October 12, 2020

Phone Disconnection and Cyber Attacks against Mr. Boroujerdi by the Iranian Government


According to recent News from Tehran, the agents of the Iranian regime have disconnected the phone lines belonging to Boroujerdi, the founder of Monotheism without Borders, today 12 October 2020. Although his family members have appealed the regime’s telecommunication to reconnect, but this request has been denied and is referred to required permission from higher level authorities.

Meanwhile, the cyber army of the regime including the assigned hackers have stormed several websites related to Boroujerdi including the podcast pages where his teaching courses were presented for public. Although the cyber militia still could not take full control on these pages, but the servers have been damaged and the audio files are remained inaccessible.

It is necessary to mention that Boroujerdi had been arrested and jailed due to advocating secularism, peace and freedom on October 2006 and remained in prison for eleven years during which he was being tortured without access to his lawyer, deprived of medical treatment and medicines and even a single day furlough. On January 2017, he was released temporarily after being forced to accept serious conditions imposed by the regime, including a parole bond as surety in addition to be guaranteed by two bondsmen. During the recent years, he has been always kept in-house arrest and his rights of meeting his supporters and followers or holding peaceful assemblies have been continuously denied and he was only able to continue his communication and teachings via telephone lines.

However, this way of communication is also blocked from today and he is no more rightful to be contacted by anybody.

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