October 20, 2022

Boroujerdi's Representatives call all Islamic Scholars, Especially Sunni Scholars, to Support the Iranian People


Dear Islamic scholars, especially Ahl As-Sunnah wa Al-Jama’ah scholars,

Greetings and blessings to you all who are defenders of humanity,

You are certainly cognizant of the current situation in The Islamic Republic of Iran, well known as an Islamic country, where a new movement has been erupted across Iran in protest the murder of an innocent young Iranian girl, Mahsa Amini, 22, who died after being detained by Iranian morality police. The consequence of this murder that occurred by the name of Allah and under the principal of Islamic law has led to the awakening of Iranians’ conscience and all the justice-seekers across the world. A movement ignited by hidden fire under the ashes which was caused by suffocated protests of oppressed nations and those who are suffering from religious laws, which led it to an explosion! An explosion that killed a great number of our compatriots overall Iran, specifically in Kurdistan and Zahedan. Now, our respected compatriots, mostly those who are living near the provinces’ border, where many of them are Sunnis and have been under religious and ethnic discrimination for many years. They have faced the tragedy of indiscriminate and brutal slaughter due to the internet disconnection and lack of access to the network for reporting information especially in Sanandaj and Zahedan.

Unarmed people including women and men, and youth have been resisting in the streets of Iran over the past few weeks. Every day, more and more innocent people are being killed simply by order of the religious government. Under the Islamic law, under the name of Allah, and under the vision of Islamic religion just because they are supporting and demanding their rights for justice and humanity.

During this period of 44 years, the Iranian nation has repeatedly announced their own wishes, which are demanding to be free and safe from all the shackles that were formed by religious rule and promote their right to live a decent life under justice and international law, but they have always been severely suppressed. This is not the first resistance and/ or uprising of Iranians for freedom and justice and will not be the last. Unfortunately, we are witnessing that the politicians and powerful people, who have supported religious sovereignty in the Middle East, specifically in Iran, have not adequately defended the Iranian nation. In other words, the Iranian nation has been deprived of effective international support many times. On account of this, the people's uprising did not achieve the expected results, and consequently, young people and even children were killed. Many parents are grieving for the loss of their loved ones, many people were arrested and tortured, and also were deprived of their rights for any social activities. It was so that people's hopes and aspirations have turned to despair. Oppressed and unarmed people have taken to the streets to peacefully call for their fundamental rights and freedoms to be respected, and have raised their peaceful voices out loud, but they don't have real support neither from the media, nor from powerful governments, and/ or they don't have weapons to defend themselves! Their chests are targeted by bullets, and their blood is imprinted on the surface of the streets in both small and big cities in Iran. These destitute and deprived citizens have been dispersed either by various conspiracies or forced to remain silent due to severe repression and strangulation. Unfortunately, some of our compatriots who live inside the country or abroad have been seeking to take advantage of civil disorder to confiscate this spontaneous movement for their own favor and divide the power and spoils among themselves.

At this time, the people cautiously phase out all existing conspiracies with one voice and one heart. They have been accompanying each other seamlessly to shout for freedom which caused public attention around the world to shift to them. Well known athletes, artists, and even members of the parliaments in different countries have expressed their sympathy, favoritism, and have been siding with the people verbally without any function in the face of such widespread violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Indeed, practically what is seen from the governments is either indifference or a small amount of support such as sanctioning Iran’s ‘Morality Police,’ which does not affect the fate of the people. Meanwhile, Iran’s ‘Morality Police’ is not considered even as a drop of slough or swamp! Unfortunately, European and American governments have taken a meaningful silence instead of seeking to address the root causes of these peaceful protests and providing people's needs including access to the internet which is one of the priorities of conveying the voices of the oppressed. They promised to provide the internet, but they did not fulfill it, and it caused the people to be suppressed and massacred because of the absence of the internet. During this historical moment, when the brave Iranians regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. are coming together as one voice to sacrifice their lives in order to confront the crimes that were committed by the name of Allah, our expectation is for all social class including guilds, association, community, and groups to assist the Iranian oppressed by whatever means possible.

Although, this movement is free from any party affiliation, either political or religious parties, and it only consists of the compassionate and united presence of protestors who have been gathering for a common purpose regardless of their faith, age, gender, color, national origin, or race. Therefore, our expectation is for all social classes including guilds, association, community, and groups to assist the Iranian oppression by whatever means possible. It is obvious that the victory of the Iranian people is not dependent on the presence or absence of people in the streets, but it requires the support of the international community, political advocacy, and financial contribution from powerful world governments.

Dear scholars of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jama`a all over the world, please expedite to assist our Sunni's border residents who have been massacred and covered in dirt and blood in these provinces. Dear Al-Azhar scholars, please stop these cruel murders which occurred in the name of God and religion by alerting and uniting all Muslim nations around the world to help these innocent people. Dear Shiite scholars do not remain silent for the heinous crimes against humanity which occurs in the name of Shiism. Are your beliefs the same as theirs? Is it compatible with your conscience? Please make haste to help the oppressed people of Iran.

Dear thinking figures,

If the people become united around the world, they will be able to bring the governments to their knees to fulfill people's wills. Today is the day of acting, so if you believe that justice is superior above all else, and if you assert that you believe in a God who is merciful and calls himself Ar-rahman Al-rahim which means Allah, the most merciful, an attribute of Allah. Today, people are questioning and accusing God because of the dictatorial performance of Iranian government, therefore, please do not remain silent anymore when women, men, and their children are being killed in the streets. We are hoping for your kind cooperation and collaboration as great religious scholars and supporters of Islam to stop homicide of innocent people in the name of God in order to create a world where peace is built with justice and made fit and safe to live for all nations.

Background information:

Boroujerdi is the most prominent Shi’a victim of such repression. He has spent most of his life researching religion, particularly Islam. In fact, for his outspoken support of the separation of religion from politics and for his advocacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he was brutally arrested along with dozens of supporters and members of his family by the Iranian regime in 2006. He was taken to Evin prison and was tried in a special court whose procedures fell far short of international standards; initially, he was sentenced to death, but upon appeals, his sentence was reduced to 11 years in prison and was also deported to other prisons. Boroujerdi was also the victim of several assassination attempts in prison. His health has badly deteriorated. He has suffered from many serious diseases, and he has been denied adequate medical care in prison. He has even been prevented from having any access to a lawyer and has never been given any furlough. Despite the fact, since Boroujerdi was released from prison on temporary medical leave in January 2017, he has been effectively placed under house arrest while he has completed his 11-year sentence; they have put high levels of pressure on him. He would not talk to the media or participate in gatherings of more than ten people, and he was deprived of the right to have an office, hold any kind of gathering, or hold face-to-face teaching activities. Through all of this, they imposed social isolation and loneliness on him. His home in Tehran is under 24-hour surveillance currently. Even during this time, Boroujerdi continued to be the target of assassination attempts several times, including being injected with poisonous substances three times, attempting to kill him through car crashes more than twice. They have also put high levels of pressure on his doctors and medical staff, stole and/or destroyed his medical records and documents, and replaced prescribed medications with dangerous and unknown medicine or other substances. In September 2022, they injected poisonous substances into his body in the hospital to torture and kill him. It is readily apparent that he cannot benefit from immediate medical treatments in the hospital, even outside the prison.

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