December 24, 2018

A Christmas Message from Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders

I congratulate Christmas, the nativity of Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, kindness and friendship to all of his followers and the ones who imitate Jesus. He was a great messenger who never used power to introduce God. He is a real teacher of monotheism, what the mankind has always been distant from.
Personally, I know Jesus as a heavenly father and although I am not a Christian, but I love and respect him too much.
Unfortunately, all the existing religions and faiths have substantial and deep issues especially because of being inadequate or immature in the areas of human rights, anthropology, and conveying the real message of God to humanity. In general, due to failure of religions, the human soul has not been saturated in knowledge of God, the Creator of existence.
We often see that God has become belittled in all religions and faiths to the extent that his greatness has been disregarded by humans, so he is known as a God who burns mankind for a single sin.
When we know God as the director of the entire universe, then the whole earth planet will lose its significance in our eyes, and as a result its inhabitants will not be ever seen let alone to be so important to receive a message from our Lord. Whatever name the human beings chose to call God, is as significant as their understanding of the creator.
Jesus Christ did not have a long life since he became a victim of religious terrorism, meaning that the Jewish religious scholars at the time pressured the ruler to crucify him as an infidel and an apostate because he wanted to eliminate superstition from religion and faith.
Nowadays, unfortunately the religions are caught up with all sorts of superstitions which are not compatible with human reason and rationality, so this has given an excuse to those who are challenging the religions. They ask questions for which there are no answers; that is why we have abandoned fanaticism towards religions and faiths. We are following the Jesus Christ to find and understand the director of existence.
I congratulate the beginning of the new year to all Christians. I expect my Christian sisters and brothers to walk in the footprints of Jesus. The Jesus Christ who did not speak vain words and never said that one can buy heaven with money. Jesus Christ was not materialistic. He was the Holy Spirit had completely withdrawn from the world, to the extent that he did not have a fixed place and was always on the move.
I seek guidance for all the worshipers of God everywhere in the world who are looking for God even from behind the curtains of obscurity and uncertainty. I hope this new year will be the year of peace for the entire world, and it will bring great blessings to everyone, as well as the elimination of threats of war, the improvement of the economy, and the removal of different tensions among humans.

God Bless You
Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders
December, 2018
Tehran, Iran, under house arrest

Happiness has dominated the world on Nativity of Jesus
Since the human souls revived by the breath of Jesus
The Nativity of Messiah was with light and illumination
His Nativity has improved our predestination
Since God, our Lord has assigned Jesus Christ
All evil and badness have disappeared from Mankind
I am a Christian, but not a follower of so called Christianity
Rather I follow the Jesus Christ’s rules, etiquette and morality
Jesus Christ has become my teacher
The teacher of peace, kindness and living together
Jesus Christ has presented deliverance to the global culture
He has introduced wellness and excellence to the universe

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