March 21, 2018

Wish you a more than ever Happy Nowruz!

Salutations to all those who are leaving autumn behind them, greetings to the lovers of spring,
I pay my due respect to the community of the deprived who sees their concerns and anxieties renewed with the arrival of a New Year; I pay my respect to the community of Iranians who struggle; I bow before the pained and aggrieved for whom the arrival of Nowruz bears no beauty or freshness; I praise all the weakened who did not see the results of their endeavors during the past year, and are entering the new year of (1397) in total despair and frustration.

March 19, 2018

Nowruz, the Renewal of Heartaches for Iranians

Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders, congratulates the celebration of traditional Nowruz to all Iranians in our deprived and oppressed homeland, and our dear compatriots throughout the world, as well as all those who celebrate this day in the neighbouring countries and in the entire world.

March 07, 2018

Message of Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on International Women’s Day

Greetings to all women and all dear ladies in the world and in each country with every belief, taste, temper and race.
Woman’s position is very high. Woman has given the right of existence to man despite the fact that religious teaching says that Eve was created separately from Adam. Due to unreliability of stories in divine books, we are not certain how true this statement is, and, even if true, the opposite has happened.

March 06, 2018

Communication of UN Special Rapporteurs Concerning Mr. Boroujerdi’s Health and Violation of his Human Rights

Mrs. Asam Jahangir, Dr. Ahmad Shaheed and some other UN human rights experts and rapporteurs have communicated with the Iranian regime concerning critical situation of Mr. Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders. The rapporteurs have questioned the regime’s authorities regarding the details of injustice misbehaviours against Mr. Boroujerdi who is a popular spiritual teacher in Iran and violations of his human and civil rights and they have demanded for explanation highlighting the international standards and rules. Based on the internal UN laws, this letter have been declassified after several months of the date of communication and recently has been published.