April 01, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s message to the G-20 summit in London

Economics is the most important subject of human life, because if economical matters involve human, he will not have opportunity to pay attention to spirituality. Basically, material things are the most important in monotheistic tendencies. How can a man think about divine values while he is worried about his living expenses? If people have better livelihood situation, certainly, inclinations for theism will get a better status; therefore, I have always been defender of people and I believe that whatever puts nations on psychological and feeling pressures and restrictions is contrary to holy commands. The merciful creator has recommended people to all his prophets and He is opposed to any rule that threats humans’ interests. So, I am opposed to interference of politics in religion and believe that society’s mind will extensively be darkened by a small mistake of religious politicians and will cause ambiguous judgments.

We should use all natural and humans’ abilities. We shall use all hypotheses to fight and to confront with bankruptcies, even if they are opposed to our beliefs and we should review past economical experiences again, to investigate unsuccessful theories, and to evaluate past work and financial conditions of all schools and thoughts controlled over nations. It is possible that some missing links be found in the structures of political regimes in different poles of the world that solve the present complication. It is necessary to achieve a great international unification to exit from such this marsh and to help human without considering western or eastern beliefs.
In the beginning of Christian New Year, I wish a flourishing world and great and effective economics for all my sisters and brothers in all over the world and I ask Holly Jesus to bless the present world and to eliminate the roots of discrimination, injustice, despotism, and poverty and to finish any unhappiness in the world.
With the wish to deliverance of the world from the present crisis as soon as possible
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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