October 04, 2020

Boroujerdi’s Message on Teacher's day

Greeting to all Dearest Teachers

The job of teaching is one of the most difficult in the world, since transferring of science and knowledge to the audiences who are not familiar with the literacy of science transmission is not so easy. Therefore, special teachers are required in each branch of science and technology.

The most important subject in anthropology, sociology and monotheism is to primarily introduce the human to himself. Being self-alienated, is the main problem for the mankind since the human has sold himself to the technology, new civilization, modernity, and hence to their subsequent conflicts, concerns and imaginations.

Because of the theme of our activities, we are committed to recommend the entire mankind about all required preservations and to remind that human should live and take care of himself. Although all mankind’s resources and facilities should be provided to serve the human beings, now it is the opposite; the humans are actually suffering from stresses, troubles and difficulties and mostly they are concerned about their movable or immovable assets.

Throughout our movement and path, we have freed the mankind from harassing thoughts and we remark that the human should identify his living environment. This requires reviewing the mankind’s history and contemporary era including to find what toxic mindset is dealing with human thoughts. We invite everyone to an approach oriented towards releasing the human from all the unsolved troubles and distresses. Through our educations, we have offered reassurance for all people who are suffering from any kind of disappointments and frustrations in their life. We pacify the ones who search for a Utopia. There are many people claiming that as human beings, we are standing up for ourselves, and we are independent and free. However, the realities of the world are showing that human is already seized and tied up, so that many of his plans to overcome the problems such as the new disease of Covid-19, have been failed and despite of all considered protections, this has become a global challenge for all mankind. For example, the doctors and medical teams who always warn others to take care of their heath, and they are the main responsible for treatment of patients, have become unfortunately the first victims of the Covid infections.

In this great teacher’s day, we invite everybody to our movement and stances, since we offer presents for all mankind and we lead the human beings towards a location with calmness, comfort and free of all torments. Although that comfort is currently not accessible, but we are moving towards where is so called “Waiting”.



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