April 17, 2010

Reiterated poisoning in the special ward for clergy

According to the received reports from the special ward for clergy in Evin prison; there have been more than 10 cases of poisoning about the prisoners in this ward during two last months.
According to the statement of one of the prisoners who has been released from this appalling ward; a physician had recommended that: “don’t use the prison’s food, because it not only has no nutrient value, but is polluted and in addition to digestive problems, it will lead to some serious diseases like cancer after a long term.”
He said: “the guards and low-ranking stuff of the prison who are from a low part of society, refuse to eat the food of the prison and bring food from their house, in addition some of them recommend the prisoners that eating only bread is better than the prisons’ food.”
He also added: since the prison’s kitchen is ran by some of the prisoners, so the reason of the low quality of food is using cheap, unhealthy and expired foodstuffs as tight meats, addled eggs and green potatoes which have Solanine poison are among them.
Mr. Boroujerdi, one the victims of such these inhumane actions in the special ward for clergy, has warned about these actions as silent tortures and obvious examples of human rights violations in the medieval prisons of Vilayat-e-Faqih in his various messages to his lawyers and Human Rights organizations!


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it is so strange; a government that claims to stand up to international powers, uses such these inhumane and absurd actions to torture prisoners.