The extract of challenging biography of Iranian apolitical and independent religious leader Ayatollah Sayyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

Mr. Boroujerdi was born in Boroujerd on Mordad 10th 1337. He learnt the primary lessons in Boroujerd and the complementary levels under supervision of late Ayatollah Seyyed Shahab Marashi Najafi (of the prominent religious authorities and against political religion) in Qom and about 30 years ago he got the position of Rohaniyate (as aclergyman) by Mr. Marashi.
Late Ayatollah Marashi Najafi has described him as a character with overflowing intelligence, penetrating mind, powerful memory and exceptional personality. His mental genius, strong faith and good temper made him more distinguished than the others.
It's needed to notify that sometime ago, Mr. Boroujerdi Announced by an audio file in the prison that “I'm not inclined anymore to wear this frock because this frock has no credit or value neither in Iran nor in international community”.
And he unfrocked himself voluntarily in order to object the crimes and offenses of the leaders of Velayat-e-Faghih.
He was busy with cultural activities and religious propaganda away from political tendencies in the capital city in the early 1370s and these activities caused awareness in the society.
The public reception from his independent activities and divine dynamic thoughts separated from politics caused a protest and jealousy in the governmental Mullahs. This is why a case was fabricated against this religious dissident in the Special Court for Clergy! Eventually, he was kidnapped by officers of Information Ministry on the street in Tir 1374 (June 1995) and was under arrest in Tohid prison (Behind Tehran central post office) for about a year and he tolerated a lot of physical and mental tortures; Since then he has been suffering from kidney and heart problems.
In 1996 to 2001 some times after his release and recovering his health, he again commenced his activities, but after some years he was faced with unjust and reiterated fabricating and chantange of Ministry of Information was summoned to the Special Court for Clergy several times. He was again detained on January 15,2001 and transferred to Evin prison and was tortured in appalling sections 59 and 209 as this time he was afflicted by heart attack and he returned to his family in the summer of 2001 while he wasn't able to do his personal activities and he was suffering from different kinds of physical and mental diseases.
Because of his anti despotic nature he began his activities again in 1381-1383 (2002-2004). During this time, the public tendencies and people's attention toward his peaceful and liberal thoughts got more and more gradually. This time, for controlling and suppressing people's movement, the despotic government of Vilayat-e-Faghih found the solution in killing his father, Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Kazemeini Boroujerdi.
His father, who was one of the most well-known clergymen and jurisprudent in the last fifty years, was one of the opponents of the religious government and political Islam. After his father's murder, security condition and government pressures on Ayatollah Boroujerdi got intensified; in the way that he was called to the court again on Shahrivar 26th 1383( August 16th 2004). After a short term detention, he was released by heavy commitments including disconnection with society. He was permitted to have relation only with his family and relatives and was immediately interrogated by government whenever he had a little connection with the society!
Since 2004-2006 this liberal clergyman was under a terrible pressure as it was almost impossible to have connection with people until 1384 (2005).
And the only way for connecting with people was the indirect way by some of his followers.
In this stage, the intensity of his anti despotic spirit and his attraction caused to gather a huge mass of religious government opponents around him again.
In spite of troubles and severe news boycotts in 1385 (2006), he could make some huge and unique gatherings of protesters and opponents of governmental religion that in many people's opinion it was such as an unofficial referendum in protesting against Mullahs’ government also it was a beautiful and peaceful movement in civil opposition to the dictatorship of Vilayat-e-Faqih.
Despite security and information force's efforts to ban these crowds, the huge presence of people didn't let them do anything.
on Tir 8th 1385 (January 29th 2006) , some months before Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s arrest, a very huge crowd of people gathered together in Shahid keshvari stadium. Based on the statements of pro and con; more than one hundred thousand of people participated in this spiritual crowd without any media coverage and advertisement and in a severe suffocation (pictorial documents).
The magnificence of this crowd gave the government a terrible scare and Mr. Boroujerdi was summoned to the Special court for Clergy immediately after this gathering, but this time, he refused to go there because he clearly knew that he would face fabricated accusations and fake confessions based on previous imposed commitments therefore his physical omission would be prepared as he had been threatened with death penalty several times by the government before too.
