April 29, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi’s plea to the United Nations Secretary-General to hold an open referendum in Iran

Your Excellency;

The secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr.Ban Ki-Moon

 Greetings to you and to the highest office of world nation’s interests,

 I respectfully inform you that as an independent religious leader, I protested against Islamic republic of Iran due to merger of religion and politics. For the past three years I have been confined in an appalling condition in prison of the regime that claims to be spiritual and republic. In these past years my physical and mental health has been deteriorating.

 As the highest office of human right and the deputy of legal rights of nations I would like to respectfully ask you to consider the plea of the innocent people of Iran who have been under tyranny, injustice, and oppression. I would like to inform you and file a petition on behalf of the innocent Iranian people who live inside and outside the country.

Thirty years ago Ayatollah Khomeini as the head of Islamic republic of Iran promised the people to enhance economic situation, spiritual and social betterment and with these false promises rose to power and has been ruling the people unjustly. Since this tyrannical regime has not complied with its promises and has caused much economic and social damage it is the right of Iranian people to overthrow this government and to choose a democratic government.

 All these false promises given by the leader of Islamic Republic has been recorded in international press and news agencies around the world and also in Iran.  The most important of these promises are shown in these slogans: “Independence-Freedom-Islamic Republic”.

 on behalf of all Iranian people and as a religious leader who according to the photos and videos of his meetings tens of thousands of people of this country attended in his meeting in the biggest sport stadium and paid attention to his words when gathering of people was forbidden even in a few numbers, I kindly ask Your Excellency to request qualified experts in Islam and international law to gather, and hold a meeting in order to consider the subject of unfulfilling the first commitments of this regime founder, in an multilateral legal, civil, human and religious view and pave the way and assist Iranian people in  an open referendum.

So, I ask you to take the divine, conscientious and world responsibility of holding this great referendum and I demand the United Nations organization to save the noble and honorable nation of Iran in all over the world.

 Sincerely yours,    

 Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 

April 23, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi’s gripe and ultimatum to freedom and Human Rights defenders

The warm greetings of a bereaved exiled prisoner to you who are concerned about your country and have suffered from being far from the sacred homeland
I remember that three years ago my house had been laid siege by despotic forces and some of you told me during phone calls: “leave your trade matters, come further up and speak about the generality of people’s problems on religious dictatorship”.
Now, I am in a position that nobody has stood on it neither in quality nor in quantity inside or outside of Iran, so that even persons like Mrs. Shirin Ebadi has dreaded to continue supporting me and has refused to accept international defense and advocacy of me as a hostage in the grasps of those claim to religion and republicanism.
Last year, Sheikh Ali Razini, the head of Information of the Special Court for Clergy and the court for official justice said: “as yet there has been nobody that can attack and harm this regime and opposed to us, but you”.
But unfortunately, the help and cooperation of justice seekers, liberals and reformists inside and outside of country with me as God and people’s soldier and a captive in despotism grasps, have not still been sufficient and most of them have been the spectators of this unjust and unequal struggle and campaign of this religious prisoner leader against the bloodthirsty and oppressive government!
I have no way and no choice to back to my previous position. I with my family, relatives, and followers have been put in the fire of the cruel, seditious and criminal Mullahs and now I’m in the throes of physical and psychological problems. So I did not expect international organizations to give up and ignore my case easily, and give opportunity to the enemies of this holy country to behave with me as a political, religious and thought zealot in the way that they want while all these actions will be written in the pages of the current history.
Do you deny this fact that I am the best option for opposing to political Islam?
Am not I the most important publicizing, research, belief and social case for revealing the nature and entity of governmental religion?
Have not I fought against the oppressive persons pretending to be clergy, sincerely, honestly and with awareness during the last three years? Haven’t I passed the appalling and hidden sections of prisons in different cities?
If I die in the hands of bloodthirsty governmental devils or be crushed under their hypocrisy and restrictions or be stifled as a preacher of speech, press and thoughts freedom, I know all civil, legal, and human societies responsible for that and political and opinion characters called leftist must be answerable for losing this great and unique opportunity I have gained, because they withheld every kind of effective movement and left me alone against the Islamic cannibals.
Tell all who are interested in and love this feverish country which is captive in the grasps of religious imperialism, on my behalf that, “the eternal curse of Iran’s creator will be on them unless they help proclaimers of the beautiful love of the homeland and sacrifice their life to save oppressed nation who are running away from religion.”
Many of my compatriot sisters and brothers do not know what critical and regretful situation we are in. Otherwise, the knell of ruining religious dictators should be ringed. All news agencies and media are charged with that divine and human duty that break and remove the strangulation and censorship dominant on our country.

