March 31, 2009

Insulting attitude to Ayatollah Boroujerdi in the clinic of Yazd central prison

Tuesday morning, March 30, 2009 Ayatollah Boroujerdi faced severe insulting and inhuman behaviors of relevant officials like: Dr. Vali Zare in the clinic of Yazd central prison, it was happened while insulting attitudes to patients and annoying and reproving them for opinion is contrary to the trade and conscience commitments of physicians.
Since here in Iran some conscientious and philanthropist physicians like: Dr. Hesam Firouzi is detained and international physicians are not permitted to visit opinion and political prisoners, government dependant physicians get opportunity to increase governmental inhuman pressures on poor patients are captive in despotism chain.
It is necessary to explain that Mr. Alizade, the chief of Yazd central prison has disavowed every kind of responsibility and claims that he has been ordered by the Information minister, Mr.Mohseni-Ejei to put Mr.Boroujerdi in various physical and psychological pressures and prevent from treating him and sending him drug, to forced this opposed to political religion leader to compromise with the Government.
According to the news received from Yazd central prison; Mr. Boroujerdi has rejected every kind of compromise with the government and asks for holding a free referendum under international supervision. Also he is ready to negotiate with Iran high rank officials on his demands only in the presence of independent lawyers and non governmental reporters.

March 28, 2009

A report about Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s last condition in Yazd prison

Although the ambiguous and dubious death of some political prisoners during last weeks has made a wave of worry in public circles and world Human Rights Organizations, but the officials of the religious regime of Iran have not showed any attention to these notifications and opinion and political prisoners are still imprisoned in the medieval prisons of Islamic Republic in a disturbing condition.
On this subject, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, prisoner for conscience strongly needs urgent medical treatments and necessary remedial facilities and there is fear that if this state be continued, his fate becomes as Omid Reza Mir-Siyafi and Amir Heshmant-Saran’s. Ayatollah Boroujerdi has asked the director of Yazd central prison clinic with a letter to consider his health condition, as his last action to remove existing restrictions. As follows:

Dear Dr. Arkan, Honorable director of the clinic of Yazd central prison:

With greeting and the hope of fulfillment of your humanistic aims as a conscientious physician
I hereby inform you that I have suffered from various physical and psychological diseases during my captivity in the grasp of Islamic despots as these fierce and oppressive thugs will not be satisfied but with my death as a preacher of justice and peace , propagandist of freedom and religious leader so, I submit my medical requires to you as a theist and hospitable physician in order to if they can be found in the plundered treasury of oppressed Iran , give me who am captive in the chain of the dictators claim to religion and republicanism.

1- Moveable European lavatory
2- Crutch
3- Alcohol and cotton
4- Cream to prevent from tight, dry skin
5- Change the number of eyeglasses
6- Protective pill to prevent from tremor
7- Aspirin to prevent from heart attack
8- A drug for vessel block (Nitroglycerin pill )
9- Eyes protective drugs
10-Bone protective drugs(alendronate )
11- A drug to prevent from Alzheimer
And other subjects that need basic and complete examinations.

Thank you

Seyed Hosein Kazemini Boroujerdi

It is necessary to say that international Human Rights Organizations such as: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Campaign for Human Rights have described the health condition of this prisoner for conscience so dangerous and disturbing based on various reports like : the medical report of Dr.Hesam Firouzi, and also have emphasized on necessity of sick leave for him.

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s letter to the chief of judicial power

God says in holy book: “every one who be unjustly killed, we will help some one to take his revenge”
Dear chief of Yazd central prison, Mr. Alizade:

Please forward this letter to the chief of judicial power, Seyed Mahmud Hashemi-Shahroudi as soon as possible, according to your moral, legal, human and Islamic duty.

Dear chief of judicial power:

Although you told me a few years ago that” don’t interfere in the affairs of the Ministry of Information “and you refused to help one of the descendants of holy Mohammad who has sacrificed his life in servicing Islam and the religion of his grandfathers around 50 years, but since prisons are under your control, I’m forced to send my letter to you in order to you don’t have any excuses and pretexts in the time of ” the day that neither possession nor children have gain for man “ and “ the regretting day “ and “ the day of loss and gain” and “ the day that man will run away from his family and relatives” ( these are all the names of the resurrection day in Islamic view). There is no doubt that you believe that Iran regime is a democratic one and you don’t deny this reality that all those countries are the parts of the United Nations have completely accepted its charter. I’m a conscience and political prisoner and believe this regime is null and void and can’t be continued in this way. Can you avoid your legal and international duties just by announcing that there is no political prisoner in Iran, while I have some evidences and documents which have been presented to the United Nations High Court for Human Rights and recorded by my attorneys and are ready for the time of court session? Surly these matters will be considered and solved in those universal sessions by the prominent experts and jurists. Now I account the open and public violations of Human Rights taken on myself:

