April 15, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's letter to secretary general of Lebanon, Seyed Hasan Nasrollah

Dear Secretary General of Lebanon Hezbollah, Mr. Seyed Hassan Nasrollah:
I am a Prisoner Shiite leader, the fifth son of Seyed Mohsen Aaraji Baghdadi Kazemeini, elder and star of Aaraj family that has many members in Arabic countries.
I have had great and different courses and meetings about Ghadir-e-Khumm, its Imams (who were chosen by God during Ghadir-e-khumm) and their (Holly Mohammad’s family) bright way for 14 years. My aim has been the dissemination of holly Prophet’ and Alavi’s true and correct culture. In this regard, I have obtained comprehensive successes as the most important of them are attraction of many religion evasion people and people who fight against religion and remove Islam and had bidden farewell to their ancestral religion and left divine and spiritual things due to worldly clerics’, oppressive mullahs’ and governmental theologians’ malfunction, ugly way and putrefied Report Card as the movies and photos of the mentioned holy assemblies and religious meetings indicate the depth of cultural and propagation endeavors of this son of holly Prophet.

But during this time, I have always been under attacks and violations on the charge of being independent and not cooperating with Information and Security system, by Iran’s regime. My family, relatives and I have been under the severest tortures. My father who was one of the prominent Ulemas of Tehran, Capital city, was murdered on charge of opposition to mixing religion with politics and his tomb was destroyed too. During three years ago, I have been tortured in different prisons and sections, and now untimely age has come to me and all my organs have been ruined and I’m in the throes of death. They violated my honors and chastity and raped my family and had no mercy to our children and adults at all. Also, my mother was murdered, too.
Now I am asking you who continue your acts in Lebanon with depending on the velayat - e - faqih, some questions and you should answer today’s and tomorrow’s world historians:

1) Which is more harmful to God and his Prophet, religious dictatorship or existence of the government of Israel?

2) Which one is the meaning of this word of holly Quran “people are being exited from God’s religion in the multitudes”, apostasy of Muslims permanently and moment by moment by Iran’s Islamic colonization or continuance of Israel’s existence?

3) Do you know that the huge sum of money that is given to you from our oppressed country’s Treasury is ended to the poverty and misery of this country’s kind and gentle nation?

4) Are you satisfied that Lebanon becomes the showing off base of Iran’s regime that claims to religion and in return, zealous and God seeking Iranians’ sufferings from these discriminations and injustices are done under the name of Vilayet (saitship) of infallible Imams and have faced their livelihood and economic with weakness and stagnation and have led to apostasy of many people be continued?

5) Are not you worried about transformation of Iranians’ belief and thoughts as there be no trace of being Shiite and no respect to and no love for Prophet Mohammad’s holly family in not very long time?!

At the end, I draw your attention to the following warnings according to Quran words:

1) When the Ulema are wicked and immoral, the society will be lead to immoral and criminal behaviors too.

2) An unbeliever government may be continued, but unjust and oppressive one not at all.

3) The light which is needed at home is forbidden to be used in mosque (it means something that people who you are responsible for, need it, is forbidden to give anyone else).
Yours Sincerely,
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi - Yazd Prison

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