May 20, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message Concerning the Iran-US War

 Concerning the current situation of Iran, no one can foresee what exactly will happen. Even the experienced politicians or political leaders such as Trump and Putin never know when and under which condition the war will begin.

But the most important is that more than 80% of the Iranian population are living below poverty line. Basically, everybody must have at least 4 million Tomans per month (almost 200 US$) to be not called poor in this country, so a family of three must have at least a monthly revenue of 12 million Tomans. However, the majority of the Iranian families have revenues less than 3 or even 2 million Tomans. So that the people are drastically suffering from poverty and as it could be observed after a street survey, many people wish the war to begin after which probably they will get rid of such troubled and tortured life. Indeed, despite the war is a bad phenomenon, the intolerable pressures caused the people to wish to die. We have very bad experience of Iran-Iraq war against Saddam during which apart of casualties in the frontlines, there were huge destruction and massacre of civilians in the cities. In addition, the new war which they have plotted and are speaking about to begin, will be a thousand times bigger and more destructive than 1980’s Iran-Iraq war.
Why the war begins? Because there is no justice. If there was justice, the rulers would spend the national wealth for the citizens rather to invest in regional and proxy conflicts and battles abroad. The Iranian authorities say if we had never invested to fight abroad, the enemy would have advanced towards Tehran! Nevertheless, at the Shah’s era the same story was happening with similar excuse, but ultimately the enemy appeared in Tehran by the revolution of 1979, notwithstanding the Shah’s power was too much more than current regime of Mullahs.

The basement of this ruling system is established in a wrong direction, so that the bad beginning makes a bad ending. It means not only the wrong idea of exporting the Islamic revolution has made troubles, rather the bases of religion and politics have made substantial distortion of human societies. That is why we say no religion-no politics! For example, when the religion is insisting on Jihad, it is related to conquest of other lands, nor defense. Because when a foreign enemy storm to a land, then all people should try their best to defend. But the Jihad which is an Islamic rule, means to conquer other lands and even the entire world as well as to expend the rule of religious state!

The war is bad, too worse than badness. I pray may God keep our nation. Because with or without war, this nation is being annihilated. Despite some others are interested in war or they will survive as a result of war, the majority of citizens will be massacred as a result of its immediate and late consequences of any coming war. Because the new destructive technologies are so more advanced than the war against Saddam. Hence, in addition to destroy of the houses and buildings, many infrastructures such as dams and power plants will be demolished, so that the people will be dead due to lack of utilities such as power, gas or water. Based on the historical statistics, the weak and defenseless people have been always annihilated due to wars, but the powerful class have been always in safe and good place. If the situation become insecure, they have already established secure place for themselves while the poor and miserable people are the ones who are going to be exterminated after wars. 
I pray may God provide peace, security and comfort for this nation and improve our catastrophic economy. But I always stand on my word that all miseries of mankind have been always caused by the two blades of the same scissors, one is Politics and another is Religion.
God Bless You

This is a translated text from an audio file, listen here!

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