October 24, 2010

Dissident cleric beaten in jail after he challenges Hezbollah leader over Iran aid

FDI: Dissident cleric Ayatollah Kazemeyni-Borujerdi was beaten in Evin prison on Oct. 17, just days after he sent a caustic message to Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrollah. Like other political prisoners, Borujerdi is occasionally allowed to use the telephone in the prison courtyard to communicate with his family members. (Cellphones are strictly forbidden to political prisoners in Evin, despite the claims of at least one former prisoner that he managed to smuggle one in).
In his message, Borujerdi mocked Nasrollah. "Which is more harmful to faith in the Divine and his Prophet: religious dictatoriship, or the State of Israel? Which has caused more people to turn away from God's religion: the acts of injustice and violence perpetrated by the colonial Islamic regime of Iran, or the behaviour of the state of Israel?"
Borujerdi was jailed four years ago because of his public calls for the separation of politics from religion.

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