October 17, 2010

Ayatollah Boroujerdi was given beating in Evin prison

HARANA news agency- Saturday Oct 16th, 2010, in the afternoon the boss of the Special section for clergy in Evin prison, cursed and insulted Mr.Boroujerdi for several times and injured him by using baton.
Based on the reports received by HARANA reporters; one of the prisoners has said this savage action was taken place due to his repeated protests against violating and trampling upon the basic rights.
Mr. Boroujerdi had protested against the lack of care and medical facilities, stopping visitation, and transfer of some addicted prisoners to this section for several times during last two weeks. Also he has sent many letters to the responsible authorities of Evin prison and Mr. Ghadiani, the public prosecutor of the Special Court for clergy.
The authorities of Evin prison claim that the Special section for Clergy is directly controlled by the Ministry of Information and the court prosecutor.

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