October 24, 2010

Dissident cleric beaten in jail after he challenges Hezbollah leader over Iran aid

FDI: Dissident cleric Ayatollah Kazemeyni-Borujerdi was beaten in Evin prison on Oct. 17, just days after he sent a caustic message to Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrollah. Like other political prisoners, Borujerdi is occasionally allowed to use the telephone in the prison courtyard to communicate with his family members. (Cellphones are strictly forbidden to political prisoners in Evin, despite the claims of at least one former prisoner that he managed to smuggle one in).

October 17, 2010

Ayatollah Boroujerdi was given beating in Evin prison

HARANA news agency- Saturday Oct 16th, 2010, in the afternoon the boss of the Special section for clergy in Evin prison, cursed and insulted Mr.Boroujerdi for several times and injured him by using baton.
Based on the reports received by HARANA reporters; one of the prisoners has said this savage action was taken place due to his repeated protests against violating and trampling upon the basic rights.

October 14, 2010

Challenging questions of Mr. Boroujerdi from Seyed Hasan Nasrollah, Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General

Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, a most vocal opponent of theocracy in Iran has written to Hassan Nassrallah criticising him for supporting the creation of an Islamic Republic in Lebanon and hosting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recent visit to the country.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi, who has been incarcerated in Evin prison since 2006, has demanded that Mr. Nassrollah address four vital questions:

1. Is religious dictatorship more detrimental to faith in the Divine and his Prophet or the state of Israel?

October 08, 2010

October 8, the beginning of the fifth anniversary of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's arrest and attack on him

On October 7, 2006, special unit with police and security forces completely surrounded Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi's house, and at dawn on October 8, they raided this popular cleric's home. He along with his family and hundreds of his supporters were arrested.
According to the statements of some eye-witnesses the aggressors used firearms in addition to tear-gas, batons and shocker and with big destructive cars, broke the doors of houses. All the people had come to the scene to prevent Mr.Boroujerdi's arrest, were injured and some also suffered from irreparable physical injuries and diseases so that some of them passed away including Ms. Fatima Nakhy, Mr.Boroujerdi's mother, who was hospitalized after her release from prison and died in February at the same year.