So he just gave an answer: “I will not go to the court, come and kill me”!
When the government was sure that it cannot prevent Mr. Boroujerdi from his movement by threatening and alluring, it was determined to arrest him before the next gatherings. So in the morning of Mordad 8th 1385 (January 30, 2009), the government guards attacked Mr.Boroujerdi’s house. When they faced with the resistance of this dissident clergyman, they broke into his house by breaking the locks and doors. At first neighbors, next people from the neighborhood and then the huge support of people didn't let him be arrested. In this attack, the attackers ran away and the mentioned plot got ruined. Mr. Boroujerdi delivered a short speech after this fight and said: »Today in the morning we were attacked. It is surprising that some people accuse America and Israel of attacking Shiite, but I, who am from the most famous family of Shiite, are being attacked in the capital of Shiite country. I am worried that maybe this behavior causes the nation's anger and starts the public riot«.
Since that say, the fans and the followers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi took care of his house all day and night. A large number of people from Tehran and different parts of Iran came to visit him every day and this number was on increase day by day; this situation lasted for seventy days.
In the afternoon of Shahrivar 14 1385 (Sep 5th, 2006) a governmental mullah named sheikh Ahmadi came over as the leader's representative with previous coordination in order to put an end to the existing crises. At first he tried to persuade Mr. Boroujerdi by trickery to take him to the Special court for clergy, but Mr.Boroujerdi said:” I have been summoned there several times, and been arrested and tortured to give up my position and opinion and surely this time the reaction of cruel religious authorities would be harsher. He also added:” there is no reason to go there while I know you want to condemn me for several fake accusations. If you are right, hold a debate between me and some religious authorities who believe in Velayat-e-faqih and political religion, to let the fact be clear for every one.”
The representative of Mr.Khamenei who had been angry with Mr. Boroujerdi reasoning, announced that the government is able to suppress every resistance with the help of Basij, Sepah, the Ministry of Information, security forces and disciplinary officers and the agents of the leadership house ( pressure group )! Give up, otherwise we will do the same thing with you that we did about Shariatmadari (late Ayatollah Seyed Kazem Shariatmadari) and Mojahedin-e-Khalgh! if necessary we will annihilate here, if we deem it necessary.
Sheik Ahmadi's bully and proud behavior caused Mr.Broujerdi to declare his reasons for resisting against this tyranny in the rest of this one hour debate. The audio file of this debate had an international reflection by the effort of Dr.Alireza Norizadeh at that time. Since tomorrow of that day, arresting of Mr.Boroujerdi's relatives formally began around his house. The government's suppressive forces attacked Mr.Boroujerdi's relative's houses at midnight and arrested a lot of them and took them to Evin prison. In the morning of Mehr 15th, 1385 (oct7, 2006), the disciplinary officers ,specific military unit of anti riot, security guards, Basij and pressure group surrounded the area as sheikh Ahmdi (the representative of Mr.khamenei) had said before. They continuously warned by megaphones that either give up or you will be killed.
They tried to force people to give up by air shooting, permanent use of tear gas and also by different kinds of terrifying equipments and machinery, but actually it didn't happen. Eventually in the middle of that night, the command of attack was issued and a lot of people and his supporters were terribly injured because of this cruel and anti humane attack.
Hundreds of people were captured in this fight and most of them were hurt and injured due to bullets and batons; So many people were taken to hospital with critical conditions.
The most important point is that while the way was prepared for Mr.Boroujerdi to escape from Iran during this resistance, he preferred staying to going out of country.
On Sunday Khordad 20, 1386 after nine month intolerable confinement, the first formal trial session of Mr.Boroujerdi's and more than80 number of his followers was held in three branches of the special court of clergy located in Zaferanieh street in Tehran, the trial wasn't open to public and also they weren't allowed to have a lawyer. After arraignment in this session, which lacked the least principles of fair trial, the indictment bill of execution for him and seventy other people was passed and the other accused were condemned for heavy and long punishments! Immediately after broadcasting this news, extensive objections were raised by international associations and Human Rights organizations. Due to these objections, the death sentence was reduced to seven people in the next session of the court. By the continuation of pressures from Human Rights defenders society, the issued sentences were nullified and finally Mr. Boroujerdi was condemned to a year imprisonment and exile for ten years.