I have transferred from a prison to another prison and from a section to another one in Tehran and Yazd for 30 months and now I have completely lost my health. I have been in section 209 under extreme physical and psychological tortures. They (government) have always ignored my appeal to hold an open trial in the present of without border reporters and humanist and independence lawyers and also they have silenced and have no reaction regarding my appeal to bring non governmental physicians. They have confiscated my exiguous possession and led to destroy my family.
I’ve heard that they send every one who they want to kill gradually, to Yazd prison that called Secandar prison. They have made solitary confinement for me and have denied telephone to me. How can you speak about Ali’s justice (Imam Ali) in the presence of these so many oppressions and despotisms? According to the United Nations charter that your government is one of its undersigned, the place of a political and opinion prisoner is separated from other prisoners. He has some special privileges such as: keeping in the special place for politicians and daily and continuance communications with his family and lawyers and also the right to visit his lawyers and the representatives of legal and civil institutes of the United Nations. Now I who have become old, sickly and disable during these three years I were taken hostage by the religious and republic regime and I feel death every day, hereby issue an ultimatum to you.
With the hope of the establishment of freedom, Independence and democracy
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

March 25, 2009

Rejection of Iran’s call for compromise by Ayatollah Borojerdi

According to the news received; today March 25, 2009 Mr. Boroujerdi was permitted to call his family. The reports say; a governmental clergyman, who his identity has not been revealed yet, has visited him in Yazd prison during last days and has confessed that every kind of our( government) control on you has had no results as yet and all government’s acts against you such as: denial of phone call and visitation couldn’t prevent from disseminating your messages and news from prison on satellites’ channels and sites, so the government is ready to make compromise with you!
Ayatollah Boroujerdi has said in reply that:” since my case is not individual so, I don’t accept to make compromise at all. I have some demands like: necessity of freedom of press, speech and religion and removing every kind of discrimination in society so, high-rank officials should negotiate with me on these important subjects. Now that I am supported by people, Human Rights defenders and News agencies, I call defense of God-given freedoms of the nation as my duty.”
It is necessary to say that Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been deprived of access to hot water, electricity, proper food and also treatment services since last week. Considering that suspicious death of political and opinion prisoners during last days is a common deed for the government so, immediate intervention of Human Rights Organizations to save Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s life is necessary.
Also this prisoner leader is suffering from severe diseases by now, and asks for visiting a representative from the United Nations Organization.

March 21, 2009

Iran blogger dies in Evin prison

Reports from Iran say Omid Mirsayafi, a blogger who had been jailed for insulting the country's ruling clerics, has died in Tehran's main prison.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran says Mr Mirsayafi, 29, died on Wednesday.

His lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah said officials at the Evin prison told him Mr Mirsayafi had committed suicide and he demanded and immediate inquiry.

There was no immediate comment from Iranian authorities.

In quotes published by AFP, Mr Dadkhah said another Evin prisoner with medical training "had warned officials in the jail of the state the young blogger was in".

The ICHRI says he suffered from severe depression.

Mr Mirsayafi was sentenced last month to 30 months in prison after being convicted of insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other clerics. 

March 19, 2009

Renewed increasing in physical and psychological pressures on Ayatollah Boroujerdi in the beginning of New Year

The officials of Yazd central prison denied Ayatollah Boroujerdi's family to visit him On Wednesday morning, March 18, 2009.
According to the news received, the officials have stopped the hot water used by him for more than a week; also they have denied this critic clergy to have phone call or visitation with his family for several times.
The officials of Yazd central prison claim in talking with Ayatollah Boroujerdi that they don't like these punishments, but they have been put in pressure by high rank authorities to increase torments and tortures on Mr.Boroujerdi and they have under taken to prevent from broadcasting his audio and written messages to out of prison anyway. On other hand the relevant officials prevent him from accessing to special treatments and drugs.
Human Rights Activists in Iran

March 18, 2009

The statement of the followers of the pacific clergy Ayatollah Boroujerdi, to protest against the detention of Dr.Hesam Firouzi coincident in the same

