March 07, 2009

Happy 8th of March, International Woman's Day

The day 8th of March is a pretext for reviewing our thoughts regarding the identity of this sacred creature and removing discrimination and feeble-mindedness about her also it is a chance to announce effective advocacy for women's movement and to protest against continuing the detention of women rights activists in Iran.
Maybe, it can be said that Ayatollah Boroujerdi is the sole clergy that has a progressive view on woman's place, but no opportunity has still been provided to express his comprehensive viewpoints in regard to women, because of many reasons that there is no time to mention.
If situation be provided to express his viewpoints on the world around freely, we will surly witness the presentation of the pretties and the most graceful ideas about woman, from this pacifist prisoner.
This great day is a chance to review a selection of the viewpoints of this freethinker and liberal clergy about woman:

Woman in Ayatollah Boroujerdi's view:
From his writings and interviews

Woman is the beautiful creature of God .women are talented and powerful to do every thing. In occupational and trade divisions woman's veneration and holiness must be observed and the delicacy and elegance of woman who is responsible for civilization and generation must not be forgotten. Trading her chastity must be avoided and we must never use her as a means for marketing and must never ignore her God-given positions, though woman's position has been abused during last ages and indecent traders have abused this sacred gender in different cases.

Please explain the rights and limits of women ?
Woman is the partner of man in administration of the life affairs .women have the same position in creation that men have achieved and each law violates their personality and credit integrity is worthless .All judgments which lead to humiliating and regressing women are as the Human Rights violators. Every kind of limits and restrictions which cause reduction in their success and enjoyment of life are unrespectable and unenforceable. Scientific and social fields must not cause limitation and strait for them

What's your opinion on equality of the rights of man and woman ?
About that part which is relevant to Islamic laws it must be said that Islamic laws are based on jurisprudence, it means, they can be changed according to the different situation of time and place, but if religion and the state be separated , these problems will be solved through a great vision .

Please tell us what is women's place in your viewpoint ?
If you observe our monthly meeting, you will understand that the majority of those present are women and my disciples are mostly ladies. In my thought and research procedure women have the main responsibility and a special place in creation and honoring this great part of the creation is reverence for god. I expect women to join us and help to wipe terrorism and unjust groups.

What's your opinion on the repression of the different groups of people ?
I believe we can’t call a government which represses people, republic especially if it represses by the Islamic pretexts, it can be called Islamic. I protest against the use of the world "Islamic republic". I have expressed my protests against repression of my countrymen in the letters to the religious characters of the world too.

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