According to Mr.Boroujerdi's relatives’ report; his accusations are more than 30 items; the most important ones include:

1) Combat against God and national security.
2) Delivering speeches and provoking public opinions against the government.
3) calling Velayat-e-Faghih is illegitimate.
4) Considering jurisprudents and religious authorities as the deputy of Ministry of Information.
5) Accusing the revolution's founder and leader of innovating in religion and lying.
6) Having relationship with famous personalities against revolution.
7) Accusing high ranking government officials of neglecting people's rights and requests.
8) Using the term »religious dictatorship« instead of »Islamic Republic« in the interviews with foreign televisions and radios
9) Fabricating a new religion named »traditional religion«
10) Abusing his clergy frock.
11) Using cold weapons in confronting with judicial officials and disciplinary forces and so forth.

He informed the world several times about the recent tragedies in Iran by sending letters to some outstanding personalities in the world. In a letter, which was mailed to the U-N General Secretary, Mr.Boroujerdi asked the United Nations to interpose and hold a free referendum in Iran to provide a situation for people to choose their destiny; Of course, he was again faced with severe and violent reaction from the government.
He was exiled from Evin prison in Tehran to central prison in Yazd in Azar 3rd, 1387 (November 23 2008).
He declared his positions by a letter in prison:
Long life peace, justice and freedom, up with Human Rights defenders.
In the name of compassionate God and in remembrance of my homeland and Iranian oppressed people.
Before being exiled from the capital's prison to Yazd prison, I am going to announce my thoughts and practical positions for recording in the contemporary history in order not to be any doubt for conscientious countries.
I, as a universal clergyman with a thirty five-year-record of lecturing , leadership and writing , have spent the whole youth and its special days on social, faith, human and divine services; And also, I have gained a great popularity among people which caused a jealousy among the court mullahs.
I followed my father, who was one of the important defenders of the traditional religion and he sacrificed himself for God, people and service to the deprived and he was killed by Islam claimant executioners in the process of religious propaganda. I am the heir of the fathers who had been religious leaders in Iran and Iraq and they believed that the interference of religion in politics is the disturber of faith. They considered the political Islam as a reason that some religious people leave monotheism.
Now there are some aspects of flagrant disputes between political religion and apolitical religion that I am going to represent to the world's judgments.

The religion we are talking about has a slogan that says "يريدالله بكم اليسر"and introduces the religion authority as a close friend that never causes resentment for his people.
The flag of Islam we consider is "لا يريد بكم العسر"and announces that your creator is not cruel and strict.
The religion we are resisting for its strength says " لا يكلف الله نفسا الا ما اتاه" and also it mentions that your God never imposes strict and sharp law on you because he knows that human is tender and sensitive and without resistance "خلق الانسان ضعيفا " .
He mentions in human's language that he never orders like a cruel and ruthless governor " لا طاقه لنا ".
The religion, which I taught people, has a slogan that says " لا اكراه في الدين " and its lesson is preventing from religious dictatorship.
My primary spiritual lessons, which I teach, are about "يسئلونك ما ذا ينفقون " that is a public recommendation for affection and peaceful co-existence… Our way is tolerance which is indicated in this transcription.
Indeed, the founder of divine religions never sends a messenger or a book to bother people and disturb their living. Our religion is "ملة ابيكم ابراهيم" which recognizes the whole religions' followers and divine religions as a big monotheistic family.
The message of theology teacher, Abraham, is "فمن تبعني فانه مني" which means the unity of all religions and inseparable relationship among all divine religions' followers; therefore, every negative and destructive tension against the world's monotheists is a devil movement.
We recognize the mission of messengers in consistent with every dictatorship, inquisition and violent actions. God said: " اني بعثت لا تمم مكارم الاخلاق " and also he mentioned the prophet was sent along with goodness, beauties and purities.(Audio File )

He was transferred from Yazd's solitary confinement to Evin prison because of his physical problems in Mordad 28th, 1388 (August 19, 2009). According to Mr.khamenei's explicit statement »each day of solitary confinement equals 10 days in general section«, therefore his 11-year- period condemnation would be finished in Aban 30th, 1388 (November 21st, 2009). Despite this fact, the government hasn't pronounced a judgment for releasing this political and ideological prisoner.
The movement, which Ayatollah Boroujerdi leaded for separating religion from government and contradicting Velayat-e-faghih and developing the original religion, has been the most difficult one in today's society, because in addition to harassments and pressures from some traitors, some international and open- minded characters who just see the solution of overturning the despotic government and revealing some mendacious mullahs (who claim to be reformist) in destruction of religion. On the other side, because of his religious and non-political tendencies, some parties and effective organizations didn't support him properly. These are some parts of his problems in his fighting which we can claim such a combination of disasters and deprivations has never been found in any movement!
After so many years of lecturing, writing and individual efforts, he is waiting for justice to heal the irreversible pains of our children while he is under custodianship of some religious predators.
Now his hair has gotten white, his face has become tired, his eyes are dim, his body is injured, his heart is broken and his body is bent due to the world's brutalities, he is bound and ganged and his reputation is trampled by some rumormongers.
He shouted in his trial: » By this revolution's mock religion, you have stained God's name. You have represented Islam as a monster and introduced Rohaniyat (clergymen) as executioners and brigands.
Why should people search for water and dried bread and die of this little legal need while Iran is one of the richest countries in the world!? «
Alas, the true historians are anonymous in their own era and some time later this imprisoned leader's innate pearl will appear, but it will be late and he will not be among us!