May 12, 2019

Some Comprehensive and Universal Questions From All Human Beings

A series of some comprehensive and universal questions from all human beings:
1. Do you have a religion ? if yes,
2. Do you ever feel satisfied with your religion?
3. Have all those promises given to believers by religions and faiths been achievable?
4. What are the achievements of those religious beliefs in your personal life?
5. Have you selected your religion through careful studies and adequate investigations or just inherited from your ancestors?
6. Are you prepared to get involved within your conscience in an unbiased dispute with your monotheistic beliefs?
7. Have you debated with yourself on your own monotheistic thoughts in a moderate and sensible condition?
8. Have you accepted all those claims of prophets and religious messengers simply based on believing in Heaven and Hell?
9. Have you dispassionately investigated and reviewed the arguments and the theorems of any other religions and faiths?
10. How much do you believe in your prophets' sayings?
11. Do you tend to object to the God who is pretended by religions?
12. Do you know that the God who has been introduced by all religions differs from the one who governs the entire universe?
13. Do you believe that the Lord of the Creation is shortened and limited only to the sacred rites and religious laws?

Boroujerdi, The Founder of Monotheism without Borders

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