April 28, 2010

Mr. Boroujerdi’s first phone call after some days under tortures in solitary confinement

These damages are resulted from revealing and withstanding at the tortures of religious despots and from the inattention of international communities, responsible characters and some of news agencies!
Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been threatened to amputation of his hands if he says anything about the tortures!
The text of the audio file is as follow;
I have called to inform you that I have come out of solitary confinement right now. I was in the special ward of Information. They said: “you made rebellion and incited prisoners”. And finally they told me: “don’t say anything, if you say a word, we will amputate your hands”.
If I was officially recognized as an independent religious leader by the United Nations, they couldn’t torture me this much.
If God pleases, these difficulties will finish and the condition will become better.
March 2010

April 25, 2010

Mr. Boroujerdi, the victim of defense of human rights in prison

This morning April 25, Nosratabadi, second assistant of Jafar Ghadyani in the special court for clergy, said to Mr. Boroujerdi’s family: “Kazemeini Boroujerdi has been transferred to solitary confinement under the order of the authorities of Evin prison!”
Also Nosratabadi has claimed that:” Kazemeini Boroujerdi had made rebellion in prison and abused his phone opportunities to report the news and events in prison to out of prison too, and because of this the authorities of Evin prison has made such decision to punish him and to be a lesson for other prisoners!”

The transfer of Ayatollah Boroujerdi to solitary confinement

According to the report received from Evin prison; Ayatollah Boroujerdi has been transferred to solitary confinement since April 22, 2010 following his protest against the continual violation of his rights and of other prisoners, but there is no more information about his condition yet.
It must be said that Mr. Boroujerdi has spent about one year of his 44-month- imprisonment in solitary confinements of Evin prison and Yazd central prison as yet and based upon the declaration of the supreme leader released on January 7, 1995: “each day in solitary confinement should be counted equal to 10 days in general section “the imprisonment period of this political and ideological prisoner had been finished in Dec 2009.
Since there had been some machinations planed to kill this dissident prisoner during last months, continuance of this condition has increased the concern of Human Rights defenders and the opponents of religious government about Mr. Boroujerdi’s life.

April 22, 2010

Ayatollah Boroujerdi was transferred to an unknown place on the charge of turbulence

According to the report received this morning April 22, Mr. Boroujerdi was beaten by the prison’s officials and transferred to an unknown place, because of protesting against human rights violation in the prison. Of course his protest was faced with support of all the prisoners.
The prison’s authorities have claimed that his aim has been turbulence and rebellion, whereas Mr. Boroujerdi has only protested against violating the primitive rights of prisoners like: “being debarred from visitation, distribution of polluted and expired foods, stopping hot water, the lack of health facilities and life security and also the inhumane behaviors of some of the prison’s officials”. 

April 19, 2010

An appeal of Mr. Boroujerdi’s family to the secretary-General of United Nations

Dear Dr. Ban Ki-Moon,
The secretary General of United Nations,
Your Excellency,

Subject: an appeal for Mr. Boroujerdi’s grave condition
Respectfully, we would like to inform you that Mr. Boroujerdi, the well-known prisoner of conscience, has been imprisoned since 8th October 2006 in general sections and solitary confinements of different prisons of Iran without going on leave. Although this prisoner of conscience suffers from a range of serious ailments because of different kinds of tortures and lack of suitable health care during his 44-month detention, the authorities has not done any thing to him receiving necessary medical treatment in detention. More over, during the last months, several cases of attempt up on his life has been planed inside the prison to kill him to make this dissident person silent.

