April 25, 2010

Mr. Boroujerdi, the victim of defense of human rights in prison

This morning April 25, Nosratabadi, second assistant of Jafar Ghadyani in the special court for clergy, said to Mr. Boroujerdi’s family: “Kazemeini Boroujerdi has been transferred to solitary confinement under the order of the authorities of Evin prison!”
Also Nosratabadi has claimed that:” Kazemeini Boroujerdi had made rebellion in prison and abused his phone opportunities to report the news and events in prison to out of prison too, and because of this the authorities of Evin prison has made such decision to punish him and to be a lesson for other prisoners!”


hasti said...

yes, they are proficient in lying
they don't have any rational and acceptable reason for their actions.
no body accept their words and believes their lies, it is important!
this regime must know that Human Rights defenders in any city and country don't let it to violate the rights of the great men like Mr. Boroujerdi

mehran said...

I want to say I support Ayatollah Borouerdi's opinions by my soul and heart. he is the only man that I have seen in my life that devote his life and all he has for his opinion, God, freedom, justice and people.
release this man and disseminate his views in all over the world.

hasti said...

diamond is nothing but the worthless pieces of coal which have endured many pressures and become diamond.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi is like diamond. he endured all pressures and tortures only for his opinion.
long life Boroujerdi