The unforgivable guilt of Dr.Firouzi in the view of oppressive government of Iran is revealing the entity of religious exploitation, also announcing the grave state of well-known opinion and political prisoners like: Mr.Ahmad Batebi, Mohammadi and Mr.Broujerdi too. In spite of this, governmental authorities has charged him with unreal and ridiculous charges such as "acting against national security" to show their illegal acts legal.
Many opinion and political prisoners have suspiciously been killed during the three decades of Mullahs' government, as its last example is the suspicious death of Amir Heshmat-Saran who passed away in hospital while his hands and feet were in chain!
The aim of the government from increasing pressures on this conscientious physician and transferring him to Evin prison on the one hand is intensifying the fear and horror of the atmosphere and on other hand preventing from treating prisoners, as we can find the effects of such these harsh acts, in keeping the number of diseases and defectiveness' of prisoners secret and also increasing in the number of the suspicious murders in prisons.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers in addiction to express their heartfelt sympathy with the respectful family of Dr.Firouzi, announce their firm protest against these inhuman behaviors.
Occurrence of such these unjust acts in the same time of Norouz and the beginning of spring is an obvious evidence on the enmity of the religious government of Iran with all goodness and elegance of the nature.
We hereby ask all Human Rights activists to bring up the matter of Dr. Firouzi's situation in Human Rights Organizations and to follow up his state to achieve required results.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers in Iran and Europe
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17, 2009

The happy message of Ayatollah Boroujerdi on Norooz festival ( Norooz 88 )

Greeting to Norooz, greeting to believers in Norooz in all period of time.
The year 87 that was full of the volcanoes of inflation, dearth, discrimination and inequality finished, but its negative and injurious effects have not let oppressed Iranian people alone and exist in their life yet, a year full of sorrows, hardships, misery and adversity which constantly annoyed and tormented deprived and oppressed country. How can we welcome spring by all heart and soul, while drought has threatened oppressed Iranians` life to devastation as a demon? Dryness and the anger of the sky have pointed to grasses and remind and bring autumn. Today our dear country needs God's blessing strongly.
O'God; surly you have transferred the reaction of the oppression of governor to the nature and have taken blessings from this country.
O'deity; please have mercy on this poor and lonely country and sent your blessings to this sacred land, since we aren't able to tolerate more suffers, both captivity of despotism and the damages of the nature, the earth and the sky.
O' Lord; a perilous year passed on the people who had no right and no rule on their destinies.
You, who are sympathetic to these poor people who are in the chains of religious dictatorship, know better than all what has happened on them, you know how suffocation, violence and disgrace have suffered and annoyed them. How can we say happy on the death of winter, while the beautiful, joyful and lively spring has left us for along time, and the tears of the poor and afflicted people of lovely country ,Iran have replaced happy rains and the dams are full of misery and hopelessness instead of water?!
O' my dear creator; I call you who are merciful and the creator of goodness, to change the situation and shine the fortune sun on this country and send favor, blessing and remission to Iranian people and permit to basic reforms.
With the hope of release of all from annoying restrictions and the fulfillment of public wishes and passing of ups and downs of the current history and beginning of the happiness and justice and with the wish of the new year as be the messenger of freedom, peace, consistency and calm for all people of Iran as no unhappiness, no bitterness and no storm be found in its days and my countrymen be always healthy, and happy and have a nice and beautiful life.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

