March 15, 2009


Secularism represents an ideal ideology for relieving men of all spiritual doubts.
In their intellectual and natural development the point of view of those familiar with spirituality do not lend themselves to being disappointed with social turmoil nor give into religious uncertainty.
If we consider the disadvantages and damages inflicted by this non-Secular government, we realize that its effects are so negative, widely spread and profound, that they demolish every pride and honor of Islam's religious founders.
Orders issued by this non-Secular government restrict the movements of its society and create suspicion towards religion and its pivotal role.
Turning to Secularism is the only way to save Iran from a definite material and spiritual regression.
Damages brought on by eliminating different religions at the hands of the irreligious are so significant that they would adversely affect many generations yet to come, bringing back dangerous periods in history in where justice, peace and conscience were weaker than ever.
Without a doubt, Islamic decrees are subject to many limitations in need of constant modern interpretation, providing guidance to its followers with prudent, regional and emotional justifications, preventing attitudes of Islam from falling into inevitable contempt and revulsion.
Every government can present its people with discipline, wellbeing and security by applying social and civil rules and regulations. However, combining these rules with Islam's leads to discrepancies and inconsistencies.
The only way to rescue the people from dictatorship, misery and poverty is to incorporate people's wishes and requests democratically.
When establishing the laws of a country, people's interests, concerns and tendencies should be taken into account in order to prevent their rights from being overlooked in anyway. The general views and ideas of the public should be the absolute authority.
Experiences gained from the 30 years since the Islamic revolution imply the fact that the majority of the public lacks respect for the strict, so called "Islamic" regulations and expectations.
At present, the time of accepting aggressive deeds under the guise of "Qur'anic verses" has come to an end. People are tired of unjustified and illogical does and don'ts. The fate of a religious government has been set as hatred of other countries towards it.
Republicanism is used as a hidden tool by the dictators in order to put their requests ahead of those of the people's. Understandably they have caused anger within the public.
Nowadays finding a republican government which approves of the public being in charge of the public for the sake of the public is significantly rare. More embarrassing than that is the pairing of the word "republic" with "Islamic," which not only sounds like a bad joke but also leads to no end other than disgracing God and the saints.
The only way to free a country under the ill-treatment of a despotic government that coats itself with religion is a referendum devoid of bribery in order to correct abolished manners and cure this injected infection of injustice. In this referendum every individual should have the right to chose his/her desired method of a political regime.
Generally, the most significant problems in Iran represent freedom of thought, and liberty of speech and religion devoid of imposed religious limitations.
People's excessive dislike towards this regime's version of Islam is to the point that efforts are made to forget Islamic practices taught by their forefathers. Even the people who thirty years ago where famous for their undying love of Hussein, Reza and Ali, are now ashamed of naming their children after them.
To attain benevolence people all over the world need to reach a single conclusion, an agreement to free those affected by cruelty, to guide them towards their absolute rights, to stop the ongoing selfishness and self-centeredness of their bullies. This is not achieved easily unless the collective decides to take the power out of the hands of this regime, to make them withdraw. Maybe then we can give our people the right to breathe and live again.
The Gathering of all experienced legal experts and attorneys, proficient sociologist, sincere peacemakers and trustworthy people, under the supervision of the defenders of peace and freedom, can give us the opportunity to take over, forcing the regime adhere to people's wishes.
The Contribution of liberal, independent and benevolent clergies in this kind of society, can influence the religious multitude for the better. Incorrect religious beliefs, which are the result of the teachings of this regime's misleading Mullahs have destroyed their beliefs and created a sea of irrational baseless suggestions under the guise "Islamic" ideology, constituting a major reason for this regime's ever expanding power. The regime takes advantage of the society under the name of religion and injects dangerous misinterpreted beliefs and ways of worshiping God. As a consequence, not only is respect towards God is destroyed but also the culture at large.
There are so many fake religions surrounding believers these days that any blind obedience is considered the word of God and is openly accepted.
We believe that the only cure for the disease of "religious revulsion" is disclosing this regime's secrets. The inception of democracy in Iran is commensurate with turning away from unhealthy interpretations of religion towards a realization of true religion.
This is where our active and creative cooperation and contributions, and the carelessness of the world towards my situation, especially during the past 3 years, becomes apparent, making this regime more powerful than ever in its efforts of internal suppression. For that reason international support and assistance for this imprisoned religious leader and an agreement between the powers of the world to strengthen my word and goals can bring back hope of Secularism and a democratic future for Iran.
Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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