With thanks and wish of more awareness
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

April 22, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s questions from the director of the committee on citizen Rights

Your Excellency, Mr. Avaei

With the hope of serving God and poor and oppressed nation of Iran
First I want to ask you who are citizen? Assuredly, whosoever was born in this dear country and has Iranian Identity card. Then I want to state that this citizen has some rights which must be observed. And now another question is“ who is responsible for providing these rights?” certainly, that governor who governs the society is responsible for observation of these rights legally, lawfully and nationally. Considering to these matters, I want to address you for a few minutes.
Conscientious brother!
Those rights that the founder of this Islamic regime had promised 30 years ago and caused that he become indebted to the history of future generations of this sacred country and he must to express and explain them (that rights) to his successor to recorded a good name for himself in this way, were that same slogans that he himself expressed and confirmed the public rituals in political demonstrations of that time which the basis of all of them was Independence, Freedom and Islamic Republic and moreover, complete cooperation with shah’s opponents after victory, confirmation and acceptance of their identity and entity, reverence for their long year credit, human and civil expenses and also drawing the Utopia for the real owners of the country which created a heaven in this world as there is no trace of finance, credit and mental poverty and people have a much better civilization and living condition in it than in the Imperial Government! Now what’s your judgment when you observe the 30-year-old results of this regime?
Can you deny the multitude of hidden and open prisons built during Islamic Revolution?
Is abundance of censorship in the books published by the permission of Ministry of Guidance and the heavy suffocation in press of country, the same freedom was in the mind of the founder of the religious government?
Is belief inquiring and depriving people of right to religious, national and trade thoughts and opinions, the guarantee of Iranian nation Independence?
Is the continued and expanded presence of Ministry of Information agents among people and in society and crowded places, stabilization of republicanism?
How can it be possible that nobody has courage to protest, shout and criticize in this poor and miserable country, while daily protest and demonstration of people against the procedures of their government is free and open in all countries in all over the world and is continuously broadcasted on Iran national TV? May be it is one of the new manifestations of nation ruling on their fate too!
Is the Islam brought by this regime founder, the same original Islam existed 1400 years ago that according to it, absolute Vilayat was only for God, his messenger and the Imams were chosen by God?
Is its Imam the same Ali-ebne-Abitaleb who resigned to the decision of his nation in Seffain war and put down his sword and abandoned annihilating the command of his enemy and revered the referendum of his opponents and resigned to the imposed and unjust arbitration which led to his removal from caliphate?
Isn’t one of elements and conditions of the Shiite legislative Vilayat, unanimity?
Did last Shiite authorities, famous religious jurists and well-known experts in Islamic laws interest or ready to establish government of clergies, during the long absence of Imam Mahdi and forming of Shiite authority?
Has religious indulgence and negligence principles given present governors permission for harshness, suffocation and despotism?
Who is responsible for the massive and continued apostasy of people from their traditional religion?
As a religious leader who according to the pictures and videos of his meetings has a high and expressive position in credit and social area, I have been imprisoned in various prisons of the dictators who claim to religion and republicanism, under different kind of physical, mental, familial and financial tortures on charge of expressing such these matters for many years. Can they prevent from repetition of history by these exiles and imprisonments?
Do they want to change people fate and condition by such ugly and oppressive actions?
Never, not at all;
Our prophet said:” an atheist government may be remain and continued, but an oppressive one never”
If this government is fundamental and republic, why does it prevent from gathering of people even in a few numbers?
Is the mass employment in Ministry of Information and sending secret agents into cities, the sign of power and authority?
Every body knows that all these commotions on missiles productions and strategic weapons are because of fear of downfall of the despotism government!
And now this is you and our violated rights!

