March 17, 2019

Message of Boroujerdi on Nowruz 2019

Greeting to Nowruz, the festival which remembers the revival of nature and conveys the message of freshness, greenness and beauty,
Greeting to Nowruz, the ceremony accompanied with happiness and smile of children and conveys the old memories to contemporary people, 
Greeting to Nowruz which imposes a great sadness to poor people due to their indigence, and causes the deprived people to tremble because of their shame and tears for being unable to provide their family needs.
Greeting to Nowruz which bears the message of hope.
However, this hope has been just a slogan during last decades. No one really knows how Nowruz is going for poor and needy families in Iran. How Nowruz is going for the ones who are overwhelmed by anxiety and stresses because of economic concerns to the extent that they cannot breathe properly?
How Nowruz is going for the Iranian people who have consternation on the beginning of the New Year, because they are worried that next year will be worse than this year. Do the ones who have wealth and spend their Nowruz holidays in developed countries, understand what is the aftermath of Nowruz for the Iranian families? 
The ones who are exploiting this celebration for their economic or political interests have too different Nowruz than the Iranian people who have been suffered since several months ago due to being unable to provide family needs including New Year clothes. Nowruz brings no joy for the people who are living with less than one and half million Tomans (Are the ones who are residing abroad and make impractical decisions for Iranian people, ready to share their revenue with their compatriots? Are they ready to share their joy of Nowruz with the Iranian poor and suffered children? Do they know that since the medicines are unimaginably expensive here in Iran, the majority of Iranian people are sick, because they have no money to spend for their medical treatment? Does the entire world know about this situation? Do the ones who believe to Nowruz, understand the distresses of Iranian people? Are the ones who love Nowruz, informed about the feeling of poverty, misery, defenseless and depression of the Iranian people?
Anyway I congratulate Nowruz and I wish the best for my countrymen who are fighting with hunger and suffering from family break-up due to financial problems. I hope the situation becomes better and I wish this Nowruz and the New Year will be nice, beautiful, enjoyable and hopeful for all people. I hope no one cries anymore in Iran because of poverty and no any child dies due to neediness of his family.

Boroujerdi, March 2019 
Iran, Tehran, House Arrest,

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