April 17, 2010

Reiterated poisoning in the special ward for clergy

According to the received reports from the special ward for clergy in Evin prison; there have been more than 10 cases of poisoning about the prisoners in this ward during two last months.
According to the statement of one of the prisoners who has been released from this appalling ward; a physician had recommended that: “don’t use the prison’s food, because it not only has no nutrient value, but is polluted and in addition to digestive problems, it will lead to some serious diseases like cancer after a long term.”
He said: “the guards and low-ranking stuff of the prison who are from a low part of society, refuse to eat the food of the prison and bring food from their house, in addition some of them recommend the prisoners that eating only bread is better than the prisons’ food.”
He also added: since the prison’s kitchen is ran by some of the prisoners, so the reason of the low quality of food is using cheap, unhealthy and expired foodstuffs as tight meats, addled eggs and green potatoes which have Solanine poison are among them.
Mr. Boroujerdi, one the victims of such these inhumane actions in the special ward for clergy, has warned about these actions as silent tortures and obvious examples of human rights violations in the medieval prisons of Vilayat-e-Faqih in his various messages to his lawyers and Human Rights organizations!

April 16, 2010

Another dangerous happening in the special ward for clergy

According to the report received, Tuesday afternoon April 13, a man who had a strong body and had an acute mental disease, was trying to ignite the ward by making a quarrel and opening gas pipe. During this event that was defeated because of the prison’s officials and prisoners’ intervening, some of the prisoners were injured. This mental patient had beaten some prisoners and threatened them to death during last week.
The prison’s guards in addition to expressing their wonder about the sudden presence of this man in the special ward for clergy, said: “this matter (the man’s presence) has been happened under the order of the prosecutor of the special court for clergy.”
The available evidences state that the man is probably an official and has been transferred to this ward for some sinister schemes. According to the valid news received, unfortunately, the government is using some dastardly actions to ruin Mr. Boroujerdi and in the case of the failure of these machinations, very probably they will transfer this dissident prisoner to another section to gain their goals easily, as debarring him from visiting his family for two months is a part of these anti human Rights projects.

April 11, 2010

One of uncommon instance of Human Rights violations in Evin prison

According to the report received, on Thursday morning, April 8, 2010; a very dangerous psychopath has been transferred to special ward for clergy where Mr. Boroujerdi is detained. According to this fact that such these patients are abused as a means to torture prisoners physically and psychologically and even to ruin them, so such this dangerous action is an obvious instance of human rights violation in Evin prison.
The relevant authorities have said in reply to the protest of the prisoners that: “this patient has psychological stress and crisis and we are not responsible for any of his behaviors.”
Considering this fact that authorities of a prison are charged with providing the health and life security of all the prisoners of that prison, so Evin authorities are responsible for every kind of events which may be taken place by this patient, and they can’t never acquit themselves by planning such these machinations.

April 03, 2010

Mr. Boroujerdi has been debarred from visitation in Evin prison

On Saturday April 3, the prison’s authorities announced that “this prisoner (Mr. Boroujerdi) is debarred from visitation until further information”.
Considering the threats and machinations planed to ruin and annihilate this political and ideological champion in last March, this announcement has intensified the concerns on him.
According to available evidences; the authorities of Evin prison and of special court for clergy believe that they can pave the way to kill this dissident clergy or make him submit himself to the government’s desires, by increasing pressures and tortures like forbidding him to communicate with his family or keeping news agencies and Human Rights defenders uninformed about his state.
Mr. Boroujerdi has been denied to visit his family while he is exposed to blindness and is suffering from serious diseases like asthma and heart and kidney problems by the way he is in urgent need of medical examinations in an equipped hospital.

April 01, 2010

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Ayatollah Shariatmadary’s martyrdom

We honor the progressive theses of the separation of religion from government via honoring the 24th anniversary of Ayatollah Seyed Kazem Shariatmadary’s martyrdom, so we wish all opponents of political religion and the remaining members of the family of that zealous religious leader specially his liberal son, Mr. Seyed Hassan Shariatmadary luck and success on the way to reach to the goals of that great cleric.
Ayatollah Shariatmadary was one of the prominent and unique teachers of theological schools and one of the most well-known religious leaders who was opposed to jurists’ government, in his time. All his undeniable scientific positions and moral and spiritual virtues were disgraced and violated by religious despots and heretics, only for his bravely stances and juristic views in opposition to Vilayat-e-Faqih.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers