April 17, 2024

The worsening condition of Mr. Boroujerdi's health and his re-hospitalization


We received news that Mr. Boroujerdi was hospitalized again on Wednesday, April 16th, due to severe respiratory problems. This is the second time this month that he has been hospitalized. Mr. Boroujerdi, who was previously hospitalized for three days two weeks ago, did not feel safe in the hospital due to pressures from security forces and threats to medical staff, so he discharged himself and returned home.

It is worth noting that his father (Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Ali Kazemini Boroujerdi), who was a prolific author in the field of religion, was assassinated in 2002 at Madaen Hospital by agents of the regime. The murderers were never identified, and his funeral was conducted in silence and obscurity. Now, a similar scenario for his son seems increasingly likely.

Mr. Boroujerdi, known as " the Founder of Monotheism without Borders," despite suffering from numerous health problems and complications resulting from eleven years of imprisonment without furlough and torture in the prisons of the Islamic Republic, has refrained from seeking medical treatment for years due to sympathy with many Iranian citizens who cannot afford high medical expenses. Additionally, he protests against the continuation of security threats and restrictions (such as enforced house arrest) and the intimidation of medical staff and doctors by intelligence and security agents.

Unfortunately, his health condition has deteriorated severely, with respiratory problems, inflammation of both knees (both knees suffering from ankylosis or joint stiffness and swelling), severe tremors in both hands, and nerve conditions in his hands so impaired that he cannot eat or drink without spilling the contents of the cup or spoon. Dental and gastrointestinal problems are also gifts from those years of imprisonment and torture.

In hope for the freedom of all political and ideological prisoners,

Representatives of Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders

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