Respectfully yours
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Wednesday April 21, 2009

April 20, 2009

Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s complaint to the conference of the Prosecutors of the Islamic countries in Tehran

In the name of that Prosecutor and supporter who is well-know for His forgiveness and His anger is a result of His endless grace and mercy

High- ranking judicial officers of Islamic countries:

Please accept the greetings of an exiled prisoner from unjust and appalling prisons of Islamic Republic of Iran.
I am a liberal and anti-despotism leader. My sin as a clergy, who is opposed to mixing religion with politics, is so capital and unforgivable! Because I have warned and announced that my compatriots are continuously abandoning of the traditional religion of this sacred and oppressed country and I have expressed and reflected the voice of my countrymen about opposition to religious dictatorship.

Although I have had public and practical movements and activities in Islamic thought and culture area for more than 30 years and I am from well-known family of Al-e-Aaraj and I descend from the excellent and unique family of the Prophet Mohammed and holy lady Fatima, but I have been attacked and violated credit, finance, physically and mentally by prosecution of Islamic Republic of Iran for a few years, my mother was murdered in this way and my family was violated too and while I’m only 51 years old I have become old and decrepit due to different tortures and the international physicians are not allowed to examine and treat me as a hostage of injustice and harshness ,by judicial authorities of the government.

Moreover my trials were held in darkness conditions of despotism of unjust and imposed judges and they recorded and offered a forced trial with censorship to the current history of Iran! Although I am a political and opinion accused, but my trials was fabricated and held behind the closed doors as I didn’t have right to choose an independent and non governmental lawyer and reporters without borders weren’t allowed to attend and be present in it.

Now that the religious imperialism founders of Iran are your host, I ask conscientious people to send a representative to visit me to become informed about my real demands and stances as a religious prisoner and about the cruelty and crimes of those who claim to religion, justice and republicanism.
I make complaint against all criminals in current history of the world to just and competent prosecutors and I refuge to your creator from your ignorance and inattention to my complaint.
Thank you very much
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

April 19, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s letter to the director of Medical Council of iran government

Honorable director of Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Your Excellency, Dr. Seyed Shahab-aldin Sadr

I as a religious prisoner leader inform you that I have been imprisoned and have been under the tortures and pressures of despotism for a few years. untimely age has come to me due to the tortures and pressures in 209 section of Evin , and now all my organs have become decrepit and old as I need independent physicians’ treatments urgently .
Since I have always been threatened to death by the Information and security authorities of this regime who claims to religion and republicanism, I can’t use the physicians of prison clinics because I don’t trust on the medicine cadre of this fascist government of Iran .also according to the United Nations Charter that countries claim to democracy have accepted and approved it, political prisoners have right to enjoy the treatments of without borders physicians so ,since I am a political opinion captive in the grasp of dictators, I ask you as the high authority of Medical Council of country to intervene in my treatment procedure and get a permission in order to the UN physicians can visit me for urgent and immediate treatment, and be loyal to your oath and don’t record the murder of a liberal who is one of Holly prophet’s grandchildren, in your life history.
With the hope of success and service in sacred medicine for you and providing calmness for patients by you.

Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

April 17, 2009

We must stop Islamic republic now before it is too late!!!

It is so sad to see so many people die or suffer in the hands of mad dogs who got in to the power in the name of god and managed to fool us for the last 30 years, now they are about to make the deadliest bomb possible on this earth.attack on iran will take place very soon,, before that we must see if iranian people are about to stand up for they right.thire right is change the iranian regime compettly and start all over againe,this time new goverment full democracy,back to normal after 30 years of bloodshed.time is kiking,,,,,,,,,, Thanx to the greatest man of centery to show the world the truth about mollahs who after people's wealth and power to take over ,aytullah kazemini boroujerdi still in prison in yazd in iran who speak's the truth about god and freedom for mankind....... aytullah kazemini boroujerdi want's refrandom and prove to the world iranian nation does not want polotical islamic unlawfull regime but back to oreginal islam witch does not want have nothing to do with politics , islam is mercyfull kind and for evryone on this planet and we must live side by side no matter how we worship the god we all are brothers and sisters say's ayatullah kazemini boroujerdi .once the iranian velayate faghieh has remove peace shall be return he belives and in eyes of west he is absoultly right.west wishes the best for ayatullah kazemini boroujerdi who has given evrything to free his nation and the mankind,,,,

