January 08, 2019

Message of Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on 4th Anniversary of Charlie Hebdo Attack

The story of introducing religion to the mankind society is very mysterious, anxious and pathetic. By looking to the history of religions, we see huge records of religious dictatorship, abuse and befooling the people. The religiousness has been used always for business and exploitation from low level to top level. It has been necessary for religious powers to build army for their protection, and call their aggressive geographical expansion as “export of monotheism" and title the massacre of people as “the command of God”. This situation has been same throughout the history and exactly similar to politics which has been abused in the same manner.

Basically, I have discovered that since thousands years ago, the human beings have been tortured and massacred by both politics and religion, as two blades of a scissors.
What has been the achievement of religion for mankind? Has it brought about peace in human societies or calmness for individuals?
Someone have come and legislated rules, so that supposed the human beings live peacefully, however it was not fulfilled due to religious laws. The religious people and authorities have behaved so violently to the extent that the majority of people have internally rejected the spirituals or clearly discouraged of having any religious belief.
It is impossible to force a human to accept something which is unacceptable for him or which he needs some reasons to accept. The idea of pushing people by force and sward to become religious believers has resulted in formation of secret anti-religious movements, so as soon as they find an opportunity, they will demolish that religion. The same story was observed in development of Islam while the slogan of prophet Muhammed at early days was “We will kill you if you never accept Islam” or he was telling the people “I am commanded to this mission”. What mission? The mission which had been appeared by force and domination and continued by Jihad and religious wars, occupation of other lands and imposing beliefs and thoughts on other people. As a result, the politicians stand against such religion, so that they encourage the journalists, researchers, sociologists and philosophers to commit some secret and inconspicuous acts against the religion.
Both the behaviors of religious people who have exited the politicians to commit destructive cultural reactions and that of politicians which tends to aggressive and violent reactions by religious followers, were mistake.
Suicide bombing and assassination during which some people become killed just because of their press or expression or publishing a photo, is not correct, even likely that photo has served this religion since many followers have become more fanatic as a stubborn reaction. It is unacceptable to do any retaliatory or revenge action to kill some people.
Indeed, it is observed that the abusers are involving at both sides, the ones who are exploiting the human societies in the name of politics or are befooling the people in the name of religions. This befooling means their efforts to deceive people by using some beliefs which are found worthless after careful attention.
I believe publishing that image was also a mistake although it was a practice of freedom of thought and absolutely the publishers had no intention to insult the Muslims and their beliefs, but there were some individuals and movements behind that scene who wanted to insult and excite Muslims same as what the rulers of Islamic countries are doing. They require some excitements to make challenges in the name of religions or waging wars in the name of human rights and freedom of thought.
In conclusion, if they leave the world’s people free, so the religious followers and authorities never publicize their beliefs or never try to captivate the people by their charm or to wash their brain or do not carry out inquisition and on the other hand the politicians respect the conscience and avoid mafia-based political games, then the world will become better place to live and people will live in peace. 

Hossein Boroujerdi,Founder of Monotheism without Borders
Tehran, House Arrest
January 2019

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