March 15, 2009


Secularism represents an ideal ideology for relieving men of all spiritual doubts.
In their intellectual and natural development the point of view of those familiar with spirituality do not lend themselves to being disappointed with social turmoil nor give into religious uncertainty.
If we consider the disadvantages and damages inflicted by this non-Secular government, we realize that its effects are so negative, widely spread and profound, that they demolish every pride and honor of Islam's religious founders.
Orders issued by this non-Secular government restrict the movements of its society and create suspicion towards religion and its pivotal role.
Turning to Secularism is the only way to save Iran from a definite material and spiritual regression.
Damages brought on by eliminating different religions at the hands of the irreligious are so significant that they would adversely affect many generations yet to come, bringing back dangerous periods in history in where justice, peace and conscience were weaker than ever.
Without a doubt, Islamic decrees are subject to many limitations in need of constant modern interpretation, providing guidance to its followers with prudent, regional and emotional justifications, preventing attitudes of Islam from falling into inevitable contempt and revulsion.
Every government can present its people with discipline, wellbeing and security by applying social and civil rules and regulations. However, combining these rules with Islam's leads to discrepancies and inconsistencies.
The only way to rescue the people from dictatorship, misery and poverty is to incorporate people's wishes and requests democratically.
When establishing the laws of a country, people's interests, concerns and tendencies should be taken into account in order to prevent their rights from being overlooked in anyway. The general views and ideas of the public should be the absolute authority.
Experiences gained from the 30 years since the Islamic revolution imply the fact that the majority of the public lacks respect for the strict, so called "Islamic" regulations and expectations.
At present, the time of accepting aggressive deeds under the guise of "Qur'anic verses" has come to an end. People are tired of unjustified and illogical does and don'ts. The fate of a religious government has been set as hatred of other countries towards it.
Republicanism is used as a hidden tool by the dictators in order to put their requests ahead of those of the people's. Understandably they have caused anger within the public.
Nowadays finding a republican government which approves of the public being in charge of the public for the sake of the public is significantly rare. More embarrassing than that is the pairing of the word "republic" with "Islamic," which not only sounds like a bad joke but also leads to no end other than disgracing God and the saints.
The only way to free a country under the ill-treatment of a despotic government that coats itself with religion is a referendum devoid of bribery in order to correct abolished manners and cure this injected infection of injustice. In this referendum every individual should have the right to chose his/her desired method of a political regime.
Generally, the most significant problems in Iran represent freedom of thought, and liberty of speech and religion devoid of imposed religious limitations.
People's excessive dislike towards this regime's version of Islam is to the point that efforts are made to forget Islamic practices taught by their forefathers. Even the people who thirty years ago where famous for their undying love of Hussein, Reza and Ali, are now ashamed of naming their children after them.
To attain benevolence people all over the world need to reach a single conclusion, an agreement to free those affected by cruelty, to guide them towards their absolute rights, to stop the ongoing selfishness and self-centeredness of their bullies. This is not achieved easily unless the collective decides to take the power out of the hands of this regime, to make them withdraw. Maybe then we can give our people the right to breathe and live again.
The Gathering of all experienced legal experts and attorneys, proficient sociologist, sincere peacemakers and trustworthy people, under the supervision of the defenders of peace and freedom, can give us the opportunity to take over, forcing the regime adhere to people's wishes.
The Contribution of liberal, independent and benevolent clergies in this kind of society, can influence the religious multitude for the better. Incorrect religious beliefs, which are the result of the teachings of this regime's misleading Mullahs have destroyed their beliefs and created a sea of irrational baseless suggestions under the guise "Islamic" ideology, constituting a major reason for this regime's ever expanding power. The regime takes advantage of the society under the name of religion and injects dangerous misinterpreted beliefs and ways of worshiping God. As a consequence, not only is respect towards God is destroyed but also the culture at large.
There are so many fake religions surrounding believers these days that any blind obedience is considered the word of God and is openly accepted.
We believe that the only cure for the disease of "religious revulsion" is disclosing this regime's secrets. The inception of democracy in Iran is commensurate with turning away from unhealthy interpretations of religion towards a realization of true religion.
This is where our active and creative cooperation and contributions, and the carelessness of the world towards my situation, especially during the past 3 years, becomes apparent, making this regime more powerful than ever in its efforts of internal suppression. For that reason international support and assistance for this imprisoned religious leader and an agreement between the powers of the world to strengthen my word and goals can bring back hope of Secularism and a democratic future for Iran.
Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

March 14, 2009

Dr.Hesam Firouzi, the physician of opinion and political prisoner was taken to prison

Today, Dr.Hesam Firouzi, the physician of the political prisoners including: Ahmad Batebi, Akbar Gangi, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Abolfazl Jahandar, Akbar Mohammadi and etc was taken to prison in order to execute the sentence "15 months imprisonment", issued by the Engelab court (revolution court), 6th branch. 

Dr.Hesam Firouzi had earlier been detained several times, that after making file, he was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and the sentence was approved in the court after revision and today he was taken to prison.

He has been sentenced on the charge of acting against national security, blowing rumors, protecting and treating political prisoners and disturbing public opinion.