April 15, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's letter to secretary general of Lebanon, Seyed Hasan Nasrollah

Dear Secretary General of Lebanon Hezbollah, Mr. Seyed Hassan Nasrollah:
I am a Prisoner Shiite leader, the fifth son of Seyed Mohsen Aaraji Baghdadi Kazemeini, elder and star of Aaraj family that has many members in Arabic countries.
I have had great and different courses and meetings about Ghadir-e-Khumm, its Imams (who were chosen by God during Ghadir-e-khumm) and their (Holly Mohammad’s family) bright way for 14 years. My aim has been the dissemination of holly Prophet’ and Alavi’s true and correct culture. In this regard, I have obtained comprehensive successes as the most important of them are attraction of many religion evasion people and people who fight against religion and remove Islam and had bidden farewell to their ancestral religion and left divine and spiritual things due to worldly clerics’, oppressive mullahs’ and governmental theologians’ malfunction, ugly way and putrefied Report Card as the movies and photos of the mentioned holy assemblies and religious meetings indicate the depth of cultural and propagation endeavors of this son of holly Prophet.

But during this time, I have always been under attacks and violations on the charge of being independent and not cooperating with Information and Security system, by Iran’s regime. My family, relatives and I have been under the severest tortures. My father who was one of the prominent Ulemas of Tehran, Capital city, was murdered on charge of opposition to mixing religion with politics and his tomb was destroyed too. During three years ago, I have been tortured in different prisons and sections, and now untimely age has come to me and all my organs have been ruined and I’m in the throes of death. They violated my honors and chastity and raped my family and had no mercy to our children and adults at all. Also, my mother was murdered, too.
Now I am asking you who continue your acts in Lebanon with depending on the velayat - e - faqih, some questions and you should answer today’s and tomorrow’s world historians:

1) Which is more harmful to God and his Prophet, religious dictatorship or existence of the government of Israel?

2) Which one is the meaning of this word of holly Quran “people are being exited from God’s religion in the multitudes”, apostasy of Muslims permanently and moment by moment by Iran’s Islamic colonization or continuance of Israel’s existence?

3) Do you know that the huge sum of money that is given to you from our oppressed country’s Treasury is ended to the poverty and misery of this country’s kind and gentle nation?

4) Are you satisfied that Lebanon becomes the showing off base of Iran’s regime that claims to religion and in return, zealous and God seeking Iranians’ sufferings from these discriminations and injustices are done under the name of Vilayet (saitship) of infallible Imams and have faced their livelihood and economic with weakness and stagnation and have led to apostasy of many people be continued?

5) Are not you worried about transformation of Iranians’ belief and thoughts as there be no trace of being Shiite and no respect to and no love for Prophet Mohammad’s holly family in not very long time?!

At the end, I draw your attention to the following warnings according to Quran words:

1) When the Ulema are wicked and immoral, the society will be lead to immoral and criminal behaviors too.

2) An unbeliever government may be continued, but unjust and oppressive one not at all.

3) The light which is needed at home is forbidden to be used in mosque (it means something that people who you are responsible for, need it, is forbidden to give anyone else).
Yours Sincerely,
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi - Yazd Prison

April 14, 2009

A part of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s revelations

Relating and informing on the pages of history of Iran religious government:

I decided to compile a book of what I have seen and heard about the religious government of Iran, several time, but early and untimely age due to prison, and also poor memory and brain disease didn’t give me a chance to compile this extensive book. Nevertheless I decided to present some documents and evidences to be written in Iran current history, because we are the real and legal writers of calendar of our own age and future generations will document and judge according to these evidences .

