March 17, 2009

The happy message of Ayatollah Boroujerdi on Norooz festival ( Norooz 88 )

Greeting to Norooz, greeting to believers in Norooz in all period of time.
The year 87 that was full of the volcanoes of inflation, dearth, discrimination and inequality finished, but its negative and injurious effects have not let oppressed Iranian people alone and exist in their life yet, a year full of sorrows, hardships, misery and adversity which constantly annoyed and tormented deprived and oppressed country. How can we welcome spring by all heart and soul, while drought has threatened oppressed Iranians` life to devastation as a demon? Dryness and the anger of the sky have pointed to grasses and remind and bring autumn. Today our dear country needs God's blessing strongly.
O'God; surly you have transferred the reaction of the oppression of governor to the nature and have taken blessings from this country.
O'deity; please have mercy on this poor and lonely country and sent your blessings to this sacred land, since we aren't able to tolerate more suffers, both captivity of despotism and the damages of the nature, the earth and the sky.
O' Lord; a perilous year passed on the people who had no right and no rule on their destinies.
You, who are sympathetic to these poor people who are in the chains of religious dictatorship, know better than all what has happened on them, you know how suffocation, violence and disgrace have suffered and annoyed them. How can we say happy on the death of winter, while the beautiful, joyful and lively spring has left us for along time, and the tears of the poor and afflicted people of lovely country ,Iran have replaced happy rains and the dams are full of misery and hopelessness instead of water?!
O' my dear creator; I call you who are merciful and the creator of goodness, to change the situation and shine the fortune sun on this country and send favor, blessing and remission to Iranian people and permit to basic reforms.
With the hope of release of all from annoying restrictions and the fulfillment of public wishes and passing of ups and downs of the current history and beginning of the happiness and justice and with the wish of the new year as be the messenger of freedom, peace, consistency and calm for all people of Iran as no unhappiness, no bitterness and no storm be found in its days and my countrymen be always healthy, and happy and have a nice and beautiful life.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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