Human Rights Activists in Iran

March 13, 2009

The birthday of holy Mohammad, the prophet of Islam And the happy message of Ayatollah Boroujerdi inside Yazd prison

In the name of the merciful God and in memory of the prophet who his prophecy was all mercy, generosity and kindness. Happy the birthday of the selected human who his word was "hello", his stance was friendship and health and his thought was remission, forgiveness and peace. I congratulate all followers of holly Mohammad in all over the world on the birthday of this holly prophet, also I remind of his moderate way and custom which is away from violence, blind fanaticisms and disturbance. There is the custom and the way of living and acting of this holy prophet of Islam that is contrary to all extremists' slogans, terroristic movements and rough actions, according to this custom the path of egoism, despotism and conceit has been obstructed.
His presence in the Islamic society was simple and with out ceremony, he lived like other people without dependence on government and power as if a person saw him, he couldn't distinguish between governor and subordinate because he held meetings without guard agents and security controls. He was so attractive and kind that on the time of meeting some one first he started greeting and saying hello. His humanism necessitated going to meet his enmities and visit patients without attention to opinion conflicts. His pacifism was at such high level that in the time of conquest of Mecca he shouted:" today is the time of remission and reconcile with my enemies". His justice was so that he forgave the leader of his opponents and enemies and made his house a safe place as every one could take it as a refuge and be safe from retaliation there.
He announced in his final speech with perfect courage and bravely:" if I have oppressed some one, I'm ready to be punished". He introduced one who doesn't annoy people and people are in calm and peace with him, as his real follower. He never made a prison or tortured a captive during his administration and leadership; he even forgave the killer of the commander of his army. He was concern about human's future and recommended to peaceful life even while he was dying.
With the wish of fulfillment of his ideal
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
For audio message click here

March 10, 2009

Mrs.Zohre Sharifi is released

Mrs. Zohre Sharifi, one of the followers of the liberal clergy Ayatollah Boroujerdi was released, after 21days in detention and under torture on Monday night, March 9, 2009 by giving heavy security.
This Iranian lady, who is married and has a child, had been detained along with her husband and child and transferred to Evin prison by governmental agents on Feb 17.
It is necessary to say that she had been arrested on Oct 2006 because of her belief in separation of religion from the state and her advocacy for Ayatollah Boroujerdi's peaceful thoughts. The news published states that her three- month-old foetus has been aborted due to severe tortures during the detention.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers thank all Human Rights activists and liberal media for advocating and reflecting the news on this militant woman.

March 07, 2009

Happy 8th of March, International Woman's Day

The day 8th of March is a pretext for reviewing our thoughts regarding the identity of this sacred creature and removing discrimination and feeble-mindedness about her also it is a chance to announce effective advocacy for women's movement and to protest against continuing the detention of women rights activists in Iran.
Maybe, it can be said that Ayatollah Boroujerdi is the sole clergy that has a progressive view on woman's place, but no opportunity has still been provided to express his comprehensive viewpoints in regard to women, because of many reasons that there is no time to mention.
If situation be provided to express his viewpoints on the world around freely, we will surly witness the presentation of the pretties and the most graceful ideas about woman, from this pacifist prisoner.
This great day is a chance to review a selection of the viewpoints of this freethinker and liberal clergy about woman:

Woman in Ayatollah Boroujerdi's view:
From his writings and interviews

Woman is the beautiful creature of God .women are talented and powerful to do every thing. In occupational and trade divisions woman's veneration and holiness must be observed and the delicacy and elegance of woman who is responsible for civilization and generation must not be forgotten. Trading her chastity must be avoided and we must never use her as a means for marketing and must never ignore her God-given positions, though woman's position has been abused during last ages and indecent traders have abused this sacred gender in different cases.

Please explain the rights and limits of women ?
Woman is the partner of man in administration of the life affairs .women have the same position in creation that men have achieved and each law violates their personality and credit integrity is worthless .All judgments which lead to humiliating and regressing women are as the Human Rights violators. Every kind of limits and restrictions which cause reduction in their success and enjoyment of life are unrespectable and unenforceable. Scientific and social fields must not cause limitation and strait for them

What's your opinion on equality of the rights of man and woman ?
About that part which is relevant to Islamic laws it must be said that Islamic laws are based on jurisprudence, it means, they can be changed according to the different situation of time and place, but if religion and the state be separated , these problems will be solved through a great vision .

Please tell us what is women's place in your viewpoint ?
If you observe our monthly meeting, you will understand that the majority of those present are women and my disciples are mostly ladies. In my thought and research procedure women have the main responsibility and a special place in creation and honoring this great part of the creation is reverence for god. I expect women to join us and help to wipe terrorism and unjust groups.

