August 14, 2021

Recent situation of Mr. Boroujerdi


To the individuals and organizations that follow Mr. Boroujerdi's situation:

Unfortunately, the websites related to Mr. Boroujerdi is facing many problems, which are in fact cyber-attacks similar to those mentioned in our October 12, 2020 statement. This time, the English section of the blog ran into another problem and our efforts for restoring it to its previous address were unsuccessful.

We would like to inform you about the change of the address of “Bame Azadi” English blog, and from now on you can follow the English content of “Bame Azadi” blog through the following link:

Also, with regards to the latest update of his condition, in addition to the cases mentioned in the statements dated April 23, 2017 and October 12, 2020 (the links below), the following items are mentioned.


We hereby announce that Mr. Boroujerdi's physical condition is deteriorating day by day instead of actually improving. He continues to suffer from the past aches and pains that he endured during his eleven years of imprisonment because of undergoing tortures - such as back pain and knee pain, in a way that he is unable to have a restful night due to his pains. Both of his knees are affected by ankylosis or joint stiffness and are swollen. Recently, the tightness and stretching of the tendons and arteries behind his knee have been added to his former complications, which, according to him, are so severe that he cannot move at all. His respiratory problems have also become aggravated, which, of course, worsened due to living in a polluted area of ​​the city in the center of Tehran, and it is necessary for him to be transferred to another area or city with pollution-free air. Both of his hands are shaking severely.