1- Some day I saw one of the leftist clergies who was disfavored in rightist Mullah’s views, in special section of Evin and in 500 sections where I was detained temporarily. we were both detained in one cell. He had some important and direct information about high ranking officials, for example he said:” some day that I went to Qom to visit Sheikh Sadegh Khalkhali in last days of his life, I saw him in a regrettable thought, physical and psychological situation, he talk with me three times and then I leave him. First he said: I have killed so many people during these years as I don’t know how many and now I’m very worry and disturb. Then said: whatever I committed was under Seyed’s (Seyed Ali Khamenei) licence and he gave me permission to murder so I don’t accept any responsibility neither in this world nor that world. Third word he said was: I have told my family to put Seyed’s licences into my shroud to be unworried about the question and answer in judgment day!”

2- The stuffs and guards of Evin who have more than 25 years of service said that in the beginning of Islamic Revolution, they (government agents) brought thousands of girls who were members of the People’s Mojahedin as most were younger than 20 and majority had been arrested on the charge of selling newspaper and all had been sentenced to death, and then raped them compulsorily before execution, by the order of Asadollah Lajvardi.

3- When I was detained in 209 security section , the interrogator was liaison between Ministry of Information and Special Court for Clergy , called Seyed Hasan Hoseini as his pseudonym and was expert at torturing and had broken hand, leg and nose of some followers of mine , tried to charge me with acting to taboos, while my case was opinion . He said that I had homosexual relationship with Seyed Abdoreza Hejazi thirty years ago and Heshmatolvaezin-e-Qomi is witness too! While that time I went to his house to learn sermon and preach, as I went to Falsafi’s house, well-known preacher too. And the story of Dr.Seyed Abdoreza Hejazi, who was a famous and prominent preacher, was that; he was killed on just this charge in Evin prison 20 years ago. In fact he had witnessed the wrong-doings and profligacy of these Mullahs are men of positions now, and has been killed because of revealing these facts.
Anyway, I try to say what I remember to be written in lasting pages of history.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi – Yazd Prison

April 11, 2009

Mr.Boroujerdi's happy message on the occasion of Easter "Christ's resurrection"

Greetings to Easter, Resurrection of Christ ,

Praise to God’s Great and immortal soul,

Congratulations on Jesus’ successor,

Indeed, what was the motive for the conspiracy and crime on the leader of peace and freedom, done by the decree of egotistic clergies? And which way of thinking and practical did cause it? Wasn’t the order of killing holly Prophet based on religious and in search of power clerics’ selfishness? Wasn’t this memorable wickedness and boldness the result of sovereignty of governmental religion? They brought the death of God-given freedoms and annihilated independent life and formed fading of kindness and affection since they mixed religion with politics and made a disgusting potion and brought a model for egotists of history. They were the factors of belief inquiring and became the founders of force and trick.

What was Jesus’ message? But, expansion of freedom and justice , and promotion of friendship and peacefulness?

Yes, today, while I am in the chains of religious despotism, I have become the echo of Jesus’ voice that said: “human has been created free and without any restriction, no body should limit and keep him in prison in any situation and extinguish his right voice”.

With all my psychological and physical pains, I congratulate world’s Christians upon Easter, from my suffering prison.

Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi – Yazd Prison

April 10, 2009

The most important items of Human Rights violation by Iran government in Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s view

