January 13, 2019

Boroujerdi's Message to Members of Amnesty Int.

During the eleven years of Mr. Boroujerdi’s jail, some groups of Amnesty International living in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, USA … were voluntarily supporting him by writing many letters to the Iranian authorities requesting his release.
It is not possible to list the names of all those great people who have freely tried to save the rights of a dissident and champion during long years.
Recently, the members of Amnesty Denmark have sent some beautiful postcards to Mr. Boroujerdi writing that they have not forgotten him and they are still striving for his unconditional release. In reply to this kind and philanthropic letter, Mr. Boroujerdi has send an audio message to appreciate these honourable people and other members of Amnesty who have voluntarily supported him and are still advocating his rights. He has also uncovered some important realities about the global mafia of politics influencing human rights.
It is necessary to mention that Mr. Boroujerdi is a prisoner of conscience who had been jailed from 2006 until 2017 after which he has been released on bail and severe commitments as a temporary medical furlough. Since then he has been in house arrest and deprived of all of his human and civil rights.

Greeting to you, the great people who are serving humanity
Nowadays, amnesty and kindness is the basic requirement for mankind which should be first practiced by the superpowers and governments and the ones who have imposed some kinds of rule on human beings.
Obviously, you are endeavoring to support amnesty and self-controlling. We know that if the human becomes self-controller and patient in social relations, he will never oppress himself and others. But if a human become aggressive, he will mess up internally, suffer from challenges and problems and even damage to others.
Basically, your purposes are great. However, although you are a subsidiary of Amnesty International and you voluntarily, compassionately and self-devotedly serve the humanity, but the higher level world authorities are looking to human rights from an international political viewpoint. So far the international mafia of politics has shown and proved that they are not concerning about the people, but their interests. We have seen the examples of their politics in regime change. Since few decades ago we have observed how they demolish a government which is not adopted by their politics, but for some reasons they are not concerned about next rulers who are still acting against them and also tyrannically suppressing the innocent people. Accordingly, when a human is suffered by any of their subsidiary governments due to social, belief and moral issues, this global mafia firstly investigate to see whether the suffered human is adopted by their protocols or not, then react or decide to support. 
Nevertheless, they know have mistaken based on these wrong thoughts, such as the mistake they did forty years ago in Iran, while they demolished the regime of Shah in 1979; that time they allowed a new group who were supposed to be unfamiliar with politics and management dominate the country, so that this mafia was thinking that after several months or years, this group will collapse and return back the power to them. However, the result was totally different as we have observed during last forty years, the people of Iran and all neighbor countries are suffering from this post-Shah regime of Mullahs.
During my jail, as a public defender of human rights, I was issuing statements and sending letters against the religious dictatorship. I was actually the public defender of all prisoners who had been jailed because of their conscience. Due to insisting in my campaign, I was suffering from a lot of tortures in prison which the consequences are appeared at current time as hard diseases and paralysis of my body. Indeed, if anyone wants to know what is happening in the Iranian prisons, he can look at me as a real case. However, both while being in jail and while I came outside, I have not been supported, despite the fact that bravely I have been the main advocate of separation of religion from politics even from inside the prison. Currently, I have established an intellectual movement to reject all religions which have imposed beliefs on the nations for thousands of years to abuse the people. God knows how I ran my campaign against the religious dictatorship and despite the risk of torture and execution, I was sending a lot of critical statements to the extent that when one of those was discovered by the authorities, they arrested the prisoner who was assisting me to transfer and sent him to an unknown place and killed him later. They also transferred me to the court and new trial during which Jafar Kadyani, the prosecutor of the special court of clergy told me “although you are still captive in our hands, the statements you have issued are so more criticizing the government than the ones published abroad by terrorist groups who are fighting with us.
