January 25, 2010

Know more about one of the appalling sections of Evin prison!

The special section for clergy in Evin prison contains two parts and is directly controlled by the Special Court for Clergy and Ministry of Information. This section is run under some particular controls and limitations as not only international observers don’t have permission to survey it but the authorities of the government and control and judicial systems don’t too.

On Aug 1, 2009, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of parliament committee on national security, surveyed Evin prison and visited and talked to tens of political prisoners. There were some visitations before this as an example; Akbar Mousavi-Khoiniha, member of sixth parliament, visited the different sections of Evin in his time, but no one has been permitted to visit the appalling section for clergy yet!
The lack of enough supervision on this section has paved the way to torture prisoners more and more as in addition to usual and known tortures they are under other kinds of tortures too. For example hot water and heating system in this section has been stopped since Jan 21, 2010. Such these inhumane actions have been intensified during last months and the prison authorities have brought up the shortage of fuel as a pretext for their violence.
At the moment Mr. Boroujerdi, well-known political and ideological prisoner, is spending grave and intolerable days in one of these dark, damp and chilly cells of this section.
Jan 25, 2010

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