 days(one fifth) of his 18628-day-life.

6- The results of this dictatorship criminals on his health in comparison with three years ago:

I) His cornea has been destroyed because of being pounded with fists when he was in solitary confinement in section 209 of Evin Prison and not access to medical cares and treatments.
II) Losing his memory and appearing the brain tumor symptoms.
III) heart problems as there is no harmony in his heart with his respiratory system especially at the time of sleeping, physical movements, stress, and etc. Other diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Diabetes, high blood pressure and mental diseases.

July 22, 2009

80 days detention of Ayatollah Boroujerdi in solitary confinement

Human Rights Activists in Iran
It is about 80 days that Mr. Boroujerdi has been detained in solitary confinement in Yazd central prison under different kind of pressures and restrictions.
This ideological prisoner was transferred to the solitary confinement on April 30 and following his letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on April 27 that called Iran government illegal during it and asked for a referendum regarding this matter.
he has had at least a one-month-period hunger strike and was hospitalized in the clinic of this prison for a short time, during these 80 days.
This dissident clergy has asked for visiting the representatives of Human Rights organizations, international lawyers and independent media for several times, but not only no result has been seen as yet , but he is still deprived of visiting his family too.

June 30, 2009

The Tragic Story of Ayatollah Boroujerdi

Selected from the official publication of the Riverside County Bar Association
by D.W. Duke and Nazanin Afshin-Jam

It is unfortunate that the western world has such a negative image of people of the Muslim faith. To most Americans and Europeans, the notion of Islam embodies an extreme religion of violence and human rights abuses. Yet we hear it said that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Islamic extremists we see in Iran and other nations where shariah law is enforced do not represent the true Islamic faith. Many ask, “Where are these peaceful Muslim leaders?
Why do we never hear about them? Do they really exist?”
In fact, they do. One such Islamic leader is Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, who today is held captive in a prison in Yazd in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a Shi’a Muslim cleric who supports freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion in the Islamic Republic of Iran. He believes that the government should not be controlled by religion. Thus, he supports the separation of government from the dominance of Islam. Ayatollah Boroujerdi believes that the repressive government of Iran, which purports to exist under the rules of Islam, is not true Islam at all. According to Ayatollah Boroujerdi, true Islam is a religion of tolerance, mercy and compassion, which is the opposite of the religion of the government of Iran.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi is the son of Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Kazemeini Boroujerdi, who died under suspicious circumstances in an Iranian prison in 2002. His father was one of the leading religious leaders of Iran in the Pahlavi government and published over 30 books. He was widely respected in the western world, as well as in Iran, and he refused to support Ayatollah Khomeini’s efforts to establish the Islamic regime in 1979. As a result of his refusal of support, he was persecuted and imprisoned in an Iranian prison, where he eventually died.
The younger Ayatollah Boroujerdi became openly critical of human rights abuses of Iran in 1994. For over a decade, he spoke to his supporters about the need to peacefully promote their views, and he is opposed to violence in any form. On October 7, 2006, Ayatollah Boroujerdi was arrested, along with many of his supporters who had gathered at his home. Although no crime had been committed, witnesses say that they were incarcerated and subjected to torture in section 209 of Evin Prison.
The government of Iran has not provided any information concerning his prosecution and conviction. In a special clerical court, without representation by legal counsel, Ayatollah Boroujerdi was initially sentenced to death, but due to appeals and international pressure, the sentence was changed to 11 years of imprisonment, 10 of which are to be in exile in Yazd. Ayatollah Boroujerdi was then coerced, under threat of torture, to give a statement in which he confessed to acts he did not commit. This forced confession was televised nationally in Iran in an attempt to humiliate Ayatollah Boroujerdi and others who share his belief in the free exercise of religion and freedom of speech.
Since his incarceration in the Iranian prison, Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been brutally tortured, resulting in serious injury to his vital organs. He has been repeatedly refused medical treatment by his captors, and his family and supporters have also undergone torture. His wife has been brought into his prison cell and forcibly raped in his presence.
He and his family have been victims of incomprehensible cruelty at the hands of this tyrannical regime.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi has committed no crime. He is a peaceful man who does not advocate violence, nor does he threaten the government of Iran in any way, though he supports the separation of religion from government.
All he has done is to advocate for the inalienable right of the individual to hold personal religious beliefs and to exercise freedom of speech. For this, he has been subjected to imprisonment and torture under continuous threat of execution.
Article 56 of the United Nations Charter requires that all member nations pledge to “take joint and separate action in cooperation with the Organization [the UN] for the achievement of the purposes set forth in Article 55.”
Article 55 includes several paragraphs, most notably here, “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.”
Article 18, section 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that:
“1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall
include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.”
Article 19, sections 1 and 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that:
“1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.
2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to
seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.”
Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides in pertinent part: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been denied his rights under each of the above-referenced articles and sections of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. He has been arrested, held in confinement and tortured because of his beliefs and for expressing his views on political matters. On September 24, 2007, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke in the United States at Columbia University. In response to the introduction from Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, President Ahmadinejad said the following:
“I think the text read by the dear gentleman here, more than addressing me, was an insult to information and the knowledge of the audience here, present here. In a university environment we must allow people to speak their mind, to allow everyone to talk so that the truth is eventually revealed by all.”
“Certainly he took more than all the time I was allocated to speak, and that’s fine with me. We’ll just leave that to add up with the claims of respect for freedom and the freedom of speech that’s given to us in this country.”
In his words, which have been communicated to billions of people throughout the world, President Ahmadinejad expressed his belief in freedom of speech and the right of people to “speak their mind.” Yet within the nation of Iran, people are arrested and tortured for “speaking their mind.”
Now the world is watching to see if Iran will live up to the high standard set by these words of President Ahmadinejad. Will Iran release Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, who has done nothing more than exercise his right to “speak his mind,” as President Ahmadinejad said, so that “truth is eventually revealed by all”?
What can you do to help free Ayatollah Boroujerdi? If you would like to show your support of this victim of the Iranian terror machine, you may sign the petition at
The United Nations has been requested to investigate this case and to assure that Ayatollah Boroujerdi is provided needed medical attention. If we join efforts to support the release of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, the leaders of Iran will take note. While it may seem a futile effort, it is important to bear in mind that Iran seeks to become a member of the international community. The embarrassment brought about by these abuses when publicized will ultimately compel the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran to release this honorable man and his supporters.
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