April 14, 2009

A part of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s revelations

Relating and informing on the pages of history of Iran religious government:

I decided to compile a book of what I have seen and heard about the religious government of Iran, several time, but early and untimely age due to prison, and also poor memory and brain disease didn’t give me a chance to compile this extensive book. Nevertheless I decided to present some documents and evidences to be written in Iran current history, because we are the real and legal writers of calendar of our own age and future generations will document and judge according to these evidences .

1- Some day I saw one of the leftist clergies who was disfavored in rightist Mullah’s views, in special section of Evin and in 500 sections where I was detained temporarily. we were both detained in one cell. He had some important and direct information about high ranking officials, for example he said:” some day that I went to Qom to visit Sheikh Sadegh Khalkhali in last days of his life, I saw him in a regrettable thought, physical and psychological situation, he talk with me three times and then I leave him. First he said: I have killed so many people during these years as I don’t know how many and now I’m very worry and disturb. Then said: whatever I committed was under Seyed’s (Seyed Ali Khamenei) licence and he gave me permission to murder so I don’t accept any responsibility neither in this world nor that world. Third word he said was: I have told my family to put Seyed’s licences into my shroud to be unworried about the question and answer in judgment day!”

2- The stuffs and guards of Evin who have more than 25 years of service said that in the beginning of Islamic Revolution, they (government agents) brought thousands of girls who were members of the People’s Mojahedin as most were younger than 20 and majority had been arrested on the charge of selling newspaper and all had been sentenced to death, and then raped them compulsorily before execution, by the order of Asadollah Lajvardi.

3- When I was detained in 209 security section , the interrogator was liaison between Ministry of Information and Special Court for Clergy , called Seyed Hasan Hoseini as his pseudonym and was expert at torturing and had broken hand, leg and nose of some followers of mine , tried to charge me with acting to taboos, while my case was opinion . He said that I had homosexual relationship with Seyed Abdoreza Hejazi thirty years ago and Heshmatolvaezin-e-Qomi is witness too! While that time I went to his house to learn sermon and preach, as I went to Falsafi’s house, well-known preacher too. And the story of Dr.Seyed Abdoreza Hejazi, who was a famous and prominent preacher, was that; he was killed on just this charge in Evin prison 20 years ago. In fact he had witnessed the wrong-doings and profligacy of these Mullahs are men of positions now, and has been killed because of revealing these facts.
Anyway, I try to say what I remember to be written in lasting pages of history.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi – Yazd Prison

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