April 03, 2010

Mr. Boroujerdi has been debarred from visitation in Evin prison

On Saturday April 3, the prison’s authorities announced that “this prisoner (Mr. Boroujerdi) is debarred from visitation until further information”.
Considering the threats and machinations planed to ruin and annihilate this political and ideological champion in last March, this announcement has intensified the concerns on him.
According to available evidences; the authorities of Evin prison and of special court for clergy believe that they can pave the way to kill this dissident clergy or make him submit himself to the government’s desires, by increasing pressures and tortures like forbidding him to communicate with his family or keeping news agencies and Human Rights defenders uninformed about his state.
Mr. Boroujerdi has been denied to visit his family while he is exposed to blindness and is suffering from serious diseases like asthma and heart and kidney problems by the way he is in urgent need of medical examinations in an equipped hospital.


babak said...

where is human right organisation??????!!!!!

Farhad said...

i think they are sleeping.!!!

Yashar said...

it is against human right rule!!!