December 24, 2013

The message of Kazemeini-Boroujerdi for Christmas

Peace be upon the soul of the Almighty, Jesus Christ
 I salute the great prophet who taught compassion to humanity and brought the light of love to the world. 
 I offer my sincerest prayers to this divine messenger whose name has radiated throughout history, who became the link to the gentleness of the divine, who brought light to the darkness of the soul and alleviated the burden of suffering, all the while inviting mankind to grace, charity and solace.  

December 21, 2013

A Greeting from an Iranian prisoner of conscience to Christians on the threshold of the New Year

Prisoner conscience in Evin,Mr Boroujerdi has sent out profound greetings to the Christians all over the world and his compatriots for the new year threshold.

December 18, 2013

Boroujerdi Prohibited from Meeting with Delegation from European Parliament

Special Clerical Tribunal Tortures and Threatens Imprisoned Cleric, Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi at During European Parliament Delegation Trip to Iran

According to a report submitted to the "Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran" liberal cleric Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi spent 6 hours at the headquarters of the Special Clerical Tribunal under interrogation, threats and psychological torture. 

December 06, 2013

Ronaghi Maleki and Kazemeyni Boroujerdi in Urgent Need of Medical Care

Amnesty USA: Political prisoners in Iran, including prisoners of conscience, are routinely subjected to inhuman and degrading prison conditions, including overcrowding, poor food and water, dirty and unsanitary facilities, and medical neglect. Many of them suffered severe injuries as a result of torture in custody that have never been properly treated while many others contract chronic and debilitating ailments including kidney and lung infections. Political prisoners, who seek medical leave to enable them to receive urgent or specialized medical care, as permitted under Iranian law, often see their requests arbitrarily rejected and appear to be routinely discriminated against by the prison administration.

December 03, 2013

Abuse, threats and vicious interrogation of Kazemeini-Boroujerdi family in Evin prison’s visiting room

According to reports received by Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran," the family of cleric, Mr.Kazemeini-Boroujerdi were verbally abused, and were forced into violative inspection at the hands of agents from the Ministry of Intelligence.
 On Saturday, November 30th, the Boroujerdi family went to Evin prison to visit Mr. Boroujerdi. There, they were confronted with severe physical inspections that were much more abusive than the usual treatment. Mr. Boroujerdi's family, including his wife and young daughters, who were verbally abused and insulted. They were even more brutalized when they dared to protest the guards conduct.