March 27, 2010

Urgent news: beating and insulting Ayatollah Boroujerdi in Evin prison

This morning Mr. Boroujerdi was beat and insulted in special ward for clergy by prison authorities and was threatened to transferring to solitary confinement too. Prison authorities have not presented any reason for this action yet, but as the evidences show this inhumane action is a pre-arranged tragedy which has been taken following the failure of the machinations of the authorities of special court for clergy in last month. It is necessary to say that Mr. Ghadyani, the prosecuting attorney in special court for clergy, had threatened Mr. Boroujerdi to increase in the pressures and tortures several times during last month.

Saturday, March 27

March 24, 2010

Happy Nowrooz to Iranian people

Happy New Year and the start of the spring and life
We celebrate this ancient celebration of our ancestors in the hope that it will be a start for the celebration of light and freedom in Iran and the end of the darkness and gloom of Vilayat-e-Faqih obscurantists in our pure country, Iran.
But this year Nowrooz in Iran is not like last years. It is opportune to share our happiness with the families of political and ideological prisoners and of all victims of freedom. Let’s band and tie our hearts together and prepare ourselves for a new combat against the reactionist and the petrified of Vilayet-e-Faqih and promise not to be silent until achieve Iran’s freedom.
Oh, compatriot; let’s pray for releasing all prisoners of Iran at the beginning of New Year.

March 22, 2010

The annual report of the Foreign Ministry of America on Human Rights in Iran

The annual report of the Foreign Ministry of America on Human Rights was released last week. According to this report Human Rights state in Iran in 2009 has been worse than before. This report has criticized Iran regime because of suppressing the protestors against 10th presidency election also accused the regime of increasing pressure on Students, Religious and Ethnical Minorities and women Rights activists.

It has been brought in this report about the condition of Ayatollah Boroujerdi:

Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi is being kept in special ward for clergy in Evin prison despite appeals for his release on medical grounds and in spite of the efforts of Human Rights activists about his state, he has been detained in solitary confinement without access to an independent lawyer since his arrest in 2009. Prior to his arrest, the government had increased pressure on him for his belief that religion and state should be separate.

March 14, 2010

The public prosecutor of Special Court for clergy visited Evin

The public prosecutor of special court for clergy, Mr. Ja’far Ghadyani, visited the special section of clergy in Evin prison last week. According to the reports received, during the visitation when he faced Mr. Boroujerdi, he was touched by the grave physical condition of this imprisoned clergy and said in reply to the protests of this political and ideological prisoner against the violation of his logical rights by the government: we can’t agree with your apply for sick leave, because your public opposition to Vilayat-e-Faqih, your popularity and your last relations with foreign media have made the government concerned in this critical situation seriously.
It is necessary to say that except high ranking authorities of the Special court for clergy,
none of judicial authorities and parliament members have been permitted to visit this appalling section yet.

March 07, 2010

The position of woman from Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s viewpoint

Happy March 8, woman’s world day

One of the important and controversial topics which has engaged the mind of civilized states, just intellectuals and progressive thinkers for many years and many words have been written on it, is “definition and specification of woman’s rights and limits”. Although the civic society of today can’t accept and endure discrimination, despotism and egoism and has almost resisted against sexism, but after many centuries the renaissance of thoughts has not completely matured yet as it has not been able to present a comprehensive constitution on the rights of this beautiful divine creature and there are many thought and ideological contracts on the quality and the way of the execution of the related laws which have not mostly stepped beyond the apparent and facial aspect.
Mr. Boroujerdi, theorist and religious intellectual, has expressed some of woman’s privileges by a fair and open view, using a new literature beyond religious borders and by relying on some documents of the holy books, that I draw the attentions of dear readers to some parts of them:

Letter Stephan Kazemi

To the Prime Minister of Canada,
Two months and a half ago, a journalist contacted me, seeking my reactions to comments by your Minister of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, January 11th. These comments were made in the context of the release of a report by an Iranian Parliamentary Committee implicating the former Attorney-General of Tehran, Saeed Mortazavi, in the death of three prisoners arrested during the protests which followed last summer’s contested elections. In response, the Minister reiterated Canada’s demands that Iran repatriate the body of my mother, Ziba Kazemi, and hold an independent inquiry into the circumstances of her arrest, detention and death at the hands of Iranian authorities in July 2003.
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