However, the broadcasting of my campaign was just limited to some short news in political TV channels outside the country. They were just mentioning my name occasionally to complete their news and also to get credit from my name. Many of political news analysts have got their credit by abusing my name and campaign. Without me and some other prisoners like me, these so mentioned people could not become famous. I don’t want to mention their name, the ones who have also collected money by this way, which I am aware about some of their financial gain. At the same time, my family was disintegrated and since my house and all my belonging had been confiscated, my wife and children had no place to reside and they were living in absolute poverty. When I came out of the prison, I saw even they had no shoes and proper clothes, but the ones who were claiming as my defenders had collected too much money, so these betrayals and frauds have been recorded.
Indeed, I am not upset because of these situation, rather I am sorry to see how the human rights has been converted to some tricks for political games. Why an oppressed and defenseless human who has been suppressed due to objecting to the tyrannical rulers, is not being supported, and instead is being abused and ignored? Currently although I am outside the prison, but still am in house arrest and under siege, another form of jail in continuation of my twelve-year imprisonment. I cannot get medical treatment due to lack of money after confiscation of my belonging. Since I have been temporarily released in January 2017, some people wanted to assist, but they had no access to me because I am under siege. Some others could help me by financial support, but I could not use that after observing huge numbers of poor and oppressed people who are seeking help. So I spend such finance for them.
Now, I am away from politics, not only because of being under pressures in which my house and even my phone are being monitored and controlled by spies and cameras, but also because I am unmotivated in political involvement.
I request you to convey my voice to the human rights authorities of the United Nations and other organizations and tell them that due to their wrong approach and improper support, the real campaigners like me who can greatly influence the politics, will become unmotivated and hopeless and will give up. I have the power to make a positive change in this country by issuing some statements and holding speeches. Even the rulers know this reality as well since they have just temporarily released me with especial locks and shackles. But I never want try that and I never like to commit such act. Because I never see any cooperation from the oppositions parties and the ones sitting abroad unless betrayal to humanity. All of them from low level to top are looking for their interests. They just investigate and carefully consider the situation to see if Boroujerdi is going to be blackmailed or not. Never! I may accept the blackmail, but not to them, as I never accepted the blackmail imposed by the religious government of Iran. If I had accepted, I would be in very interesting situation. Many years ago and even during my jail, they told me that “your ability to collect people is very fantastic, so if you cooperate with us, we promote you to the best positions”. However, I did not and I never do such betrayal. I am hateful of those pretenders of human rights and political abusers, the ones human rights were not important for them, but they wanted to fish in troubled water.
That is the reason why the Iranian nation never revolve although they are in the worst social, economic, security and belief situation. It is not the case that the Iranian government is so powerful, you know very well that Soviet, the previous world superpower, was much stronger than this regime, but it ultimately collapsed. So it is not real that the government is too strong or the people are shut down, never! Rather the people are not motivated. They look to the end of the story, and will see that the ones seeking power are same to these current tyrannical rulers, they see how they are behaving with dissidents and campaigners like me. The people know if such pretenders come to power, they will also begin to abuse the people for their financial gains and personal interests.
Anyway I appreciate your efforts. I consider that where and in each country you support me, this support is not just for me, but also for anyone victimized himself for his beliefs who has become a victim of religious dictatorship. I have left my previous beliefs, formerly I was advocating separation of religion from politics, but now I believe that politics is not the truth and none of religions are true religion. I believe that both are inefficient because both have been tried so far, none of the religions assisted people to reach God, because the religious people are thinking just to their financial gain and they want to make business with the fame of religions. In addition, politics are discredited and has become as an unvalued concept. This politics never assist the nations.
I swear to that sincere and pure motive inside your heart, which have caused you try your best to serve humanity, I appeal you for the sake of that motive, to broadcast my beliefs, words and voice, the voice which is shut down by both my friends and enemies. Because there is absolute political suffocation inside Iran, so I cannot publicize my beliefs and thoughts and also the political activists abroad are trying to seclude me.
With thanks and best regards

Boroujerdi, Jan 2019
Iran, Tehran, Under House Arrest

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