January 21, 2010

Ayatollah Boroujerdi is exposed to silent tortures

Unusual increasing in the number of prisoners and the lack of enough space for their settlement in Evin prison has caused many acute health and other problems and this matter has brought nervous and mental tortures for the prisoners.
Some problems in the prison like the lack of hot water to take a bath has occasioned Mr. Boroujerdi’s severe bone pains as the pains from lash and cable is much tolerable than taking bath with cold water in the cold winter of Evin!
Too low quality and quantity of food in the prison which most are defiled and expired and distributed among the prisoners intentionally, has caused digestive diseases in them.
The government’s purpose of such these modern and invisible tortures that leave no track is gradual death for the prisoners. According to existing evidences, the effect of such these tortures can bring death for some of the prisoners even after releasing. One of the sacrifices of these silent tortures is Mr. Boroujerdi’s mother who passed away in 2006 in a short time after her release from prison.

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