December 11, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message on International Human Rights Day

The word of “Human Rights Day” is basically a negotiable term since there should not be just a single day specified for human rights. Actually, human right is not a daily matter rather it is the matter of even each second of human life. It means the rights which have been deserved by our creator for every human being must be respected by everyone. Every individual has to respect his and others rights while his rights should be regarded by other people from each level even the rulers. Saving the rights of citizens should be the highest priority for all rulers and governors.

November 12, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message on World Science Day for Peace and Development

Science could be defined in terms of what human beings have learnt and what the mankind have reserved to grow and move towards the future and to overcome current challenges and problems. Although the science, as its incomplete form has been served the mankind, but it has not been so efficient as claimed so far. There are a lot of examples to prove the failure of current science, which for instance have been abused even in development of crimes.

October 22, 2019

August 17, 2019

Failed Plot for Physical Removal of Boroujerdi

On 15 August 2019, the intelligence agents of the Iranian regime attempted to assassinate Mr. Boroujerdi by poisoning. Although he was severely injured, but fortunately he survived due to immediate treatment by assistance of his family and followers. Nevertheless, his physical situation still is not well since he is suffering from severe injury in larynx and intensification of his chronic pains of legs and stomach due to poison effects.
Such crimes are showing the arrogance of the Islamic regime in extensive inquisition and suppression of dissidents for expressing their thoughts.

June 11, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message on World Day Against Child Labor

On the occasion of this international event, I would like first to clarify about the meaning of work and the current situation of child labor.
It is possible to call any type of engagement or movement as a work. So the human is actually a worker even when he is busy at house or when is working for his landlord, and more usual when he is working in a company, in a system or in a factory for his employer.

May 28, 2019

A Petition to Establish a Global Campaign: No Politics-No Religion

Boroujerdi's Call to Invite all People Suffered from Religion and Politics, to Establish a Global Campaign:

We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, have concluded after decades of intellectual and practical research that the direction of politics in the world have been harmful and unfair throughout history, whereas that of religion have been unreliable.
In response to the invitation called by Boroujerdi, the founder of “Monotheism without Borders”, who has proved the incompetence of current religion based on his book called “the Encyclopedia of Appearance” in which several thousand justifications and
arguments in rejection of religion have been presented, we are currently not interested in the rule of politics over the world as well as rule of religion from each of faiths over the residents of our planet. Instead, we have chosen the third path which is No Politics-No Religion and we believe that this path will save mankind.
We certainly declare that the politics ruling on mankind not only in our time, but also throughout history, as recorded, had no advantage unless oppression on people, stealing people’s votes, looting the national wealth, discrimination and acting based on injustice. We also openly announce that there are disasters behind the veils of the religions and faiths and religion have been always a tool for opportunists as well as politicians to rule on the people.
We invite all people around the globe from all nations, races, and genders to pay more attention to this path and assist us to achieve global targets for the establishment of a world without war, untruth, massacre, slavery, and poverty through the third way which is No Politics-No Religion.

Wishing success in the achievement of these targets.

May 27, 2019

Boroujerdi: Neither Politics- Nor Religion

Based on my experiences achieved after forty years of intellectual and practical research, I have concluded that the direction of politics in the world have been harmful and unfair throughout the history, whereas that of religion have been unreliable. My conclusion is based on undeniable documents and not because of the fact that the politicians never kept what they had promised to assist me or that they never honored what they had committed generally to support our movement. It also is not because I have become anti-religious as a result of being harassed by the religious powers through different methods and various ways during last forty years.
For proving the incompetency of current religion, I have written a book called “the Encyclopedia of Appearance” in which I have collected and presented several thousand justifications and arguments demonstrating that the religion has never been responsive to mankind’s needs.
Currently, I am following another path which I am not interested in rule of politics over the world as well as rule of religion from each of faiths over the residents of our planet.
Instead, I have chosen the third path which is No Politics-No Religion, I believe that this path will save the mankind.

May 20, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message Concerning the Iran-US War

 Concerning the current situation of Iran, no one can foresee what exactly will happen. Even the experienced politicians or political leaders such as Trump and Putin never know when and under which condition the war will begin.

March 17, 2019

Message of Boroujerdi on Nowruz 2019

Greeting to Nowruz, the festival which remembers the revival of nature and conveys the message of freshness, greenness and beauty,
Greeting to Nowruz, the ceremony accompanied with happiness and smile of children and conveys the old memories to contemporary people, 
Greeting to Nowruz which imposes a great sadness to poor people due to their indigence, and causes the deprived people to tremble because of their shame and tears for being unable to provide their family needs.

January 13, 2019

Boroujerdi's Message to Members of Amnesty Int.

During the eleven years of Mr. Boroujerdi’s jail, some groups of Amnesty International living in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, USA … were voluntarily supporting him by writing many letters to the Iranian authorities requesting his release.
It is not possible to list the names of all those great people who have freely tried to save the rights of a dissident and champion during long years.
Recently, the members of Amnesty Denmark have sent some beautiful postcards to Mr. Boroujerdi writing that they have not forgotten him and they are still striving for his unconditional release. In reply to this kind and philanthropic letter, Mr. Boroujerdi has send an audio message to appreciate these honourable people and other members of Amnesty who have voluntarily supported him and are still advocating his rights. He has also uncovered some important realities about the global mafia of politics influencing human rights.
It is necessary to mention that Mr. Boroujerdi is a prisoner of conscience who had been jailed from 2006 until 2017 after which he has been released on bail and severe commitments as a temporary medical furlough. Since then he has been in house arrest and deprived of all of his human and civil rights.

January 08, 2019

Message of Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on 4th Anniversary of Charlie Hebdo Attack

The story of introducing religion to the mankind society is very mysterious, anxious and pathetic. By looking to the history of religions, we see huge records of religious dictatorship, abuse and befooling the people. The religiousness has been used always for business and exploitation from low level to top level. It has been necessary for religious powers to build army for their protection, and call their aggressive geographical expansion as “export of monotheism" and title the massacre of people as “the command of God”. This situation has been same throughout the history and exactly similar to politics which has been abused in the same manner.