May 27, 2019

Boroujerdi: Neither Politics- Nor Religion

Based on my experiences achieved after forty years of intellectual and practical research, I have concluded that the direction of politics in the world have been harmful and unfair throughout the history, whereas that of religion have been unreliable. My conclusion is based on undeniable documents and not because of the fact that the politicians never kept what they had promised to assist me or that they never honored what they had committed generally to support our movement. It also is not because I have become anti-religious as a result of being harassed by the religious powers through different methods and various ways during last forty years.
For proving the incompetency of current religion, I have written a book called “the Encyclopedia of Appearance” in which I have collected and presented several thousand justifications and arguments demonstrating that the religion has never been responsive to mankind’s needs.
Currently, I am following another path which I am not interested in rule of politics over the world as well as rule of religion from each of faiths over the residents of our planet.
Instead, I have chosen the third path which is No Politics-No Religion, I believe that this path will save the mankind.

The result of politics throughout thousands years of history during which the events of personal and social life of mankind have been recorded, is nothing unless absolute catastrophe to the extent that all miseries, oppressions and bloodshed related to human beings have been made by politics and politicians. Indeed, the scientists such as physicists, chemists, physicians, philosophers and scholars have never played with the soul, body, beliefs and consciences of human societies, but this has been committed by politicians resulted in massacres, regional and global wars. This conclusion is based on documents and justifications recorded in the history; it means by reviewing the history page by page, we can see that all aspects of human lives have been full of looting, manipulation, deceits, falsifying and unjust all committed by politicians especially against the poor and weak people who have been always the majority of population of our planet.
The same story is about religion, it is not true that “I hate politics, so I am interested in religion”! My religious background is related to early 1970’s when I had started my religious activities; I continued until I was jailed for the last time in 2006. During these 4 decades of activities, I was holding religious speeches and prayer, publishing books and articles, leading several important mosques in the capital of Iran and training many followers all without any advertising or Media assistance, since I was banned to promote my activities in Media from early days of movement.  Apart of that, looking to my genealogical background, my father, grandfather and all of my ancestors were religious scientists and they were promoting faith and supporting Sharia. However, my eleven years of jail starting 2006 was an opportunity during which I began to review myself and my religious beliefs. For me, it was same as an earthquake after re-studying religion without any prejudice or fanaticism due to which I found that there are disasters behind the veils of the religions and faiths.
What I was committing to promote during almost forty years, was based on zeal and passion. So I set aside the zeal during my imprisonment and dispassionately initiated new studies within Islam itself. I mean in the past I was observing some of verses in Quran or some Hadith and Islamic narratives which had no meaningful content, but I was ignoring due to my zeal and insisting on those because of their holiness. However, currently I am not doing the same anymore.
Apart of that, I can certainly say that the politics ruling on mankind not only in our time, but also throughout the history as recorded, had no advantage unless oppression on people, stealing people’s votes, looting the national wealth, discrimination and acting based on injustice.
The same story is happened due to religion. As an expert in the religion, which I have inherited from my ancestors and was strongly supported by myself in the past, I am awakened during this eleven years of jail! I ascribe this finding to establishment of this regime of Islamic state who have imposed a lot of pressures on me caused that I left fanaticism. So as a result, my views regarding Islam, Quran, Hadith, narratives have become more clear, real and substantial.
I invite all nations around the globe to pay more attention to this path and assist me to achieve global targets for establishment of the third way which is No Politics-No Religion.
I wish success in achievement of these targets.

 May 2019

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