What's your opinion on the repression of the different groups of people ?
I believe we can’t call a government which represses people, republic especially if it represses by the Islamic pretexts, it can be called Islamic. I protest against the use of the world "Islamic republic". I have expressed my protests against repression of my countrymen in the letters to the religious characters of the world too.

March 04, 2009

Increasing pressures on one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers

According to the reports received; Mrs.Zohre Sharifi, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers, is ill-treated and under pressures to make what that called confession. Informed sources give information on bringing false charges against people and trying to prove these charges by taking forced confessions by the Security System.
It is necessary to say that Mrs. Zohre Sharifi was detained on Mehr 16, 1387( Oct 8, 2006 ) for the first time. She was severely beaten and hurt in the time of arrest. She was interrogated and beaten for along time on Bahman 9, 1387 ( Jan 28,2009 ) too. The intensity of the violation was so that led to abort in the third month of her pregnancy. Also on Bahman 29, 1387 ( Feb 17, 2009 ) the government agents broke her house door, entered her place, arrested her and confiscated her personal things. She is married and has a child.

March 03, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's need of medical examinations and surgical operation

Ayatollah Boroujerdi, the prisoner of opinion is suffering from severe pain in bone, knee and pelvis, whereas he has been deprived of medical cares.
Mr. Boroujerdi has asked for permission to remedy out of prison for several times, but this appeal has not been accepted by relative officials. The authorities of Yazd prison claim that they have asked the officials of the Special Court for the clergy for information on issuing such this permission, but they (SCC officials) believe it is probable that Mr. Boroujerdi be kidnapped by his followers after coming out of prison, so they are opposed to treatment out of prison!
In addition the officials of Yazd prison have announced their approval on the examination inside prison by specialist physicians during their last reaction, but according to the statements of the specialist physicians like Dr.Ali Najafi, the orthopedist in Yazd city; this matter is impossible because of the lack of advanced medical equipments like MRI in Yazd prison.
Human Rights Activists in Iran

Ayatollah Boroujerdi : I have always recommended that religion must be separated from government

According to a released document in newspapers of September 1, 2001, coincide with increasing pressure, suffocation and execution of rough juristic judgments on people , Ayatollah Boroujerdi announced his public protest ,as follows :
The main problem of our country, people and religion in current situation is interference of all affairs together .Religion has been used as a means for political intentions, whereas religious scholars' duty is engaging in and performing religious affairs and must leave government to politicians, but today the center of power and politics that is with oppression , violence and injustice has formed religious government which its effects and results are harmful for every body and I have always recommended that religion must be separated from government.
Some people believe that Ayatollah Boroujerdi didn't have any opinions and beliefs in separation of religion from state before his detention and he has expressed such these subjects after his arrest to attract the attention of the world!
The publication of the above document is a firm reason that rejects such these rumors and shows and reveals the severe opinion conflicts between him and the government during past years.
This religious leader has always been faced various restrictions and threats, for example: on September 30, 2002 he had been warned with a letter by the government that he and his brother who is a clergy too, don't have permission to continue the Imamate (leadership) of Masjed-e Noor mosque anymore.

March 02, 2009

The lack of information on Mrs.Zohre Sharifi, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers, for 14 days

Mrs.Zohre Sharifi one of the followers of "the separation of religion and state" theory has been held in custody yet and there is no exact information on her condition and the location of detention. Passing of 14th day of her detention has made massive concerns in her family and relatives.

Mrs.Zohre Sharifi had been detained along with Ladies Maryam Ghasemi and Zahra AbdollahVand in the location of the Special court for the clergy on January 28, due to protest against continuing the violation of legal and human rights of Ayatollah Boroujerdi; she was released after the first inquires. 

She that is married and has one child, was detained along with her husband, Mr. Mohammad Ansari and her son (Amirmahdi Ansari) in her house on Feb 17 by security forces and taken to Evin prison. That day morning, the security forces raided her house without legal ground and took some of her personal things.

The received reports say that she is severely under torture and annoying behaviors , although she has a 5-year-old son, but she has been deprived of having any kind of relations with her family as yet.

The followers of the pacifist clergy, Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi ask for ending to unreasonable detentions and continuous pressures on the followers of "the separation of religion and state", in addition they call on all Human Rights activists and organizations to help to put the authorities of Islamic Republic in more pressures .