The items of explicit and obvious violation of religious principles and monotheism bases during thirty –year-function of political Islam in Iran:
1-announcing their partnership with parties and organizations were opposite to Shah, in political challenges, and recognizing them and giving them the promise of their participation in new government affairs, but practical nullification of it after revolution victory.
2- undertaking that militant clergies don’t interfere in governmental structure but making supervising positions for them and religious reference places for founder of the government and then breaking it in the first days of victory against Shah.
3- giving people some important promises in the last days of Shah’s kingdom to establish a government for promotion of Independence, freedom, republicanism and Islam that each one has its expanded meaning ,but multilateral and undeniable treason is seen in all of them and it really leads to ignore and annihilate all demands of Iranian nation .there is a need of holding a high court in the presence of independence and impartial judges and just and expert lawyers and also apolitical clergies in order to show the practical manifestations of these slogans and to consider continued opposition of this regime to the meaning of these slogans and present a just and fair trial and judgment.
4- annihilating all political, religious and national opponents of Shah as there is no remain of that ten experienced groups and formations during 10 years opposition to imperial government of Iran ,but in prisons and exile places.
5- multilateral machinations against apolitical religious leaders and authorities who protested against governmental Islam such as Ayatollah Seyed Kazem Shariatmaderi who was a popular one, they besieged him at first, then killed most of his followers and finally he was killed with an ampoule in Mehrdad hospital in Tehran by ReyShahri and Mohammad Yazd. Governmental agents besieged his religious schools and specialty and scientific centers too. Another one is Ayatollah Seyed Hasan Qomi -e-Tabatabai who was exiled in Karaj for 12 years during Shah’s Kingdom and then was imprisoned in his house in Mashhad until the end of his life by political Islam agents and at last he died in a recondite way. Also Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khansari, religious leader in the capital, who called war and applying the word” martyr “for one who was killed during it, unlawful and he was opposed to interference of clergymen in political affaires. Ayatollah Seyed Abolghasem Khoui is another one who was strongly opposed to mix of religion in politics and called it contrary to interests of Shiite. Also Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Shirazi, who had many followers in Iran and Arab countries and was hated in governmental clergies’ view during his life, was attacked by information and security forces several times. His children were tortured in 209 sections of Evin several times and his medical, scientific and religious institutes and Karbalaiha mosque and Imam Hosein hospital in Galubandak intersection in Tehran was confiscated too. Also Ayatollah Seyed Sadegh Rouhani, who was a religious authority in Iran for 40 years, was imprisoned in his house for more than 20 years. And Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Ali Kazemeini Boroujerdi who was always tormented and ill-treated by the government claims to follow religion, passed away unnaturally, government agents destroyed his tomb and disintegrated his family too.
6- keeping and increasing prisons that have no place and position in Shiite principles and eliminating justice from Judiciary power and making a bad view about spiritual things in courts and judgments.
7- annihilating opponents and liberal persons , extinguishing the voice of nationalists , restricting mass media , establishing absolute suffocations and preventing from accessing to the facts of nation.
8- repressing independence writers and journalists , extinguishing opposite voices, restricting religions, forbidding people to have open and independent thoughts and making an horror atmosphere in society to prevent from the movement of the followers of mystical and belief principles and ancient and apolitical groups.
9- Censoring presses and newspapers for the purpose of strengthening the positions of governmental religion and spreading reactionary thoughts and reviving fascism.
10- oppressing poor and deprived class of society , not preparing their national and lawful and legal demands , intensifying finance and nerves pressures on middle class of society , bringing poverty line up to its highest level in last decades and increasing the number of needy and poor people.
11- approving unjust bills in the parliament and inattention to people interests and forgetting social and economical priorities as the result of all is avoiding and running away from God and holy beings in society.
12- Increasing and spreading convulsion and inopportune interference in internal affairs of other countries for the purpose of expansionism, spending the wealth of oppressed
Iranians for this aim and depriving the real, legal and natural owner and heritor of this country who now are the most miserable people in the world and blame the Islam is in chains of despotism for these oppressions and treasons.
13- appropraiting heavy funds for armaments, nuclear and military affairs , making finance and credit pressures on oppressed and innocent people of Iran , making fear and concern bout war, bringing absolute hopelessness and downswing in economic.
14- Showing unreal numbers and statistic and false factors during 8 years of war and writing current history reversely.
15- Dangerous elimination of religious sources from history, interpretations and traditions and removing monotheism documents to prevent from destroying, suspecting and reproaching the anti-monotheism acts of governmental clergies and keeping supervisors and experts in news boycott to cover their belief sabotages.
16- dissmissing independence clergies from their traditional jobs and keeping prominent religious characters away from propagandistic circles to establish a restricted and crafty society based on dictatorship and closing the religious centers are not dependent on government.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations

