January 30, 2010

SOBHANI: Baha'is on trial

America's Iran policy must include religious freedom
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
S. Rob Sobhani
...But the Baha'is are not the only ones facing persecution in Iran. Since the establishment of the Islamic republic, the regime has acted as an equal-opportunity persecutor, arresting and violating the basic rights of Christians, Jews, Sunni Muslims, ethnic minorities, students, human rights activists and journalists, to name a few. While the human rights violations that intensified during the Islamic revolution in 1979 subsided somewhat in the 1990s, they have spiked since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his allies in the Revolutionary Guards stole the election in 2009. Even Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi - outspoken in his opposition to the Islamic republic and an advocate of the separation of Islam from politics - has been arrested and held in solitary confinement...
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January 25, 2010

Know more about one of the appalling sections of Evin prison!

The special section for clergy in Evin prison contains two parts and is directly controlled by the Special Court for Clergy and Ministry of Information. This section is run under some particular controls and limitations as not only international observers don’t have permission to survey it but the authorities of the government and control and judicial systems don’t too.

January 21, 2010

Ayatollah Boroujerdi is exposed to silent tortures

Unusual increasing in the number of prisoners and the lack of enough space for their settlement in Evin prison has caused many acute health and other problems and this matter has brought nervous and mental tortures for the prisoners.
Some problems in the prison like the lack of hot water to take a bath has occasioned Mr. Boroujerdi’s severe bone pains as the pains from lash and cable is much tolerable than taking bath with cold water in the cold winter of Evin!

January 15, 2010

A look at the 17th statement of Mr. Mousavi and what should be done

...If we are supposed to have religious views amongst us within this round it should be people like ayatollah Borojerdi Whom is imprisoned by the government now whom is much closer to the secular movement rather than the pro-Khomeini ayatollahs’ whom stand for the principles and ideas as their beloved Imam.

Ayatollah Borojerdi has the courage to stand up for a non-political Islam and the separation of religion and government, for this reason this executioner regime has incarcerated him.

January 13, 2010

The ridiculous show of regime to torture Ayatollah Boroujerdi

This morning Jan 13, 2010, government officials beat and violated Mr. Boroujerdi who is suffering from physical weakness and acute heart problem once again, by making a forged fight. On the track of this action, Mr. Boroujerdi sent a letter to Mr. Salimi, the public prosecutor of Special Court for clergy, by the help of prison authorities and letter announced that he will go on hunger strike if this condition doesn’t be considered immediately. In spite of the end of his period condemnation, this political and ideological prisoner is being kept in a very bad food and health condition with no hot water in an appalling cell underground.
Arranging forged fights is one of the invisible and smart methods in Iran prisons to ruin or attempt up on the life of the well-known opponents of the government. Before this event in the last winter in Yazd Central prison the government acting had hurt Mr. Boroujerdi by forged fights too.

January 02, 2010

Increasing in detentions and intensification of crisis in regime prisons

According to the report received from Evin prison, Mr. Boroujerdi’s limited phone communications has been stopped since Thursday Dec 31, 2009. The relevant authorities have presented nothing on this matter.