January 13, 2010

The ridiculous show of regime to torture Ayatollah Boroujerdi

This morning Jan 13, 2010, government officials beat and violated Mr. Boroujerdi who is suffering from physical weakness and acute heart problem once again, by making a forged fight. On the track of this action, Mr. Boroujerdi sent a letter to Mr. Salimi, the public prosecutor of Special Court for clergy, by the help of prison authorities and letter announced that he will go on hunger strike if this condition doesn’t be considered immediately. In spite of the end of his period condemnation, this political and ideological prisoner is being kept in a very bad food and health condition with no hot water in an appalling cell underground.
Arranging forged fights is one of the invisible and smart methods in Iran prisons to ruin or attempt up on the life of the well-known opponents of the government. Before this event in the last winter in Yazd Central prison the government acting had hurt Mr. Boroujerdi by forged fights too.

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