Honourable Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon:
As an apolitical religious leader who has been imprisoned in hidden and appalling prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the severest and inhuman tortures for three years because of propagandizing free and nongovernmental religion, and now is in a grave physical and psychological situation that there is no hope to continue his life, I ask you as an international position to consider my condition urgently please.
The oppressive governor of this despotic regime has deprived me of visiting my lawyers and accessing to medical treatment by conscious and independent physicians during my detention, and in cases World's legal, civil and human organizations and institutions asked for sending Human Rights representatives andsupervisors, they continuously obstructed it under the pretext ofinterfering in the internal affairs of country. Aren’t the interfering actions of this regime in the affaires of other countries interference in peaceand stability of the world? Aren’t it counted as a threat against peace and compromise amongst nations? But unity and cooperation of news agencies and Human Rights defenders is interpreted as interference in internal affairs of this oppressive regime that ignores and doesn’t observe the United Nations charter?!
Respectfully yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi in Yazd prison

April 09, 2009

Announcement in support of Ayatollah Kazemini Borojerdi , Abbas Khorsandi and Behrooz Javid Tehrani held in Islamic republic prisons

President Javier Solana of European Union council, president of the Human rights commission, Amnesty International, International Secretariat, Human Rights Watch, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Access to the Council of Europe, Reporters without border.

April 8, 2009/ Sweden
Subject: Announcement in support of Ayatollah Kazemini Borojerdi , Abbas Khorsandi and Behrooz Javid Tehrani (political prisoners) held in Islamic republic prisons.

From: Member of the Amnesty International and Member of Swedish Women's Organization.

As a member of Amnesty International I want to write to you about Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, an Iranian Muslim cleric who advocates the separation of religion and government. He has been in the Central Yazd prison, his health has been seriously deteriorated and he is refused health service inside of prison, furthermore he has a bone disease that needs medical attention and X-ray but Mr. Boroujerdi is not allowed permission to leave the prison to get medical attention, I would respectfully ask you to grant him permission to get medical attention as his imprisonment terms goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Another Political Prisoner named Abbas Khorsandi who received an eight year prison sentence was confirmed by Branch 36 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court. Mr. Khorsandi, a political activist charged with associating with and organizing illegal gatherings for the Democratic Party of Iran, was originally given eight years imprisonment by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, headed by judge Salavati. Mr. Khorsandi had been in jail for eleven months prior to the new judgment back in 7th of august 2008, however due to continuous torture and beatings his health has been deteriorating and he as well has been denied medical care. He is refused medical attention. I respectfully ask you to grant his freedom and medical attention and stop his torturing.
Moreover another dissident of the Islamic republic of Iran by the name of Behrooz Javid Tehrani a former student activist who has been facing prison for since 1999 who is imprisoned in the ill-famed Rejay Shahr prison in Karaj outside of Tehran is being tortured and his family outside of prison is being harassed and fraught. He is beaten on a daily basis and threats to his sister and other family members are used to further inflict physiological torture to him. He alongside several other political prisoners in Iran are being refused to medical attention. Mr. Javid Tehrani is one of the last survivors of 18 tir Student demonstration in Iran. I respectfully ask you to grant his freedom and stop his tortures.
Victoria Azad
Woman rights and political Activist in Sweden
Member of Amnesty International-Swede
Member of Swedish Women's Organization
Member of the research group at Gothenburg University

The explanation of torture in Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s view

I remind my lawyers inside and outside of Iran of the explanation of torture, means forced detention in prison and physical, psychological, familial and credit pressures due to it.

In past there were some definitions of torture on a prisoner and there was a definite limit for physical and psychological torments on him, but now some invisible tools are used for tormenting and annihilating opinion and political prisoners because of the advancement of the knowledge of torturing and of assassinating the character of opponents and the improvement of the technique of breaking challengers’ resistance as its result on one hand is increase of our hatred toward the governor and oppressive persons and consolidation of our resistance and on other hand , hurt and destruction of nerves and feeling of the captive in dictator chains .the way , quality and quantity of eating and food in prison is in such a level that gradually brings various diseases and pains in stomach , bowel and digestive system of the prisoner. The residence in prison has been formed as makes respiratory problems. The treatment method and behavior of the physicians of relevant clinic with patients leads them to psychological complications. Internal rules of prison annihilate human identity and bring animal behaviors for the captive in along time.

