April 23, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi’s gripe and ultimatum to freedom and Human Rights defenders

The warm greetings of a bereaved exiled prisoner to you who are concerned about your country and have suffered from being far from the sacred homeland
I remember that three years ago my house had been laid siege by despotic forces and some of you told me during phone calls: “leave your trade matters, come further up and speak about the generality of people’s problems on religious dictatorship”.
Now, I am in a position that nobody has stood on it neither in quality nor in quantity inside or outside of Iran, so that even persons like Mrs. Shirin Ebadi has dreaded to continue supporting me and has refused to accept international defense and advocacy of me as a hostage in the grasps of those claim to religion and republicanism.
Last year, Sheikh Ali Razini, the head of Information of the Special Court for Clergy and the court for official justice said: “as yet there has been nobody that can attack and harm this regime and opposed to us, but you”.
But unfortunately, the help and cooperation of justice seekers, liberals and reformists inside and outside of country with me as God and people’s soldier and a captive in despotism grasps, have not still been sufficient and most of them have been the spectators of this unjust and unequal struggle and campaign of this religious prisoner leader against the bloodthirsty and oppressive government!
I have no way and no choice to back to my previous position. I with my family, relatives, and followers have been put in the fire of the cruel, seditious and criminal Mullahs and now I’m in the throes of physical and psychological problems. So I did not expect international organizations to give up and ignore my case easily, and give opportunity to the enemies of this holy country to behave with me as a political, religious and thought zealot in the way that they want while all these actions will be written in the pages of the current history.
Do you deny this fact that I am the best option for opposing to political Islam?
Am not I the most important publicizing, research, belief and social case for revealing the nature and entity of governmental religion?
Have not I fought against the oppressive persons pretending to be clergy, sincerely, honestly and with awareness during the last three years? Haven’t I passed the appalling and hidden sections of prisons in different cities?
If I die in the hands of bloodthirsty governmental devils or be crushed under their hypocrisy and restrictions or be stifled as a preacher of speech, press and thoughts freedom, I know all civil, legal, and human societies responsible for that and political and opinion characters called leftist must be answerable for losing this great and unique opportunity I have gained, because they withheld every kind of effective movement and left me alone against the Islamic cannibals.
Tell all who are interested in and love this feverish country which is captive in the grasps of religious imperialism, on my behalf that, “the eternal curse of Iran’s creator will be on them unless they help proclaimers of the beautiful love of the homeland and sacrifice their life to save oppressed nation who are running away from religion.”
Many of my compatriot sisters and brothers do not know what critical and regretful situation we are in. Otherwise, the knell of ruining religious dictators should be ringed. All news agencies and media are charged with that divine and human duty that break and remove the strangulation and censorship dominant on our country.

With thanks and wish of more awareness
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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