Prisoner’s deprival of communication with his family or the pressures due to it changes his warm relationship with his family to chilly and destroys the nuclear of family. Extreme poverty and financial requirements of the prisoner and his family damages the bases of morals and faith and prepares society for entering into quagmire of corruption and prostitution.

 A prisoner with moral decline and heart dependence on his last behaviors, impresses other persons in the section and destroys and changes their character and prepares them for accepting another one. The rough behaviors of guards in prison, lead to disappointment, aimless and discouragement and bring death for prisoner moment by moment. Deprival of access to independent lawyers and conscientious physicians intensifies strokes and heart attacks and puts life in the danger of destruction and annihilates irretrievable life.

Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

April 06, 2009

An interview with director of the weblog on Ayatollah Boroujerdi by Talatom base

This interview has been done with Ali Paydar, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers and director of the weblog on him, in the beginning of New Year by “Talatom informing base”, because of the importance of the matter of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s arresting, exiling and imprisoning, as a theorist and a liberal clergy .

1- Introduce yourself please?
I’m Ali Paydar; 45 and was born in Shahrood. I have B.A in politics. I’m a graduate of one of the West Universities and director of the weblog on Ayatollah Boroujerdi.because of the continuance of pursuance and arrest of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers and also increasing the security restrictions on them, I don’t continue introducing myself.
I learned freedom, equality, respecting people, seeking God without power or rejecting governmental religion, continued combating against despotism and religious dictatorship as the roughest form of despotism and at the end love for homeland and also respect and reverence for ancient Iranian identity and mores from Ayatollah Boroujerdi when Iran was burnt and destroyed by religious dictatorship. I found the difference between Ayatollah Boroujerdi and other clergies that although he was Muslim, but he could gather believers in other religions around himself in peace by adopting a method for propagandizing and spreading his thoughts, as I found making friendly relationship between different religions as one of his abilities.
So according to the Iranian propensity for and interesting in acceptation of religion and his religious morale too, spreading his progressive religious thoughts can play an important role in establishment of peace in Iran and even in the Middle East.
Generally important factor of acceptation of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s thoughts by his followers and me was this belief that we can have a pacific life with our own kind without caring for religion, race, nationality, color and generic state...
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April 01, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s message to the G-20 summit in London

Economics is the most important subject of human life, because if economical matters involve human, he will not have opportunity to pay attention to spirituality. Basically, material things are the most important in monotheistic tendencies. How can a man think about divine values while he is worried about his living expenses? If people have better livelihood situation, certainly, inclinations for theism will get a better status; therefore, I have always been defender of people and I believe that whatever puts nations on psychological and feeling pressures and restrictions is contrary to holy commands. The merciful creator has recommended people to all his prophets and He is opposed to any rule that threats humans’ interests. So, I am opposed to interference of politics in religion and believe that society’s mind will extensively be darkened by a small mistake of religious politicians and will cause ambiguous judgments.

We should use all natural and humans’ abilities. We shall use all hypotheses to fight and to confront with bankruptcies, even if they are opposed to our beliefs and we should review past economical experiences again, to investigate unsuccessful theories, and to evaluate past work and financial conditions of all schools and thoughts controlled over nations. It is possible that some missing links be found in the structures of political regimes in different poles of the world that solve the present complication. It is necessary to achieve a great international unification to exit from such this marsh and to help human without considering western or eastern beliefs.
In the beginning of Christian New Year, I wish a flourishing world and great and effective economics for all my sisters and brothers in all over the world and I ask Holly Jesus to bless the present world and to eliminate the roots of discrimination, injustice, despotism, and poverty and to finish any unhappiness in the world.
With the wish to deliverance of the world from the present crisis as soon as possible
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi